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    Good morning. Hoping all is well and it's a good day for you. Well although I can't afford it, and my boss will not be happy, I'm staying home from work today. I haven't been at this place of employment for a year, so I don't have any legal grounds to protect my job, because of an illness, so I only miss when I absolutely have to. I have taken a shortened day, and she's ragging on me to start back to a full day again. A huge snow storm came and the wind chills are extreme and although I haven't been out in it I HURT!! I have CFS so pain is always there, but with high doses of ibuprofen it ususally doesn't keep me from working. (The fatigue is another story, however) I can barely move today. I'm outta bed because it hurts to much to lie, but it's not helping staying upright either. Does weather affect the entensity of pain? Anything help other than ibuprofen? I don't like this. It's no fun having an extra day off if you can't enjoy it :( How can something so beautiful like snow cause so much havoc?
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    I saw from your bio, you're in Kansas (where?)------me, too (from Overland Park), but I've been "exploring" Kansas a lot! I recently moved here from CA, and what a weather change!! I knew what to expect having lived in the midwest about 20 years ago, but that was before FM, when the summer heat & humidity didn't bother me so much, nor did the cold & snow. Now, I feel like I just never warm up in the winter. Every now & then, when we have a 45-50 degree day, I'm so grateful!!!

    I don't get the extreme fatigue, but I do feel more pain in the colder weather---my extremities get cold down to the bone & I feel they never warm up no matter how much heat I have on. I'm in the warm tub a lot on days like this, just to warm up & do some epsom salts. I don't take any strong meds just supplements, but others here will hopefully give you advice on alternatives to ibuprofen. I think magnesium & calcium, taken separately, has helped a little with the muscle pain, but nothing dramatic.

    I'm dreading going outside today----I agree, the snow looks beautiful (I did miss it in CA) but this bone-chilling cold's no fun!!

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    and YES,YES,YES the weather changes do affect me. Right before a snow is the worst. I can really tell. I have to take a very hot shower to get warm. I watch something on TV that is uplifting and positive and if the kids are home I try and laugh with them about anything silly and remind myself why I can't give up. They are home from school today and of all the days to have to absolutlely get a certain thing done--it had to be on a snow day.! I'm going to take Tylenol Arthritis Pain and up my Vioxx(doc said I could on days like this). I just quit my job last week or today would have been worse trying to work. Well,here I go out into the wild blue(white)yonder!! If you don't hear from me -please send the snow team! God Bless Wings1
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    I soak in a tub of hot water everyday, at least once. I work in an old building that has leaky windows. To top it off, my co-workers have hot flashes and open them. I freeze and keep a blanket to put on. But, this is different. I'm warm, in my house with the thermostat turned up, but it the cold just seems to seep into me. Oh, I'm in the very S. part of KS., almost on the oklahoma border but I've know Overland Park well my hubby has family that live there :) I've noticed that my body feels weak again too, so I may be going into a flair. Had a couple of good days, may have overdone it so the cold may not have anything to do with it afterall. I'm still pretty new to this and havne't quite figured out my cycles yet. Thanks for your replies. Lendi
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    Yes, the weather changes do affect me! Although I don't see snow but a few times(sunny S.C.), we do get a load of T-Storms, and an occ. tornado! If the weather is calm I'm "mid" on the pain scale(I have FM/CFS),but if a storm or weather change is coming...WOW do I Hurt! A high-pressure system will do it ever time! I am allowed a muscle relaxant and Darvocet, by my DR., but they don't help. I try to relax & rest, or take a hot bath in Epsom Salts & H.Peroxide, or have someone massage my tight neck & shoulders. Also stretching- there are books that show you HOW to stretch, and it feels good!
    Hope I helped,
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    I think we could be neighbors. I'm down south also.

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    Maybe we are neighbors. How far are you from Wichita? I'm about an hr. south. Wouldn't it be cool if we live close by each other?
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    are you in----should I say. I am new to computers and the internet. Do you live in a small town where the name of your city is on the side of a hill coming into town? Oh,do I sound silly. Sorry,my oldest daughter is always warning me to not give out info.,so I wouldn't want to give out yours.I'll be back tomorrow.

    And the mystery continues........

    I gotta go to bed-meds kicking in.....Wings1
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    Dear Lendi
    I am from Ma and we have had a nasty cold and snowy winter. I have had Fibro for years but never as bad as now. I have been in a flareup for over a month now. I can not get warm, I am always cold, except in bed with the heating pad. When I pump gas I feel like I am naked. My pain is alot worse and showing up in a new spot along with the old. I have been more tired also. Lets hope spring comes soon!!
  10. wings1

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    how are you today?
    I'll be back
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    I'm doing better today, just got back from an appt. with a rheumy. Snow wasn't too bad and I was able to go to work for awhile today. Still in pain, but not quite as stiff. I know what you mean about being careful on the internet. I live in the land of the Bulldogs rivals of the Vikings. Does that help? That's why I havent' posted my e-mail addy to you. If I can catch you on-line. I'll post it and delete really quickly. I'll watch for you. There isn't a pm place on this board, is there?