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    i have been on cymbalta for ten months. i was depressed and thought i was going to die ten months ago. God has decided to keep me around a bit longer and my fear of dieing is gone. ive decided to wean myself off of

    cymbalta. i have some vestibular/vertigo issues but the last ten days been hell. even driving i get dizzy and nauses. it just dawned of me maybe its since i cut back on my cymbalta. i know thatS powerful stuff with many side-effects

    and that one of the reasons ive decided to get off this stuff. but it just dawned on me maybe thats why im so damn dizzy of late??? anyone have any wisdom to share on this subject. GOD BLESS AND THANKS FOY

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    I had the exact same problems you described when I weened myself off of cymbalta. I was on 60mg per day. I started by taking one every other day, when i was ok with that, then I'd take it every three days and so on. It took about a month. But with each week the symptoms were not as strong and it was more tolerable.

    Hope ypu feel better soon.
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    I wanted to share - my husband also had this same problem and was cured by Dr. Robert Baloh at UCLA. Dr. Baloh actually researched and developed the treatment. They called it Benign Postural Vertigo.

    It is caused by tiny calcium particles in the inner ear. Dr. Baloh performed a series of movements with my husband that dislodged the particles and cured the problem. Afterwards he had to sleep upright for a few nights and it never came back. That was five years ago.

    Here are info and credentials on Dr. Baloh..

    Robert W. Baloh, M.D.
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    When going completely offCymbalta, my doctor gave me a small dose of Prozac to ease things and it did help. I was easily able to get off Prozac.]

    Just a note to let you know my experience. I have withdrawn from both Effexor and Cymbalta....I would never, let me repeat, never take either of the meds again.

    Best wishes with finding a good plan to withdraw. See your doc.

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    and had a heck of a time. I had all kinds of problems and I shouldn't have done it without telling my dr. I just didn't think it was helping. It was one of the hardest things I've ever came off of and it was no fun. Call your dr. is what I would advise.

    I happened to be wrong about it not helping me though. My aches, pains, twitches and spasms started occuring tenfold within a month later. I went thru the winter like this and just recentely went back on Cymbalta after finding out that the F.D.A. just approved it as the first rx for fibro and boy do I feel better. I'm sorry I went off of it now but thats just me.
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    Withdrawal Symptoms! I have taken Lexapro and am on Effexor and am considering changing to Cymbalta, but with either of my medications if I missed a day or two I would feel sick and dizzy, vertigo off and all that. I would take the pill again and poof! it was gone. Never go off cold turkey...wean yourself slowly and asking your doctor to help is a very very good idea.
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    I just found and signed in on this sight. I could not read any further untill I replied to your post. I also am weaning off Cymbalta. Go Cymbalta Withdrawls "google it" You will find so much info. it will take you weeks to read it. I do not remember which link I clicked on but at th top of the page it says "Presciption Drug Watch" it will also say page 1 of 89 or90, this link had the most info, but the others are also VERY INFORMING and eye opening. I hope this helps you out? I would love to hear back on your thoughts, findings? pain333
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    I had to take a low dose of Prozac to get me off Cymbalta. I reduced my dosage as gradually as I could but felt dizzy and sick for weeks.

    My understanding of why the Prozac helps is that it has a longer half-life in your body than Cymbalta does so the withdrawals are not as severe.

    Good luck!
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    Hello Foyboyfoy,

    So sorry to hear of this terrible ordeal. It definitely sounds like withdrawal symptoms. It can happen while withdrawing from many depression medications.

    You can get help with the vestibular/vertigo trouble. There are prescription medicines that work for me. Every now and then I get a spell of this. Meclizine works very well for me. It has been around for a long time. There may be better medicines available now.

    No need for you to suffer with this though. Call or visit your doctor!

    Hope you are over this soon,