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    Wednesday is the long awaited day for Jerica to get her upper and lower scopes, plus biopsies done. I hope we will then have her formal diagnosis and get treatment started. Thanks to all those who have kept us in your thoughts.
    Please continue. My health is not doing very good right now. I have no appetite, I am even more exhausted then before, and have no umph to do anything. This week will be a test of my strength,as we are also hosting my family Christmas at our house on the 24th/25th. I'm not done Christmas shopping, let alone cleaning and cooking, etc. Then the scopes this week. Tomorrow is prep day, the procedure day, then recovery day.
    I have to stop thinking of this or it will get the better of me!
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    I have been thinking of you; I didn't think I had seen you posting for a while. You have a lot on your plate; it's a tough time of year to be dealing with this.

    However, I know that you both will get through it - one day at a time. Just remember that you will know finally what is wrong and Jerica can start healing.

    I hear you about Christmas. I'm feeling pretty rough myself and I don't have the extra pressure you have. Take care of yourself and if you have to let some things go, I'm sure the family will understand.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Jerica, and you, are most certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care of what is truly important, Jerica and your own health. Maybe Christmas needs to be somewhere else this year, or even 'delayed' until a better time when all can enjoy it. I am sure your family loves both of you enough to accomadate any special needs this holiday season.

    Please let us know how Jerica is. Please, take care of yourself too!

    Gentle hugs,

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    Poor thing... I surely hope Jerica will be okay. Hope they knock her out so she won't feel anything. I've had the upper scopes done twice, but was knocked out and don't remember anything. Didn't have any pain afterwards at all.

    Hopefully you can get someone to help you with the cleaning and other chores. I used to clean before company, now it is done afterwards, but I do have a cleaning girl now.

    We still have some gifts to wrap too. Hubby had to work OT on the weekend.

    Prayers to you and Jerica. I know that if I don't stop clenching my teeth, my face is going to fall off! Stress is a nasty one...

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    as long as the kitchen is clean and the toilets, who cares if there is some dust etc!! I don't think I will worry too much about the cleaning. Thanks all!
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    I hope for her sake (and yours) it is not Crohn's but if it is its treatable. I was in a bad state in September and now I am doing so much better and I continue to improve every single day.

    I am sure everything will go fine with Jerica's procedures and then you can finally have some peace of mind when you get a diagnosis. I'll be praying for you both.

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    i will keep you and your daughter in my PRAYERS. i will tell my family also to do the same. collette
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    hang in their . we are all praying for your family and aspecialy that little girl. love onna
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    they mean more than you will ever know. So far the prep is going not too bad. She drank her first bottle and now just waiting for the "action" to take place. She is resting right now. I think it will be a LONG day! Tomorrow too! I've suddenly had a spurt of energy today. Ha Ha. Can't just sit around while she is going thru this, might as well get some stuff done!
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    I hope things go well for your daughter. I will be praying for her. I have never had those tests done, but I should. She is a brave girl and I wish her well.

    If it is Crohn's, there is a book out called The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin. He was 19 when he developed Crohn's and was very sick. He got better using natural means.

    Does your daughter have pain on her right side? Just wondering as that can be a symptom of Crohn's. There is discussion on the board right now about pain on the right sided. I have that and so do many others. Crohn's has been called "the right side pain disease".

    Try to take it easy for Christmas, but I know that is easier said then done!

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