Weather and flares

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 18, 2012.

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    It was supposed to snow today but we had wind and light rain. I noticed how exhusted I felt all day long, my joints ache, my muscles ache, I just feel abby normal. I didn't sleep much last night and today I dozed off and on and as the tempture grew colder I felt it in the house and I felt like I was in a freezer and could not move so welll, I am stil stiff and moving slower than usual, my body is aching all over, I can feel each muslce , bone , nerve , tendon in my body every tihing is so tight.

    I don't like weather changes and this week is going to be wet and cold , rain and snow. I have so many things I want to do but won't get done due to no car and droiving when i feel like this is not a good idea. I have to go to town to pick up my new pain med and I hope it works. I really ache badly to night and would love a hot bath but my hubby is sleeping. I took one earlier today and I can't get teh water hot enough to ease the deep pain in my muscles and bones, if the water was hot enough it would scald me. Still it did ease the achy breaky pain for a bit.

    I still feel like i have been hit by a mack truck then pulled threw a knot hole back wards. Every sound is too loud today, I was watching TV with my hubby and I could hear when his insulin pump beeped, I coudl feel each beep, beep, I hear it when it is low on insluin and can feel the sound it makes like some thing is sucking , I am not doing a good job of discribeing how I can feel sounds. I don't understand it Why can I feel a sound?

    Confused and so exhusted ,

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