weak after shower/bath--softness or heat or both?

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    For those of you that get an increase in bad symptoms after showering or batheing, do you think there could be an association to having soft or hard water--I think mine may have got worse since I got a water softner. Also, I am sure the heat of the water has something to do with it too.
    Just curious about the soft water part, a quick google couldnt find much on that topic, maybe no one has explored it yet...
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    Hi, simone.

    I can't think of a mechanism by which soft water vs. hard water would cause a worsening of symptoms, though I suppose that soft water would have a lower magnesium concentration (as well as lower calcium), and maybe there would be less magnesium absorption through the skin with soft water. Magnesium is usually beneficial to PWCs.

    Warm water, whether hard or soft, does cause more blood flow to the skin as the body tries to maintain its core temperature. In CFS, the total blood volume and the cardiac output tend to be low. So when more blood is routed to the skin, less is available for the brain, and that can cause PWCs to pass out in a hot shower. I guess I would currently say that this explanation is more soundly based, but it wouldn't explain a difference between the effects of hard and soft water.

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    It's the temperature. If you take a cooler shower or bath, you'll see it's better. Not better in terms of you freezing, but better in terms of the fatigue. Sometimes I have to cool it down to avoid a massive NMH attack.
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    I don't know about the soft/hard water thing.....do know that there are often substances like chlorine and fluoride in the water that can cause us problems

    I also know that hot water is a huge problem for me - I have passed out a few times and come very close to doing so many times (both in the shower and when getting out of a whirlpool spa - actually the time it happened after the whirlpool was totally embarrassing, bc I was at the fitness center and wound up being taken by stretcher thru the center and out to an ambulance while still in my swimsuit!)

    Ihave had to stop taking hot baths and stop using the whirlpool spa (and I really miss both on cold winter days).....had to get a shower seat, too.......I have also noticed that when I was still using the whirlpool spa, it felt really great on my muscles while I was in it, but afterward it was causing an increase in pain (still miss it, though)
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    thx guys
    I do remember a thread about heat in water before
    but I didnt know about the sodium/soft thing, I do regret getting a softner though, dont like it

    thang is, I looove hot showers and baths, I live in the midwest, its cold! it used to be the only thing I could do to warm up when cold to the core, but now I use my infrared heat pad and only shower like once in 5 days, I can't take a lukewarm one though, not when its zero degrees outside and 68 in the house, ya know.......god I hate these limitations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, though, it did remind me of things we have in common with MS and that thread at experimental about the new research on MS and neck surgery for veins, I share some of those issues in common and neck issues and cfs came on around same time, would love to get that ruled out, check out research by dr zamboni in Italy and healing ms thru surgery
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    first, happy holidays, to you and everyone here!

    but hey girl, that is interesting about your sister, that she has ms, and you have cfs/fm (right?).
    I know its been kicked around there could be some relation to these issues.
    My cfs came on full blown around the same time I had a surgery and also had neck hurt, I have felt for years tht when I need to lie down its like there is some blockage or malfunction in neck, at tiems I theorized its weak muscles/ligaments, djd, stenosis, the low b/p etc tests indicate all those things could play in, but I would love to get a test to rule that out. I am not sure how easy that would be though, to get a doc to order the right one, and the people doing the research must be flooded with ms people wanting to evaluate for it, and its still in experimental stage. sort of like xmrv. but I dont want to mess around, want to get on any possible help asap, not getting any younger.....
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    i love a hot shower, but when I'm done, i feel like Ii ran the marathon. Learming to "cool it off a bit" helps. I believe mine is the FM, plus bad lungs.

    Interesting subject.

    Merry X-mass to all.