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    Hi everyone - just finished reading all of the messages re: weak legs, pain in hips, difficulty breathing, etc. etc. I, too, find that when the weakness in my legs is really bad, climbing the stairs is impossible without help. The muscles seem to just cave in. Pain the hips, upper back and a new one (itchy bumps on my arms). Difficulty breathing is another one - I thought it was from the fatigue? Has anyone ever seen a chiropractor for fms/cfs?? TAKE GOOD CARE.......... Member Pat
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    yes, i have very sore & tight muscles in my legs.
    i have been going to a physiotherapist & she said my muscles are full of knots, so she has been hand massaging them out, also my shoulders & lower arm muscles.
    it's very painful & the next two days they are very tender so i'm hoping that she can at least minimise the pain.
    i find it very tiring trying to get out of chairs or bed.
    i would like to bring the therapist home to live with me.
    take care,