We just got diagnosis of Autism for our 13yr old son

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Crispangel66, Jun 16, 2007.

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    We have suspected this diagnosis for a very long time. In fact the psyciatrist had us do a questionare about autism while I answered more toward him having autism his teacher who had only known him a few months answered more toward him not having autism so they listened to the teacher and said no he dosn't have autism well that was about 5yrs ago and now they say he does have it. Which makes me totally mad because sevices and therapies he should have been getting all this time he isn't gettting! Well better get to bed.
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    Sorry to hear that news!! I'm bumping this for members that know of Autism,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
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    My 5 year old nephew was diagnosed officially last year.

    I seen from your bio that you are from Texas, I don't know much about the state laws and statutes in your state concerning what the school system has to provide.

    Do any internet search and see exactly what you legally can expect from them.

    In my county, they are supossed to provide, Speech,occupational and physical therapy...well, this has been a joke. My SIL takes in out of school 1 day a week to recieve this treatment, which insurance only allows 20 visits a year.

    i get so angry, I'll try not to rant and rave here..

    We have an IEP folder that contains all info that the therapist, Dr's etc recommends for the child and the teachers are required by law(lol) to go by.

    In my nephews case, his teacher and aide, decides what they think is best for him...niether one having any training in autism.

    I have rambled...

    Just find out what laws govern for your local school board and from the state and hold your ground with them...you may even have to threaten with a lawsuit, which they usually take pretty serious.

    Try to find a good support group, we are trying to start one in our town, but it is slow going...no one understands and I think that just like with fibro, autism is so misunderstood that people aren't willing to accept it yet.

    so sorry I really couldn't give you any useful info, i just get so emotional with dealing with autism and the "experts" that aren't with these children on a day to day basis.

    hugs to you and your son...lacey

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