We turned the squirrel loose that we rescued.New Pic.

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    sad day. We took little Prissy out to our farm and opened her little cage and out she went and she ran and ran till we could not see her anymore. It was hard to do, but we did our part. We rescued her from the dogs that were about to get her and we bottle fed her. She is just about full grown now and healthy. She belonged in the woods where she could roam and be free. I put a picture of her in my profile for you all to look at.

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  2. therealmadscientist

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    What a cutie. I'd have a difficult time "giving her up" too. mr bill
    I wonder if anyone has had a pet squirrel that had "free range" and didn't spend its time in a cage.
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    Beautiful pic of Prissy the squirrel.You should be proud of rescuing & looking after Prissy,but as you say she belongs in the woods.What a heart-warming story.
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    It's so Hard to let the little fur babies go! But you did the right thing! I commend you on your efforts! When My Girls were little we Brought Home all sorts of stray animals!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a Turtle we found in the middle of the road named George, Lol! We Bought one of thoes big plastic see through totes put water,rocks etc...Later we took him up to a nearby lake and let him go,,,,,,,,,,, a rabbit, and a couple cats, also a dog or two! It was fun ,,,,and it gave the girls an appreciation of animals!,,,,,,,,S
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    We just fed her milk for about 3 months then slowly weined her to water. Then we would slip her some nuts of all kinds.Pecans were her favorite and corn also. She got so fat. We would turn her loose in the closet once or twice a day and let her play around. She nearly chewed the shelves up. My b/f became really attached to her as they would play together. She would run and wrestle with his hand and roll in a ball and play bite him. She was soooo cute.

    I will put another picture of her of when we first rescued her so you can see just how little she was and how much she's grown.

    Thanks for all the kind comments. We felt like we did our part to help raise her and nourish her back to health before she could make it on her own.

    Check out picture of her as a baby.