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    I was wondering what levels of muscle weakness some of you might be going through due to your FM. If you are having weakness what might you be doing to gain some of the strength back?
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    HA! I used to do circuit training-weight lifting, I also had the hardest job in my printing company lifting heavy (60 lb.) shafts, moving 2000 lb. rolls of paper, slinging 30 lb. buckets of ink up over my head 50 times a night.
    Now? I can't carry my own body weight! I can do 1lb. weights when I try to work out a little. I can't carry a 12 pack of pop anymore. A gallon of milk is agony on my shoulder. All is lost. No more muscle mass.
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    The body and brain have memory. When I am in an FMS flare, my legs are very weak as are my arms and hands. If I press on my muscles, they feel mushy. When I'm feeling well, my muscles are rock hard just like they have always been. It's like night and day difference.

    We don't completely lose it, but we need to do whatever treatments make us better so that we can get some of our former fitness back. It's still there.

    Muscles repair themselves during deep sleep, so we need to do whatever it takes to get good quality sleep. This most likely will involve drugs. Magnesium is great for muscle repair. The ZMA sold here will help with muscle repair and work synergistically with whatever you take for sleep to produce even better sleep. ZMA by itself may be enough to move one into deeper sleep.

    Reducing pain so that one can do exercise or physical therapy is essential, even if it means taking opiods; they are the most efficient at reducing severe pain in the body. These should be looked upon as temporary until one regains enough healing so that they are not necessary on an ongoing basis. There will always be those for whom an ongoing basis is necessary, but I believe many could give up opiods if they were to try to include other treatments. I believe this should at least be the goal.

    Learning and researching and trying different treatments is what brings improvement. It's a process of trial and error and requires patience, but it's well worth the effort.

    Diet is an extremely important part of our healing. Getting rid of carbs and artificial ingredients is a good place to start. Sugar is worse for our bodies than many things considered toxic.

    Finally, getting one's mind into being a healthy person instead of a sick person is essential. My therapist, who used hypnotherapy to help my mind remember, says that the brain retains it memory of wellness but that it gets buried when someone has been sick for a long time. It's essential to rediscover that mindset. Working on one's spirit is as important as working on one's mind.

    There is a very strong mind/body/spirit connection. I'm hoping people will not give up. No one has been sicker than I was two years ago. It's taken all this time for me to claw my way back and I'm not there yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything I have learned has come from this board. My eternal thanks to all here who have played a part in my healing.

    Love, Mikie

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    Nice post. Very encouraging. Thanks.
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    Thank you! What a wonderfully encouraging post! It will do me well to remember this. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.