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  1. Syathane

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    i think by now that you have got the idea that a vast portion of the people who visit and use this board are massively upset with the new layout and workings of it, to them i now add the voices of Syathane and Cat Lover.

    was this new look just to make it look good or is it for, as i had thought the people who use it. this site is now very un-userfriendly and is no where near as good. even in the short time that i have been a part of this board the other people here have become my friends and it pains me to see now that they are backing out from this disguting site and i don't blame them.

    every body who uses this site are here for help and support in difficult times and we all need it at times. this is not a demand but a suggestion - return this board to the previous site and workings before every one pulls out and goes elsewhere. quickly skipping through all the posts so far i have only found ONE person who likes this site, out of how many others i wonder.

    please remember it is christmas time and some people will need a lot more support at this time so please please please end this and return it to the other site.

  2. ginny

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    It will only take a little getting use to and we will be back to norm. I haven't been on caregiver's board but I have been praying every day Larry (my husband) would. You see there are times that I want to take his gorgous locks of radiantly golden hair right off his head. ONE AT A TIME!
    Don't get me wrong I love him with all my heart,soul, and Post Oatmeal too! But there are times I just don't like the guy.
    He treates me like the Queen of England (no punt girls). But tonight my pea is killing me so I'll finish my story tomorrow.
    God Bless everyone and thank you Webmaster.