We need a spokes person.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sissy123, May 21, 2003.

  1. Sissy123

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    We really do need a spokes person If we could get organized enough. I know we will. I have only been on here a couple of months now and I absolutely love you guys. We are a true support group and more. I rely on this site and all you wonderful people everyday. I am no longer alone with this and it has been a great help for me. I wont go to bed unless I have checked this place of comfort and a great wealth of information. I will gather a list of persons that are famous and see if I can find a way to contact them and then together we can figure out what it is we want them to do or say on our behalf. We can do it, afterall we live with this everyday and it is not going away and neither are we. I am very proud of all of us for working together so well. Love Sis
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    This is a real comfort zone, just to read the posts really is a help.

    The information here is amazing, a great bunch of guys.

    Your idea is a good one, not sure how you`ll pull it off, but good luck.

    Love Pat.
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    for these Syndromes and Illness, and you certainly will be welcomed to join us in Helping to get the Word out about FMS/CFS/CMP.

    If you are looking for a Personality, well we have tried quite a few, you might check out the past post's so you will know who is recptive and who isn't?

    I myself was wondering about Noah Whyle(sp?) or Namoi Judd, she did go into Remission/beat Hepitis C, and I think she might listen to us. She was involved or still is, as an advocate for Hep.C so maybe she could toss in a few things about FMS too. I know that my Brother who has Hep.C aslo has FMS, so maybe she would be the One.

    I don't think that the National talk show's are to interested, at least not in a postive way, but how about writting some of the locl News Stations, and Newpaper's.
    They all have Investgitive Reporter's, so let them Investiagate me or you or any of us here to get the Real Answer's.

    Gald to have another Spunky Fighter on this board.

    We could become "One Big Loud Voice" after all, ;o)

  4. Sissy123

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    I wish we could all meet somewhere, sometime. Others have meetings...could it be a possibility that we could form a convention?