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    Just thought I'd give a weather/smoke report. The Moonlight fire in the Sierras is still burning strongly. About 15 miles NE from here. Yesterday was clear here, but wind coming more this way this evening, so should smoke up the Valley(Sacramento,etc) again.
    The highest containment level I've seen has been 16% controlled so should continue for awhile. A fire earlier this year left an area should stop the fire in one direction.
    Not personally too worried (my Mom's house is next to the Fire station) and so far not much damage to humans.
    Probably a lot of pot plantations burnt I suppose. I keep expecting hundreds of illegal immigrants to start fleeing out of the hills.

    For a helpful hint: My mom's house was saved when she was a kid because they always made a pond next to where they lived. The firemen would come by and jump in the pond to get wet, and would stop to put out any embers that landed on house. San Leandro fire in the twenties I think.
    She escaped by coasting downhill thru the flames in a model T Ford that wouldn't start. A wonder that I was ever born. Especially after her playing around the cyanide pits as a kid in Barstow, CA. Oh, that's where the school teacher pulled out a pistol from her purse and shot the sidewinder snake at the opening of the cave they were going to explore. Ahh, the good old days. Cheers, Mr Bill

    Just keeping it light.

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    Mr Bill

    Not to good to breath the smokey air! Hopefully they will get it under control! We Had a total of 20 some wildland (Big) Fires,,,,,This summer,,,,all is good now due to some Much needed rain fall and cooler temps,,,,,,,Quite a story about your Moms house and childhood Memories!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lolo
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    sisland, I guess that "wildlands" means praire fires? Though Idaho/Montana has had some monster forest fires. Measured in square miles, not acres. A long time ago I think one burned all summer.

    My mother's grandfather rode out of Montana on a horse.
    About all I know about that side of family (family name of Coffey)
    I looked at an uncle's birthcertificate and the place of birth of grandfather was just "Montana".

    Cheers, your mr Bill

    May as well reminesce some more. My grandfather rode his horse to Hollywood and worked as stuntman,etc. My mom was in one of early movies, must have been 1920. There was a giant facially expressive moon, and she was carried across the screen as a baby being brought by a stork.
    She didn't pursue her screen career, though she hung out at Venice beach CA and Las Vegas as a teenager:)[This Message was Edited on 09/09/2007]
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    By Wildland Fires i mean Forest Fires! There are Millions of acres of Wooded acres up Here!,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thats why i Live Here! Lolol,,,,,But unfortunatley the Lightening Strikes Take there toll on them in the summer time,,,,

    Yeah some fires burn all summer! The only good thing about it is alot of people make good money up here in the summer time fighting fires and,,,,Yes the report came out last week fire coasts reached a whopping 32K this year!

    My Grand parents came from WV in 1900 By railway! but yes the riding of the Horses all around the country was very popular,,,,,,Thats neat history about your GGP and GP ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wouldn't it be cool if thats all the transportation we still had!,,,,,Less Globel W,,,,Problems,,,,,,,,lololol! ,,,,,S
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    We came into the Valley from Mt. Shasta on Saturday, and as we were descending, the whole valley was covered in smoke, haze, etc. Awful! I wanted to stop and turn around.

    My husband has asthma, and he left his inhaler at home...fine time to do that! We were visiting his daughter and family in Chico, so she let him use hers...very needed.

    Hope you survive and the fire is quickly contained. What dreadful air quality there now.

    Stay inside!

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    Some colorful family history there. You got your model T ready in case you need to flee?

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    Hope you don't get too much smoke... when the fires were burning along the Georgia/Florida line las June, we had a few days when the smoke blew up by us, 300 miles away... it was amazingly hazy, I thought it was actually fog when I looked outside. At least until I actually stepped outside! And that was no pot smoke either!

    Hope you have SOMEthing to coast outta there if you ever have to!

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    The Moonlight still burning as it wants to. About 2,600 firefighters, but wind still seems to be in control. A lot of ashes landed a few days ago.

    "Wildlands", I like that description. Sort of from a SF novel. I remember looking out from a mountain top in Idaho and seeing only more forested mountain tops as far as I could see.

    I have a bicyle! I'll be safe. The ride down the "Canyon" to Chico is mostly downhill so should be thrilling, if need be.

    I'll throw in a story about the modern old West:
    It was when the newest thing was testing Atomic bombs in Nevada.
    My family drove up in the dark to watch one of last bombs to be dropped from an airplane. No GPS then, and the bomber was guided by ground lights. Which caused a lot concern by the Military Police, who were franically trying to get everyone to shut off their car headlights in the parking area.
    My mom didn't mention it until later (we tend to keep bad news from each other), but she saw the bomber fly right over us with the bombay doors open.
    What impressed me the most was the way that the ground stayed molten orange for a half hour. The mushroom cloud glowed also. Anyway, it turned into a nice harmless looking little cloud and drifted off towards Utah.

    Cheers, your mr bill

    Oh, the most famous fire around here is still last year's pot burn. The sheriff's collected a huge pile near the sheriff's office that was so large that it began to warm up and threatened spontaneous combustion. They couldn't move it to a safe burn area because disturbing it would let oxygen in. Anyway, all they could do was a controlled burn in place, which smoked up the whole east side of town.

    For a normally contentious little town, I was surprised at how amicably the populace accepted the error by the Sheriff's. There were some complainers that the sheriffs should have announced the time of the burning so that they could more easily avoid the smoke. However, these complaints were dismissed when it was realized that all the complainers resided in the west side of town.

    This year they announced, as it seems they do every year, a new record confiscation of pot, but now they are sending it away as soon as they collect it:)

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