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  1. pasara

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    i thought some of you might be interested that on the site they have something called the aches and pain index.

    at the top of the home page you will see a link entitled "healthy living." if you scroll over it there will be a menu visible. click on "aches & pains."

    once there you type in your city or zip code and it will give you info on how the weather may affect your health. it considers factors such as humidity, barometric pressure, etc. besides forecasting these factors for your city, there is also a lot of information on how and why and who weather affects.

    using the same menu you can also find out air quality and pollen information.

    hope some of you find it helpful.
  2. MandaJ

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    Sara -

    I just checked that out and it looks very well-researched and helpful. Thanks for posting that!

    Manda :)
  3. mujuer

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    I tried it Pasara but it doesn't come close to how I feel or when I feel it. I was so happy to find it but then it didn't work for me so I gave it up. My own built in receptors tell me what is going on with the weather. It could be just where I live also. P
  4. pasara

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    i don't think it is anything definitive. just like forecasting the weather itself all they can do is look at a variety of factors and suggest a level of likelihood for pain in sets of people with particular ailments. i don't think it is meant to address a particular individual. i just found some of the information helpful. I also found it interesting that the connection factor between weather and pain, migraines, etc is acknowledged in this way, when so many people see our complaints as a bunch of whining mixed with a healthy dose of hypochondria.
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    So right you are. I think it is funny how the cdc aknowledges these complaints as a disorder/disease yet we have trouble making others believe i.e family, friends, the public in general and worst of all medical professionals!