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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Okay Sisland, what's going on here in Northern MN?? That good weather just skipped by us!

    We are back in the deep freeze. This morning school was two hours late, because of the -40 below last night.

    Yesterday i drove the 60 miles to our larger town for my son's Therapy. It started of about -5 below, but kept getting colder.

    Our drive home at 4:00, although was bitterly cold, was also beautiful poetry of the Northland soul.

    The wind had picked up and was blowing snow in someplaces, yet the sky was still blue in someplaces, but there was this odd haziness to the air.

    Almost like it was so cold you could see the air.
    In the open fields, it really was pretty, with the blue sky and white land, with the blowing snow and hazy air.

    Hues, of white, and blue, and gray. Well like i said, poetry, mother nature might be harsh sometimes, but she sure can put on a show.

    I was blessed to be back home, safe and snug, took me awhile to feel warm again.

    Today, i have two sick kids on the couch!
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wow! Sounds like horrible weather back there! I lived in
    the Sierra for ten years and never experienced anything like
    you Kids in the Mid-West describe. Now I know why Rocky, form
    the PORCH left MN years ago for the sunshine in So.Cal!! No
    grass grows under that man's feet.

    Looked at your Bio, and believe I have read it before. Interested to see your reference to Lyme. I've suspected Lyme
    in my case for at least 5 years, but an illness, with very similar symptoms, was diagnosed about that time. Living in
    the Sierra, I had pulled ticks off my animals as well as my-
    self! I left the Sierra in 1982 and believe that the Lyme
    remained dormant all that time.

    I'm only about 40 mins. from the Igenex lab in Palo Alto and
    on Dec. 7th, went there and had the Western Blot Test done!
    Well, what do you know? After strongly suggesting to my Docs
    after not getting better for "iron overload" treatment, that
    I may have Lyme. I had to go "out of pocket" and get the
    test looking for "definition" to my progressive illness
    and symptoms! Well, I sure get tired of being right all the
    time, ya know what I'm sayin? Started the Doxycycline and
    now on my 3rd day! My daughter, now 30 y.o., has had Lyme
    for 12+ years! She is doing well as it was caught early.

    I see you have been having difficulty determining a Lyme
    connection to your health problems. Did you see on the
    Lyme Forum the reference to
    in MO.? As I read it, it seems they have a scientific method of determining the actual Lyme Bacteria. I suppose
    that possibly could be an improved method over Igenex (?)(?)
    Maybe that test could offer you the answer to your question?
    I empathize with you and the frustration of not having the
    definition one needs to seek possible treatment or accept
    the situation "as is".

    My very best wishes in your quest for better health!

  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Wow what a drive you have to make for your son's Therapy! I'm sorry it's soooo cold! Do you write poetry? Because your description of the midwestern tundra on a -40 day is Fantastic!

    Thanks for the Beautiful report! I'm Glad your home safe and sound!,,,,,,,Hope the kids get better!,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
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  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    It's 12 degrees out and rising!! Yeah, i'm going to try and get out of the house today and check on all the furry creatures outside, my families been taking care of.

    Sisland, oops the drive is 50 miles not 60. We go once a week for eye therapy, then work on stuff at home.
    I have wrote alittle poetry but it's not all that great.

    MrDad, The older i get, the more moving sounds good to me. So. California sounds nice, but i don't want to slide into the ocean neither, when that big Quake hits someday! LOL

    I've had two lyme test now from Igenex, both showed alittle something, but neither where positive. I have recently found out i do have a mycoplams infection, and i'm gluten intolerance.

    But we do have lyme here, and i've found the little buggers on my cat and horses last summer. So i'm not ruling it out. Thanks for the tip about the Lyme forum, i'll go there and read up on what you said.

    I do get really frusterated, and overwhelmed sometimes, because there's so much different info., and treatment ideas. I feel like i'm chasing my tail most of the time, or just to tired and icky to do anything sometimes.

    I'm trying to trust, and have peace in the midst of all this, and raising three boys. Bottom line i know who is in charge, and gives me breath each day.

    I'm sooooooo glad they caught it early for your daughter!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes, they are sent in return to you.

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I totally understand and agree with your feelings concerning
    "chasing a tail". Speaking with my Daughter, she indicated
    to me that she hasn't read anything about Lyme in about 10
    years. One does get overwhelmed with the often speculative
    and contradictory info. out there in the Med field. I don't
    spent hardly any time on the CFS-FM board at all for that very
    reason. Didn't seem to matter, "ya know what I'm sayin"? But
    I will be paying more attention to this Lyme Connection as
    it seems to be a highly suspect reason for my health problem.

    Do hope the Kids are better and that you have a wonderful day!

  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yea for Sun! Bundle up! If you don't mind me asking what kind of eye therapy does your son have to have?
  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Were your Igenex tests Positive? I did the 200 buck test and got four "indeterminate" bands, but the med center here said it meant nothing. So I don't know WHAT the **** to think. I do know we gotta a lotta ticks here in Humboldt!


  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I put out the $400.00 so I guess they have ta come up with
    somethin' to justify the cost!? Went in person to Palo Alto
    for the Test. Yea, lots of ticks where you are.

    See: Someone pointed them
    out on the LYME forum. Very interesting stuff.

    Take care Barry!
  9. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Woooo Hoooooo......we hit 25 degrees today and it feels quite balmy. LOL. It has been below zero for a few days and then factor in that windchill --- well it is pretty darn cold.
  10. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I bundled up and made it outside, it was beautiful today. Hubby took me on a short snowmobile ride in the woods, and I made a snow angel in the middle of the woods, for the birds, and rabbits! LOL!

    My hubby had to pull me back out of the snow tho! LOL!

    My youngest son has been slightly developmentaly (sp) delayed, His motor skills behind abit for age.

    And he's behind on learning to read, has abit of trouble with recalling information, that he has already learned.

    On the other hand he has a great imagination, and sense of humor, cracks me up alot that kid. And if you read him a story he can give it back to you almost word for word.

    Anyways, besides the point, just wanted to add something posititive.
    The school had out a lady to talk about eye therapy, and how some kid's eyes just don't work together even if they have 20/20 vision.
    There's teaming skill, and tracking skills, hand eye cordination etc.
    I had him tested and he was low in a number of these skills, even tho he has good vision.

    So each week we get exercise to work on at home and pass before moving on to something else.

    For example; one was hanging a ball from the ceiling and swinging it around his head, and having him hold still and track the ball with his eyes.

    At first he couldn't keep both eyes on the ball, you could see the right eye suddenly shoot off in a different direction.
    Some of the exercises are fun, some boring, and others very frusterating and take longer to pass them.

    Right now we have been working on this one for three weeks, and we both hate it!! LOL

    He has to read this alphabet, number chart, to a beat with a metrodome (it plays a steady beat like clapping your hands)
    And at the same time he has a flashlight that he has to keep moving from picture to pictures that are placed around the chart on post-it notes.
    To a different beat.

    He's just having a hard time pulling all these skills together at once. And complains about his legs hurting when he has to stand there and do it.

    This is probably longer than you wanted. LOL! But since you asked i tried to explain it.

    I believe this is helping some, but i don't think it's enough to "catch" him up with his classmates.

    I really hate what school does to children that don't fit into the mold, he is so willing to learn and likes to learn.
    And it's never "enough" for the system. And he's starting to know he's "different". This is sad, he is a very well liked child by both other kids, and teachers.

    He has alot of enthusiasm for life and a very bright sunny personality.

    At conference time the teacher was concerned about how tired he is at the end of the day. I've also noticed this and i'm concerned.

    Sorry probably more info than you wanted, never get a mother yakking about her kids!! :0)

    Add a new picture in my profile.
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  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    MrDad - WOW - you finally got tested?! AND you ARE positive?! That is some finding, wish you would post it at the lyme board and the CF/FM board here. The more people read, the better, truly...

    BCT/Barry - if you read that page of Dr. Crist's you'll see that a clinical dx is SUPPOSED to be based on one's 'clinical picture' not a blood test alone... if you came up with indeterminate bands, that's important, a trial of abx overseen by a good LLMD is priceless. I hope you pursue it.

    Morningsonshine - my son had the same problems with eye tracking, we found out when we had him tested in 2nd grade. It helped him immensely... and I also found out then that a LOT of other kids were helped that we knew, but hadn't known about them getting eye therapy. It was explained to me as a maturational thing, that his eyes would mature with time; but of course, schools don't allow for those kids to mature slower without getting a lot of negativity along the way... hope it works fast for him, it did for mine.

    Weather - ah, from what i hear from my friends up north in Chicago, at least the snow's been melting in between storms??? Thankfully we've been spared so far any snow/ice to speak of... today is in the 50s, sun shining... I am so glad I moved south... yes I keep saying that, but looking at national weather reports, I just can't help it lolol.


  12. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Misty,,,,Wow i'm very impressed with you as a Mom! The exercises sound very difficult!,,,,,I'm very Glad to here that this therapy now exist's (sp) I can't spell eighter!,,,,,lolol,,,,

    Motor skills (the large ones) have always been a problem for me,,,and with this DD it's even more difficult,,,,,,,,,,,,,Your Boy is Adorable!!!,,,,and i know it's good for him to know that you are there to help him and that you are interested enough to carry through with it all,,,,,,

    This is just a prediction but i bet he will come out of this with flying Colors!,,,Thanks for exsplaing this to me,,,,

    So nice of your DH to take you for a snowmobile ride! Glad you had Fun!

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