Webmaster: How can I reach Dr. Yue for questions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pitale, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. pitale

    pitale New Member

    How can I reach Dr. Yue for questions? I have Q's re: dysautonomia with respect to what a kineseologist/NAET practitioner informed me, & also with respect to my blood test readings.
  2. pitale

    pitale New Member

    How can I reach Dr. Yue for questions? I have Q's re: dysautonomia with respect to what a kineseologist/NAET practitioner informed me, & also with respect to my blood test readings.
  3. pitale

    pitale New Member

    That wasn't what I was seeking. Dr. Yue is not my personal physician, so why on earth would he bother to answer via MDhub?

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  4. JaciBart

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    You are hysterical!!!!!!

    I am dying laughing here, you go girl!!!!!

    please mail me onthegreen@owt.com, I have to talk to you via telephone, I will call you on my dime. You make me proud to have fibro!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I think you should bump this every 20 minutes!

  5. Mikie

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    Rudeness is not tolerated on our board. Do not continue in this vein.

  6. KLynn

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    You have alot of nerve and bottled up anger.......you need anger release in the worst way.....my medical suggestion for you would be to go buy a B.O.B.......or get really drunk at a bar and see what you end up taking home.....you tried really hard at sounding intelligent....too bad all that work was wasted....you certainly proved your ignorance however...so congradulations on that feat.....as of today you are the boards butthead...enjoy your trophy sweetie...

  7. JaciBart

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    Can we email Drs from this site? I did not know that, do we just ask general questions?? Why don't we ask about the flu vaccine issue and whether or not Dr's nationwide are against testing for mycoplasmas??? Do they address the board in general?

  8. diggity

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    you're anger seems badly misdirected. The people that you are being so vindictive to are not the ones who made the rules. Maybe you should step back, take a breath, and calm yourself a bit.

  9. Mikie

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    Does provide info from experts in treating our illnesses through their articles in our library and in the newsletter. In addition, from time to time, these docs have had live chats with our members on the live chat forum.

    There is no way for this website to be the intermediary between its members and docs every day of the year. I also suspect that the docs wouldn't like practicing medicine online for free.

    There are some websites where certain docs, like Dr. St. Amand, have a nurse you can e-mail with questions.

    Mikie - Moderator
  10. klutzo

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    Mikie - is this our ever-present computer programmer with no life come back under yet another name? Or...
    Jaci - I do not see the joke that you see here. Obviously, despite my genius IQ, I am still an idiot, as this person pointed out. Could you please explain why this is such a hoot? What is there about being called an idiot that you enjoy? If this is funny, I would truly like to understand why, instead of feeling like I do now, which is that if I were Mikie, I would delete this post and ban this person.
  11. JaciBart

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    What I find so funny I guess is the point that a major service a web m d service specifically is not truly an unbiased service, just as if you ask "Coca Cola" for instance if aspartame is safe, or if you ask Phillip Morris if cigarettes cause cancer, etc. Most people honestly read so much from a site that is meant to "spin" the truth and they don't realize it.

    My 8 yo does that all the time, he will fall for anything.

    I recently made an appt with a dr who was on the co cure list as a fibro doc in my hometown, I thought "aha" finally a person who understands the real issues, no propaganda here......well, I made the appt, they did take my insurance, I was all excited, I thought maybe since he was a person who actually wanted to treat fibro people that he would maybe test for mycoplasma, test for lyme, listen to all of my stupid rambling, etc. What happened in reality was that (in my opinion) he was more interested in pushing HIS supplements than anything else.

    We fibro/CF people are so desperate for help that people do see that & they do prey on that. It is opportunistic. It is frustrating, you can go to a search engine & type in a condition & find a million people who claim they have the cure, they have THE magic potion. Send them your $$$$$. Send all of them your $$$$$. We could spend so much (and I have) trying to find just the one thing fo fix us and we have to be descriminating.

    It was not funny, wrong word I used, it was ironic.

    I am sorry if I offended anyone and I am sorry Mikie for adding to your frustration, I do not find it funny or think we are stupid.