We need a good news channel on tv

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  1. don't you all get tired of listening about the bad economy, jobs lost, THE BANKS and car cos. getting all this money and CEOs getting big bonuses, and trips. I sometimes get overwhelmed and turn it off. Why can't they throw in some GOOD NEWS once in awhile, I think we all know about the bad news. AND take off the octomom stories, enough already! I thought she didn't want to be on tv but shes always on!

    OR is it just me!?
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    You're right, there really isn't a lot of good news on anymore, but I've always been told that when bad news becomes so common place that they no longer report it, we're in deep, deep trouble. So when I think of it that way, it isn't quite so bad!

    I do think we, and the world in general....especially the younger generation....needs to hear positive things in order to stay positive, and heroic things in order to stay strong and helpful to others, and hopeful things to keep them (us) going.

    It's too bad the greed, drugs, suicides, etc. sets the tone of the day. As long as there's evil, there's also good***Jole***
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    This always makes me think of a line from an old movie called Hardware. The DJ on the radio starts off by saying, "And now for the news. There is NO good news." And then he goes on to describe all the bad stuff going on. But the way he says that line is just so funny. But it's so true. I am sick of hearing about how many people died today. Who was in yet another suicide bombing, how bad the economy is, how many people lost more jobs today, how many countries are planning on building more bombs, and so on and so forth. And who's kid got kidnapped today, and which celebrity went nuts, and who got raped, robbed and stabbed today. And there was yet another shooting somewhere. Really, I just rarely watch the news anymore. I'm sick of it.

    This world sux.
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    I totally agree with you, Fibrobutterfly!

    Good news doesn't make it to the evening news or CNN. What we see or hear when we watch or listen to "the news" is all the bad stuff that's happening in the world. I am very tired of it!

    I try to keep in touch with what's going on by checking the headlines on Google News and clicking on the articles I want to read. I used to watch the evening news religiously, but I don't as much anymore.

    Instead I try to watch, listen to or read something funny or uplifting or simply new and interesting.


  5. therealmadscientist

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    We should try the "Madagascar solution." About a month ago, the ruler of the nation shut down the opposition TV station. In retaliation, the opposition burned down the ruler's TV station. As there were only two TV stations in the country, that sort of ended it all.

    I tend to watch the news with the sound off.

    Oh, maybe we will start to hear some good economic news. Sort of miraculous, but a chance that an economic depression may be prevented. After several years of pessimism, I'm starting to feel a hint of optimism. Not that I really expect humans to suddenly become rational and sane, but maybe some improvement might happen. mr Bill

    I did finally order a subscription to Ode magazine (For "intelligent optimists).
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    A few weeks ago, NBC's Brian Williams had expressed similar sentiments at the end of his broadcast, and had suggested that viewers email him some positive stories. As NBC reported a short time later, they were not prepared for the deluge, the avalanche of emails they received. Last I heard, they were going to try and incorporate some of these positive stories into the latter part of their nightly broadcast.

    My pet peeve is the constant repetition of the same stories ALL THE TIME over and over and over again. My hat would be off to the one station that would have an anchor come on the air and say, "I'm very sorry, but we've told you everything. We'll come back on when something new and newsworthy develops." Ha! In my dreams!!

    I think one of the major problems for us is that we remember network television only--when you got your half hour of news at 6 and 11. Not all news all the time.

    News reporting is a very complicated business. In college (years ago!) I read a wonderful book by the great Fred Friendly entitled 'Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control' and it essentially told the story how CBS would not report or break in with news regarding the Vietnam war because of ratings and revenues, and how he ultimately quit his job there when he did not see eye to eye with the upper executives. Although it may be a bit dated today (a la Mad Men), it's take on the importance of ratings and revenues in the news business, and what is actually deemed newsworthy is timeless.

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    Sure, why not have a total news blackout?

    I tend to listen to the news with the picture off.

    Hmmm. Ode magazine! I checked it out a bit and it looks great! Thanks for the tip.

  8. therealmadscientist

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    Yes, the TV news does repeat itself a lot. Changing stations helps a tiny bit because seems certain types of news omitted on certain stations.

    A sort of fun game is giving nicknames to the various channels. CNN is often called the "communist channel". Fox news can be called the "Reinforcement channel". (I'm so glad they dropped the slogan "Fair and Balanced".)

    There is a channel that calls itself "the most trusted news channel). That slogan, of course, makes me distrustful.

    I call Headline News the "Caylee channel". When there is no news about Caylee, they go and find some other missing American child to fill in for her.

    Bloomberg I think of as the channel that can't report without reporting a reason. The other day, there was something about "stock market goes up/down because investors thinking."
    The "Here's a Reason channel".

    Oh,well. I wonder if anyone has other nicknames. Cheers, your mr Bill

    Oh, we can't really shut off the news. I mean, where else would we learn that the Greeks rioted at Christmas and burned down the National Christmas tree.

    Or that Icelanders rioted in the middle of winter. They must have been really p---sed off to riot in -20 degree type weather. LOL

    Or that Madagascar has no "News". LMAO

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    I wish we could make you head honcho of a news channel.

    God Bless
  10. mezombie

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    I don't have cable! Quelle horreur!

    That solves a lot of problems actually, LOL.

    I don't have any witty nicknames for TV stations, but I actually came up with some promising websites (I do have a more or less functioning computer).




    Turn off those TVs!

    --MeZombie (feeling a bit saner today)
  11. rockgor

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    Across the nation. We have got the information."

    Anybody old enough to remember that?

    There wouldn't be much news if it weren't for greed, stupidity, crime, ignorance, etc.
    Just weather and sports.

    Even the sports news infuriates me w/ pituitary cases wearing
    bloomers, playing a children's game and earning a million a month. When they are not
    playing, of course, they are busy being arrested, taking drugs, getting in bar fights, abusing
    animals, shooting themselves in nightclubs, driving under the influence, etc. These bozos are
    frequently referred to as "role models".

    Some columnist responded to the complaint about the news a couple decades ago. Can't remember
    who it was. Dave Barry? Anyway he did a column of "good news". Here is a sample:

    Mr and Mrs Herbert Golfbait visited New York for the weekend. On checking in, Mrs Golfbait
    deposited some $8000 worth of jewelry in the hotel safe. After an exciting two days seeing
    the sights, the couple retrieved the jewelry from the desk clerk and returned to Des Moines.

    Anyway, if you really want a newspaper that is filled with good news, subscribe to a small town
    paper. I get one from a village in Minnesota. It is pretty much the same as the paper was half
    a century ago when I grew up in a Minnesota village.

    Alma Peterson reports her sister and family visited from Iowa City last week. Her cousin
    Charlene celebrated with a birthda party from friends and relatives. Mrs. Ivy Kunkat poured. A
    good time was had by all.

    The Four H Club took a trip to Rochester and visited the Mayo Clinic, the Libby Plant with
    its Corn Water Tower and Silver Lake. On the way home the group stopped at Windy
    Acres for an early supper.

    The following children were on the honor roll for February:__________________

    Virgil Peterson spent three days in St. Mary's Hospital. He is now home and able to receive
    visitors. He wishes to thank Rev. Johnson for visiting and Dr. Bigalk for his fine care.

    The main rule followed by small town papers was (and probably still is): Every subscriber must have
    his or her name in the paper at least once a year.

    Did you identify the above quote? It is from Laugh In, the tv show that proved vaudeville was
    not dead.

    Have to go. Gordon is here.


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