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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. MsBrandywine

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    Has anyone been going thru this too? It seems like when the weather changes.. I start getting more anxiety then usual..
    Been thru some stress but nothing that should really be giving me where I wake up in the night and just feel panicky and trembling and shaking.. Have so much muscle tension .. I am unable to take meds for it.. but wondered if anyone else goes thru this.. A friend of mine suggested that it could be weather related..

    Not sure why it is flaring up so bad.. I haven't done this in years..
    Also.. its like maybe Im having a hot flash? Been thru menopause a long time ago.. will be 59 in July but I was all done with it.. or what I thought I was.. back in the early to mid 90's.. Didn't look that up but that thought crossed my mind maybe that is what wakes me up.. that and having to go to the bathroom..
    I know the fibro seems to be so flared up with all of this weather.. which I'm sure doesn't help either!..
    Thanks for anyone or who replies on this.. I appreciate it..

    Gentle Hugs,
  2. GeminiMoon

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    The weather seems to bother me too. Especially the dark rainy days. I feel a lot more achy on those days and also suffer from S.A.D.D. So, it's not fun. Also, I live in Chicago; that is like asking for trouble!

    I noticed that extra Magnesium helps a lot as does moist heat with a heating pad and Arnica gel on the sore muscles, etc.

    Good luck Deb!
  3. MsBrandywine

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    I am sorry that You hurt from it too.. I never thought that I had the SADD but this year has certainly made me much more aware of it.
    Oh,, I have heard Chicago is really a windy place... I m not good when I go North of me here in NY.. up towards the lakes.. love it up there in the summer but the fronts that come thru.. ouch.. I do use rice paks.. that I make.. they help some.. I will have to try some Magnesium.. but I do try to take in more magnesium foods.. maybe I need more of it..
    Thanks again for replying!..
    Good luck to You too..
  4. MicheleK

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    You could be experiencing adreneline rushes. That would explain the jittery, panicky feelings and the sweats. These are quite common in both FM and CFS.

    I get like this sometimes and my doctor told me to take 1/4 of a 1 mg Klonopin. It does the trick. Always amazes me how so little can stop the reaction.

    You might wish to try Gaba instead of Klonopin. It works nicely in calming the brain. And the brain is where all these sensations come from.

    I hope you feel improved soon. Spring is just around the corner. Lots of rain of course but beautiful flowers, the greenery of bushes and tress, and always a hopeful feeling that comes along with that.