Weather and muscle weakness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jackie41, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Jackie41

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    I've had this illness for a little over a year with most of the usual symptoms that come and go unpredictably. My most disabling symptom is a sense of heaviness and weakness in the legs. Last fall this got to the point that I began to use two forearm crutches to help me walk. I've noticed though that the last two weeks, since the weather has started to warm up, I can walk much farther without my crutches, though I still use them for long distances such as the mall. Has anyone else noticed a connection between weather and weakness or difficulty walking?
  2. schnoodle

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    Absolutely! The weather always affects me in the pain department and also weakness. I think it has something to do with barametric pressure. Not sure. I just know that I feel better when it is warm out.
  3. judywhit

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    the weather sure pains me. I live in washington state and well you all know how much it rains in Seattle. My symptoms actually started with the heavyness in legs and arms then went to other areas. The bone chilling cold that we occasionally get really upsets my system. You are not alone! Pain for me is much better in spring and summer.