weak muscles and clumsiness?

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    hi everyone,
    ever since I got fibro I have been very clumsy, and the icing on that cake seems to be that my muscles are more easily pulled. In the past two years I have fallen down three times, and all three times I have pulled muscles and once even ligaments in my ankles. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there exercises or medication that will help?I doubt there is anything I can do about the clumsiness, I am not on any painkillers, so that is not why I am clumsy. Does anyone else have trouble with clumsiness? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Picklington

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    Sounds like hypermobility. Have you been checked for hypermobile joints (hypermobile syndrome)? Doctors can do a simple test called the Beighton score (worth a google). I am really clumsy but one thing that has helped me is the Sketchers "Shape-Ups" shoes. I'm sure other brands work just as well. They make you walk in a better way that strengthens your core muscles and I think that now when I start to lose my balance, I'm stronger so I don't fall over so often! I also find that sitting on a gym ball is good for me for the same reason.