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  1. sheiba

    sheiba New Member

    another quick question if i may. :-D does anyone else have a problem with weather change? too cold? too humid?
  2. sheiba

    sheiba New Member

    another quick question if i may. :-D does anyone else have a problem with weather change? too cold? too humid?
  3. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    Weather changes really mess me up.

    I have to say that while we were in Florida for 6 weeks, I felt much better, and that was the end of June to the 9th of August. It was hot & humid, but my FMS felt sooooooo much better there. My back was bothering me because of what I was sleeping on, but it wasn't as bad as it did get after my drive to the next state.

    Now, we have settled permanently in Washington state. The weather has been great! Everybody thinks it rains here all the time, but it has only rained 2 days and one rainfall and sunny skies the rest since Aug.15th, when we arrived. My fibro and back have been bad since I arrived here. There's no humidity to speak of. We live on the water, salt water. I'm comfortable. When we got here though, I was in horrible shape. I had driven 3300 miles in 6 days and had been sleeping on an air mattress for 2.5 months.

    My sister-in-law has told me that for about 6 months of the year it has more dark than light, so I wonder how that will effect us, as far as depression type things are concerned. We may have to get some of that special lighting that we actually needed when we lived in Massachusetts (all my life before Florida), when cabin fever starts setting in because the winter just wouldn't end! ;0 hehehehee Winters in New England were killing me. That's why we were going to live in Florida. Florida would have been nice, if we could have found employment that would support us. The pay was so bad down there, even in a major city. They wanted all the credentials and/or experience I have, but would only pay 40% of what I was paid up north or in this area. They wouldn't even call my husband back. We've been told that it's because he's a male Yankee. It worked out for the best, as we are very happy here in Washington. What a gorgeous state! The air is so clean. The view is breathtaking and I tell my husband everyday to shoot me if I ever take it for granted. We have the canal at the end of our yard, we look at snow capped mountains on all sides and people boating on the canal. It's really unbelievable. I saw a seal yesterday & we have deer that eat our dandelions in our yard. How cool is that? This was a good move....hmmm
  4. sheiba

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    i've always wondered what is a good state to live in when you have FM. LOL i'm in tennessee and let me tell you that the humidity is not kind - and it's as thick as walls in this state. washington sounds beautiful!! i've always loved new england...hate to hear the cold was so mean to you. when we get snow it's hard on me, too. i can't decide what's worse, though....cold or humidity. i wonder if it's humidity b/c at least w/cold you can warm the body...but i may eat those words when it snows this year. what's hard is the hot & humidity and the storms that follow, only to have the cold front behind it. NOT fun.
  5. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    I live in Ohio. The weather this summer was so hot and humid, almost like tropical, hardly no rain. I spent more time indoors keeping cool, becauce yes the humidity does affect me, I hurt more. More pain.

    Last year in the winter, when going outdoors, a cold wind, would cause immediate pain. Cold water on my hands does it too. Cold water period. Even in the summer time I take waarm showers. I get more illnesses in the winter months.

    I like fall and spring, them seasons are my fave.

  6. Pat UK

    Pat UK New Member

    I hate the winter I cannot keep myself warm and shiver even indoors. I sleep badly as well. I love the summer and I sleep fairly well then. The dark nights are already affecting my sleep pattern. I get much more pain as well.
  7. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I can not tolerate the cold at all, I moved from Idaho to Ca because of the Cold and Snow and Thunder Storms.
    It's because of that type of weather that the Pacific Northwest is so Beautiful. But I cannot live with the Body Pain that comes with the weather changes.

    I live in So.Ca. now, and I still have the body pain when the weather acts up. Like lately I have been unable to use my hands a lot because it's been Foggy and cold in the Am, and that stiffens me up terribly. Then in the afternoon it get's stuffy Hot, and I have to run Fan's in the house, and just the Breeze from them can make the sinus act up.
    No AC for me, I started having really bad reactions to AC back in the 70's. Kept getting sick, had to have Pencillian so many times that I got allergic to it.

    I will take the Hot weather over the Cold, but I have a hard time with both, lol, there is No Perfect Place here on earth I think.

    Hope you have a Painfree Day,
  8. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Yep,I live in North Central Texas and we mostly have tolerable weather most of the year. But on those cold fronts from the north in the winter,that even a barbed wire couldn't stop, my body gets rigid. Joints don't want to cooperate.
    When the pressure drops from incoming storms, that's when the muscles,back & hips hurt.

    My daughter lives in the same town and we both have FM.
    She calls and gives me updates on the barometric pressure from the 24hr weather channel. But even though we live close by, some days she will hurt worse than me and vs.

    On my bad days, I choose to have the house dark. I plan only one thing for the day and feel good if I can accomplish it!

    good bless and take care everyone,
  9. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Oh boy does it!!! Barometric pressure too. Sudden weather changes. Cold sensitive and heat sensitive. Full moon too.
    Yesterday in IL. sudden storms, fronts clashing, barometric pressure falling, and a full moon. It is no wonder that felt like I couldn't take it anymore, really desperate and crying. Today is a little better. You know what they say about the weather here "wait 5 minutes and it will change".You would think that you would feel better when the weather gets warm during the summer, but--NOOOO!.TOO hot and humid. My internal thermostat is shot. I suffered during the winter and got worse in the summer.
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  10. seaview

    seaview New Member

    I live 4 blocks form beach which is wonderful when it is nice out but when it is warm inland we dont see the sun here. The fog has been blanket thick for weeks now. My body and mind hate it. I love my neighbor next door..he actually goes on a search for sun and then calls me and asks if it is still foggy. I wish he could bring it home and let it shine here. I am freezing as I type and am ready to hop into bed and crank the heating blanket.I think all of us are affected by the weather in some degree or another. So, wrap up and stay warm! Blessings,Kathleen
  11. chrissy

    chrissy New Member

    hi seaview, i'm from Ca too and used to live 2 blocks from the beach, some summers i didn't even see the sun, i found myself hopping in my car every week end, driving inland to chase the sun. I finally moved 3 miles inland and i love it . it's at least 5 degrees warmer and the sun shines most of the year. Of course i get smog too, oh well, nothing 's perfect !!!
  12. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    I live 10 miles from the beach and I've been tracking the humidity & now understand why stiffness in mornings are so bad at times and not's those mornings that are 85% or higher humidity that are the worst and we seem to be having that a lot. When does this AM humidity stop? Or is it just something us southern Californians have to put up with? I know the cold would probably be worse but I'm beginning to wonder. I was in Minnesota last March and don't remember it being this bad.

    I sleep on a heating pad set very low but that doesn't even help at times. I always wake 1-3 hrs early on those days because of pain, take meds which help some but the initial pain is so bad some days I can't get up without help.

    Has anyone gotten relief with a de-humidifier? I don't want to waste money on one if it won't help. Where can you get them at a reasonable price?

    If anyone has suggestions I sure whould appreciate it!

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  13. lulustew

    lulustew New Member

    HI, I live in northeastern PA and weather changes are the bain of my existance! Spring and fall are the hardest for me, nice days and cooler nights. Also, I'm a human weather forcaster,I hurt whenever there is a storm coming in,and when it rains for days in a row.
    It's been raining since yesterday here, and raining pretty heavy today.
    needless to say, I could barely get out of bed today.
    humidity also bothers me.
    I also wonder about the full moon thing, I'll have to try to take note of how I feel around that time, I know I had a particuliarly bad week, last week. hmmm.....
  14. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    Hey Sheiba!~
    The changes in barometric pressure KILL does extreme hot or cold.....but the biggy for me, whether it is winter or summer, is the humidity! I can not bear it~~~I hurt, I cry, I perspire and I sleep more restlessly. Even in the morning while I'm getting ready for work, I can tell if it's humid outside. I should be employed by the Weather Channel!
  15. cupimick

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    All I can say is that, yes I absolutely say weather , barometric pressure it really does a number on us with CFS or FM. Its supposed to rain tomorrow , I have taken my painkillers and they aren't even taking the edge off my muscle pain. Our weather here in the Philly area has been hot and humid then one day cool and damp and rainy . I can say it does not help, it tends to exacerbate things, but I am just learning to accept that I am not the healthy fitness crazed person I used to be. I have gained weight am not as active because of the pain . I am trying things from my support friends here such as magnesium, and malic acid haven't noticed any difference but I will keep taking them and hoping one day to be pain free, I figure it doesn't hurt to dream but I am a realist who knows this may never go away and I will learn to cope . Sorry, for sounding like a broken record , its just been a bad weekend and today was my Wedding Anniversary and I just wished I could have had a break and felt good ol well. such is life, but I am thankful for a loving hubby, Well goodnite friends and I hope all feel little better !!

  16. sheiba

    sheiba New Member

    where do we all move to????? LOL
  17. herblady

    herblady New Member

    hot weather causes me problems. excessive sweating (i mean a lot!), flares (i never have them in the winter) and all other kinds of various pains. the winter is my good time. i rarely catch cold, the pain is minimal and i'm not sweating anymore. i wonder if anyone else has problems with hot weather. cindi
  18. herblady

    herblady New Member

    hot weather causes me problems. excessive sweating (i mean a lot!), flares (i never have them in the winter) and all other kinds of various pains. the winter is my good time. i rarely catch cold, the pain is minimal and i'm not sweating anymore. i wonder if anyone else has problems with hot weather. cindi