We need a miracle

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    Dear All,
    I've written before about my friend who tried to break up with her roommate and is on the verge of being homeless. Well, things have gone from bad to worse.

    Evidently there are no legal ways she can force the roommate to leave, and he isn't about to, as things are relly good for him. He's being supported, his rent is being paid, and he can spend any money he earns on toys, whether or not there is anhy food in the refrig.. He had a good thing, going.

    However, Saturday he threateded my friend with putting her in the hospital. He's also using scare tatctics and undermining her confidence in her other friends, by saying that someone very close to her is telling him what she is doing. He totally refuses to accept that they are through, and is into controlling her by intimidation.

    She is phoning the center for Abused Women, today. I hope they can help her. It looks like she is going to lose everything - her furniture, washer dryer, frige, and pets. She may even have to go to another town - a thing which would be very bad for her health (We're high in the mountains, where there are no sectonn 8 houses).

    Please oh, please, pray for her. And pray for me, too, as I'm beginning to have anxiety attacks and have gone into congestive heart failure, due to stress. I meditate as much as I can, and try to control my mind, but all I need is to think of her, and my chest tightens up. I want to do more for her than I can.

    Thank yoo all, in advance,
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    I will pray. Please take care of yourself. We would all like a magic wand to wave and remove problems. Life isn't easy . Many of us are in situations were we are becoming emotionally and physically drained when we can barely function ourselves. As always there seem to be far more problems than there are solutions.
    Yes, I will pray.
  3. windblade

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    Joining in prayers for your friend to find safety. And for you to get through this difficult time.

    The only thing I know is that God loves us, and crazy as it may seem, has promised to work in everything for our good.

    He loves your friend deeply, more than we can imagine!

    I am trusting in that Love to guide your friend, and get her out of this dangerous situation.
    Please keep reminding us to pray, Terry, with updates.

    Lord, protect your dear child, and please give Terry and her friend wisdom to know what to do! And please protect the innocent pets caught in this trouble.
    I ask this in your Holy Name. Amen
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    Another situation that sounds like legal authorities should be involved.

    Prayers to your friend and you that things get better for both of you. Sorry I can't type more, I'm just exhausted.

  5. Adl123

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    for your responses.

    My friend is trying to stay where she is, because she has a household of furniture, washer dryer, etc,,,that she bought, and she knows that if she leaves, he will sell them and pocket the money, and she will be without anything, again.

    She's called the police before, and they did nothing. (This is a small, mining town, with a strong "Good Ol' Boy" attitude). Also, she hasn't been able to find anywhere to live. I offered her a bed in my house, but she said no. That is probably because she would have to share a room with me. And I couldn't take her pets, as I already have the legal limit.

    I'm glad to know about the foster pet place. I'll tell her about it. I have a feeling that she is going to have to reconcile herself to losing her possessions. She has way too much for an apartment,and no money. I could store some of her things, but I don't have room for all of them. This is so sad.

    Please keep up your prayers. As I said, we need a miracle.

  6. ilovecats94

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    Is your friend the only one on the lease for the apartment? If so, she should get an attorney and I think she could force him to leave. I'd get an attorney anyway to see what I could do to get rid of the guy.

    Good luck to her!

  7. Pottersclay

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    How can the guy get EVERYTHING? Shouldn't it be split down the middle?
    There has to be some kind of legal assistance for her. If she didn't do anything wrong then how come he gets all the breaks and control?

    If she must...leave it all behind and get help to hide from that manipulator.
  8. Shirl

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    Will sure be praying for your Friend, that is a horrible situation to be in. She may need to check with the local authorities about her situation, if the lease is in her name, she can have him put out of her home, and then have him put under a restraining order not to come near her.

    An abused center would be a great help for her, they could help to lead her through the porcedure to get the proper help.

    As for her pets (which I am quite familiar with!), she could get online and check with, say the 'Boxer Rescue'(any rescure breed will be glad to help), and they will keep your pets untill you can take care of them again, if she decides to leave herself.

    When my daughter left an abusive husband, she gave me her dog before she left, then got out when he was at work. Worked out perfect, she called the police before she left, so they were there during her moving her things. There was not a problem this way. These type of men are usually cowards and are afraid of any authority figure.

    He can't hold her prisoner, and if the lease is in her name, she can make him leave. Which I hope is the case for her.

    I will keep her and you in my prayers. I am having problems similar of my own, the stress is past belief in these situations. I also have pets, and would not leave them for anything in the world!

    God's blessing to both of you.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. Adl123

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    To Ilovecats94 - There is no lease. What happened, is that my friend and her roomate rented a little house for which there was a rental agreement. Then this larger house came up, with the same landlord, and they just moved. No other agreement was drawn up. So since there is no agreement,both have equqal right to stay in the home, even though one is not pulling his weight financially. He refunses to leave, or even to let her sleep in her bed.

    Potter'sday - He has all the power, now. He cannot be touched, or so Legal Aid, says. He is saying that the things she bought were gifts for him, and, even though she has the receipts, it's his word against hers, and up here, his counts.

    Shirl - I'm so sorry you are having hard times now, too. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Please continue to pray for her. He threatened to put her in the hospital last Saturday. What conmplicates this more, is that he is an epileptic and has been havng breakthrough seizures. With each seizure he stops breathing and so now, he is really not mentally right. He knows how to hide it, though, and his doctor, who doesn't even take time to have a conversation with him, has not yet caught on, so the mental health people won't help, either.

    Thank you all, again,

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    If you know how........copy and paste what you posted here on the CFIDS/FIBRO board.....

    This needs to be read by more people. Many are from California themselves.

    Everything you posted here on the worship board is acceptable for the other message board.

    Prayers and Blessings and Love to you and your friend.........Susan
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    I don't now how to copy and paste this information onto the Cfs/Fibro board. Can anyone tell me how?

  12. dejovu

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    Man may have his law but Gods law is stronger. I'm praying for God to intervine and take hold of this situation and resolve it. One of his children is in danger. Will continue to pray for you all. Peace. De
  13. Adl123

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    For your help and suggeestions.
    Thanks, Littlebluestem, for the directions on how to cut and paste.

    As things stand now, my friend has decided to stay where she is. She says that she has worked too hard for what she has now, and is not going to allow him to make her homeless and destitute. She is refusing to go to a sheltr, as she has been in one before. She is still packing, just is case the worst happens, though..

    My Dr. has told me to back off, as I went into congestive heart failuse with the stress, added on to my allergies. So, I will continue to support her and be there for her as much as I can, vbut I can no longer get as involved as I was, or let it affect me. This is really hard,but it is now life threatening for me.

    Thanks, again,

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