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    Thanks for confirming what i said to mosquit with the weed problems, i sure hope she calls.

    I did not know how to interrupt this?? Help my poor brain to get it.
    I suppose i should now what E.O.W. is?

    "My brother E.O.W was in 2004 one day shy of retiring from the force."

    Nice to here from someone else that understands police officers are public servants, under commands from higher up, and laws;
    Not just making things up as they go, they are not judge and jury.
    And there are good one who feel called to this, and take alot of abuse, and critisms from people, and, sadly, there are bad ones, who can be rude, and abusive on power trips.

    Good day!

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    my family is in law enforcement and talk about the worried about them all the time.

    Unforuately, E.O.W. means end of watch, my brother was murdered by thugs during a robbery as well as the clerk of the store. One officer and three thugs!

    It has been truly a nightmare for me and my family and my mom died months later afterwards.

    I truly cry and worry about each and every officer out there as I know they are here protecting us from the streets here on our soil.

    Then my daughter tells me she wants to join the arm services...I got a little freaked out...

    Now she is looking into being a police officer but hasn't decided one way or the other.

    I am proud of her wanting to carry on that torch...but...it is hard to let go!

    Sad thing was that this was another officer's call and my brother took it...that was the type of officer my brother was always there when needed and helped out in anyway he could for his fellow brothers and sisters.

    I just take it as he is in a better place than me and he is looking down on my with his other fellow officers that has gone before him, my mom and dad.

    I miss him but I take heart in knowing we will be together one day.....
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    That's heart breaking, did the thugs get away??

    Your brother was definitly one of the Good Guys, My husband is too.

    He is a Deputy Sheriff, we live in a remote rual area, and he works with basically no back up, because of the distance.

    Just recently he had a gun call on a domestic, and he took care of it all on his own, his back up was an hour away, and hit a deer responding to my husbands request for back up.

    He deals with stuff like that alot on his own. The Judge released this guy the very next day on the condition he turn in all his guns.

    Well guess what, he went home and hid his guns, and told my husband that "someone would get shot if he came to get them."

    Well, My husband and another officer had to go back and arest this person again! puting both there lives out there.

    What was that Judge thinking!!!!

    I hope it's okay to share this?? I don't want to cause you undue stress, because you already lost your brother.

    I think about my 3 boys all the time, and this crazy world we live in, and wonder if i will ever have to send them off to war.

    There so innocent. Very hard to let them go.

    Pray, pray, pray.

    That how i deal with it, God gave them to me to love an raise, but then it's my job to give them back to God, and trust.

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    That how i deal with it, God gave them to me to love an raise, but then it's my job to give them back to God, and trust.

    Thank you for sharing and sharing this. I have to keep reminding myself of this.

    Yeah I have a real problem with judges. The shooter of my brother should have been in jail when this happened.

    He broke his bond but the judge released him anyway and this happen days later to my brother.

    I was not happy when I found that out.

    They caught the 3 thugs, one plead bargarain out of a death sentence he got 30 years and the other two got the death pentaly.

    It is not over by far yet...you know they want to still fight against the death pentaly so we have to go through this system again and again...trial after trial and the wait in between...

    I prayed for the right decision to be made in my brother case and I stand by what was set down.

    I have learned to let it go and forgive them for what they did because the hate was just tearing me apart.

    My hope is one day they will be able to tell me the same and that will be my last request to them.

    Thanks for caring and sharing with me and I will say a special prayer for your husband right now for protection.

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    Thanks so much for your nice reply! No, trusting is not always easy, but it's what we are called to do.

    Thank you for your prayers, always need.

    I really need to get of this computor now atleast until bedtime.

    I have to take care of somethings i keep putting off, and can no longer wait.

    Will add more later,

    More soft Hugs your way,


    I'm glad they caught the guys, alot of them should no longer be out there.

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