wedding dress fitting today not good

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by beth0818, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. beth0818

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    i ahve gained 13lbs since i bought my dress only 2 months ago! i got some good responses to my post about food ravings so hopefully i can get the weight off my derc 3. i just didn't realize how big i had gotten....i have flabs of back fat sticking out of my dress!

    i belong to a gym so i am going to try to make myself go after work no matter how tired i am.
  2. SoxFan

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    Sounds as though you may be doing some "stress eating". Try your best to eat as healthy as possible right now. Most healthy foods tend to be lower in calories and fat. Good luck.
  3. hurts2003

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    Have you started taking any new meds or stopped taking anything that you were on before? that may have something to do with the wieght gain. When I was first dx'd they put me on elavil - gained over 50 lds in 4 years and that was cutting back on what I ate. If i ate like I used to before the elavil I would have gained probably 100 lbs. When I started on Effexor last year I lost 25 lbs in just a few months - had no appetite. Now I've gained 5 lbs in a month being off of all meds so that I could start a clinical trial.