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  1. doxygirl

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    Hi there,

    My family and I really need a prayer chain!

    My Grandson is now 6 months old...........my son is trying to obtain joint custody with the mother of his son, this girl is vendictive and mean!

    She borrowed money from her family to retain the most prominent lawyer where we live, ( this lawyer is a "barracuda" !

    My son is a good man,he has NEVER been in any trouble, has NO record of any kind, he has a great personality and is good to everyone! He is paying his child support, and able to see his son ONLY two hours twice a week!

    He desperately wants to bond with his son and eventually have him 50% of the time.

    The mother of his son is trying to defame our entire family, she has even gone so far as to use my and my sons disabilities against us!

    She does not want my son to be able to see his son more than twice a week for two hours for at least 2 years! She also is asking the court to keep the baby from being able to be with us for ANY holidays! She is saying my house and my family is "unfit" because she knows that I have decorated a nursery for the baby and she doesn't want him ever to be in it "because she is angry with my son for not being with her ( they broke up months before she told him she was pregnant).

    I just cannot believe that there really are people like her in this world that are so AWFUL!

    We really need prayers BIG BIG Prayers that GOD will give my son a FAIR and UNBIASED judge that will see through the ugliness that this girl is pulling, and give my son the chance to be the GREAT father my Grandson deserves!

    My son goes to court Feb 23 and he could NOT afford an attorney, Iam so worried and concerned that this attorney is going to tear my son apart and this girl is going to get every unreasonable thing she is asking for!

    Thank you for reading this and for all of your prayers!


  2. Asatrump

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    This sounds like an on going problem, and I can't even imagine how difficult it is to find yourself and your son in it. I ask God to show wisdom to the people who control, who make rules, that they show wisdom, and heart and feelings. I ask the Lord to calm and diffuse the situation as much as possible, and ultimately lead to an arrangement more satisfactory .

    This stress must be unbearable. We are often capable of controlling our own situations, but when it comes to the lives of our children and now grand children, we have no control, no power . We often stand by helpless.

    Heavenly Father please touch this family and show goodness, please ease their waiting and hold them in the palm of Your hand.
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    doxygirl you and your family have suffered for quite some time wtih ongoing things, but this is a tough one.

    I am so sorry and I will pray for wisdom on the court to know that you are good people and that the girl is just angry with the break up and wants to make your son and his family miserable.

    Even if your son can not afford an attorney doesn't he qualify for a court appointed attorney? I am just asking since I thought if you could not afford one the court had to appoint one. I could not afford an attorney for my divorce and I went to legal aid in our town and they were wonderful to me.

    God Bless


    Please don't forget us and let us know how things turn out. YOu will be in my prayers, you , your son and your family.
  4. tlayne

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    I still have you on my prayer list. I will keep praying. Love, Tam
  5. MamaR

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    I feel your deep pain and concern. I will be praying about this... and even ask a special unspoken request at church tonight.

  6. Mamal

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    I will be keeping your son and his son in my prayers. Why people are so mean is beyond me, but I do know it happens everyday to really good people. I would definately keep records like someone else suggested. My prayers are with your son throughout all of this - as well as your grandson.

    Bless You,