We Know ...

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    We Know ...

    He is the beginning.

    So, why do we worry about the end?

    He is the creator.

    So, why do we wonder who will destroy?

    He has forgiven us.

    So, why can't we forgive ourselves?

    He is a healer.

    So, why do we speak of sickness?

    To serve is to obey.

    So, why are we continually disobedient
    to His Commandments?

    He can do all things.

    So, why do we say, "I can't"?

    He will protect us.

    So, why do we fear?

    He will supply all our needs.

    So, why can't we wait?

    He is our strength and salvation.

    So, why do we feel weak?

    Everything and everyone has a season.

    So why, when someone's season is over,
    do we weep instead of rejoice?

    He is the right way.

    So, why do we go the wrong way?

    He is the light.

    So, why do we choose to walk in darkness?

    Whatever we ask of GOD, GOD will give us.

    So, why are we scared to ask?

    Tomorrow is not promised.

    So, why do we put off for tomorrow
    what we can do today?

    The truth shall make us free.

    So, why do we continue to lie?

    He gives us revelation, knowledge,
    and understanding.

    So, why do we lean on our own understanding?

    We should live in the spirit
    as well as walk in the spirit.

    So, why do we choose to live in the spirit
    but walk in the flesh?

    When praises go up blessings come down.

    So, why do we refuse to praise Him?

    We are saved.

    So, why do we refuse the word He has given us?

    He has a plan for each of us.

    So, why are we rushing it because we are eager
    to do His will, when it is His time - not ours?

    - author unknown -

    For after that in the wisdom of God
    the world by wisdom knew not God,
    it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching
    to save them that believe. 1 Co. 1:21