we really get alot of weird symtoms right?

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    i mean i know people who never had a dizzy day,or burning feeling in the back or neck, arm, foot pain. so on.. my boyfriend is 35 plays softball, works eats like crazy, even drinks beer, and neve feels anything wrong, this fm is the worst, and people really cant relate to it, he thinks im a nut, know it. any way just thinking about all the pains we do get we must be a tough to keep pulling through, god bless all,val
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    Isn't it just wonderful to watch someone like your boyfriend and my husband chow down on all kinds of junk food and never get sick from it???

    The funny thing in my world, is that my husband always tells me he wished that he had my attitude with food. I can't eat very much at one time, and I am thin. He thinks that is just the greatest, as he is overweight and loves to eat and can eat quite a bit at a time.

    You know, no one is ever happy with the hand they were dealt.

    Yes, this illness is sure not for the faint of heart, we have more pains and symptoms than just about anything I have ever heard of in my life.

    Sometimes I wonder if we should treat each symptom separately, or try to treat the whole body?

    Shalom, Shirl
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    This sure is one crazy/messed up illness to have. I wouldn`t wish it on my worst enemy. lol

    I have to laugh at people like your boyfriend that think we are nuts or neurotic. They wouldn`t last an hour with this illness would they? Its only for the toughest of the tough.

    I have had Fm for over 15 years probably my whole life. It never seems to amaze me how new symptoms pop up daily. You think you have one thing under control and something else comes up. Or the same thing comes back and hits you harder. Its such a roller coaster ride, sometimes more like a terror ride.

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    most of the doctors and all of the SSI determinators! If they all had to live like this for one month, I'll bet you'd see some changes made!

    Until I came here I had no idea why I had so many strange things wrong with me. Doctor sent me to all kinds of specialists (except rheumy) trying to track down the reason for some of them. Then I start reading and my jaw keeps hitting the floor! "Stunned" is the only word. But happy, too. Finally, after all these years, explanations. I always thought only my pain and fatigue were the FM.

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    i'm with joann on this one! i would wish it on doctors for a while too! maybe then we would quit being told, you're lazy, it's in your head, or like my doctor, it's not a bad diagnosis-just don't expect too much! grrr! i would say we ARE some of the strongest too. :) we have to be. i must confess, sometimes when my flare is really bad and my family doesn't get it, and thinks i'm just whining or being lazy and just don't understanfwhy i can't get a job and be at school-i have wished they would feel what i have just for even an hour. is that horrible? sometimes i just feel so alone in that none of my loved ones can even grasp what we go thru. ok, i'm done. :)
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