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  1. 4mylabs

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    Hi all

    I am home today from work because I woke up feeling ok and as the morning went on had a dizzy, unsteady feeling come on that made me not feel well.

    I really believe that the changing weather we are having in Ohio (snow, rain, fog ect) have an effect on how I feel.
    Just wondering if anyone else has the happen and if so does anything help?

  2. Dayle

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    until I went on a low carb diet. It didn't take long & I was feeling better all over. I really do suffer when the weather changes, it doesn't matter if its getting hot or colder. It seems to just be the change. Hope you do better. D.
  3. Fibromiester

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    Oh, Yes, 4myLabs! I have a Liquid Barometer in my kitchen, but I can always tell you when the weather is changing! When the barometic pressure is low, weather stays calm... but if a High Pressure system is coming in with a storm, my body is just aching away, and all my FM and CFIDS symptoms PEAK! So, I think you are right!
  4. jpswife_4boys

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    I live in North Carolina. We just went through another ice storm this winter. I had been doing really good but right before the storm came here......BAM.....this dd took over me once again. It's like I can tell what the weather is gonna be like by the way I feel. It's suppose to rain here the rest of the week and it's real foggy. I am so exhausted and all I can do is just lay around. Hope you feel better soon!

    Soft Hugs!

  5. snester

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    You know the recent storm that sorta ran over most of us living from OHIO eastward and northward. My body woke me up at 4am on Friday, Valentines Day, and let me know in no uncertain terms that it was going to be a bad storm. I am feeling the new system coming our way today but not a strong as that snow storm.
    BTW...I live in SW Virgina. And I can't wait for spring!!!
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  6. snester

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    Where in NC are you located?
    I am moving slowly b/c of this new front coming thru...I hit my alarm at least 6 times this morning and had to really stretch b-4 I could get out of bed.