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    Just wanted to know how are you doing?? What are you reading or what bible study are you doing right now??

    I just got a series of books, by a Dr. Stephan Grey, and Pam Vredevelt.

    The wounded woman,
    The Walkout woman,
    and the worn out woman.

    The walk out woman is very good, to good, because i had to stop reading it for abit, hitting my heart too hard.

    Well, anyways just sharing what i'm up to, kinda lost touch with you, hows your family situation going??

    Love, and Have a Merry Christmas!!


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  2. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I see you posted on New Years! Glad to see you!

    And Happy New Years!

    Been thinking about you, hope all is well.

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    I am not doing to much reading. I had to drop out of my bible study group because I could not catch up and stay up.

    I am still having problems with my memory and retaining information of any kind.

    Best of the best news though is the Lord is taking care of me and my family.

    By faith alone we are making it! PTL!!!

    Thanks for checking in on me and I hope everything is going ok with you as well.

    Tell me what is going on with you?

    In Christ love,

  4. morningsonshine

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    Feeling better yet? How long dose it take for the block to start working??

    I've been laying low, My sore throat white tonsil stuff has kicked back in, and i've been very fatigued.

    Saturday we did have a family day, that i had to buck up and do, so resting again from that.

    We took the kids tubing at the ski hills, with my sister and her family. I broke down and went down the hill four times. I decided if i was going to get sick from standing in the cold and watching, i might as well have some fun, and be sick.

    Four was the most i could manage in the two hours, but my kids liked me going, i went and sat in the running van with heater on for quit some time, even the lodge was very cold. You know what it's like for us to get cold.

    After we went out for supper with my parents.

    Sunday and monday i didn't do anything but rest.

    Not reading at the moment either, been knitting some. But my body just wants to be quiet and down for now.

    P.S. It was worth it, those 4 times, i use to love that stuff!! Kinda makes me sad on all the family stuff, kid fun, i have to sit out on.

    But i know the Lord is with me, and i did "hide" my illness for a short time!


    My husband got a Xmas present from the Department! His shifts have finally changed!! He is now working 4 days on and 4 days off!! 12 hour shift, but on call 24 hours.

    He has been working for years 7 days in a row, 6 to 8 hours shifts, and on call 24/7; with only two days off!! It was killing him!!!
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    I am just waking up from a nap. Still a little sore from where they put the needles in but I know it is working because I am able to sleep.

    Well, this being a nerve block{s} and I got two-three shots in a series of 3 at 3 weeks apart it supoose to last anywhere from 4-6 months.Taken in my hips and butt bone area. They have said if the area hurts to put an ice pack on...."No Way" I told them! lol! I am also not a stomach sleeper as well.

    If it doesn't the work for that length of time the Dr. wants to go in and burn the nerve endings...I am a little leary about that procedure. It is called radio..something the other.

    I was happy to see you got out and had some fun with the kids and yeah I can just image how cold and drained you were and are after all your events.

    When my CFS hits me, my husband says I am like a wind up doll that just stops. I do just that...in the middle of a store or an event and we just go home.

    It has been pretty cold here and they are calling for ice this weekend. I pretty much stay inside and I will especially this weekend.

    Got anything else planned?

    Wow, why the sudden change in your husband work schedule?

    Was it because of the Christmas and New Years?

    Ugh...I think I am having a blonde moment here..lol!

    Yeah my husband is working long hours and has a out of town trip planned. Dates and times I can not keep up with..lol! So like it is a surprise for me when he tells me he is packing...lol!

    I was watching the 700 club and tomorrow they are going to have something on there that is something we can take to boost our immuntiy, memory and help with pain and sleep.
    I am going to check that out. They said it was not a vitamin,supplement or anything we could buy..hmm.. well I don't know if I want them to tease me with that...since I can't buy it...lol!

    Misty have you tried taking Airborne from the store. It is over the counter and it is made up of herbs. It works for me and my sis when we start to feel like the flu is hitting us we take it. It is the pop fizz stuff.

    Alot of people with CFS/FMS take it and it boost are immunity. Get better my friend!

    Have a great New Year and until next time...


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