Week 3 on Savella

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    Tomorrow will be my 3rd week on Savella and I am still pleased with the results.
    I have been very tired the last 5 days & I am not sure if that is due to all the holiday activity or to the Savella.

    Saturday, I hosted a family gathering which meant I was cooking & cleaning for days beforehand and then Christmas evening we had another gathering with the other side of the family. We reserved a clubhouse for this.

    I have always hosted this gathering as well but we have grown to 11 children under the age of 5 & last year the kids not only tore my curtains down - they ripped the hardware right out of the wall! The parents of the children did not say one word to my husband or myself or even scold their children & I said enough is enough!

    So I did not have to worry about my house this year but I still had to make the majority of the food. And I have been pretty wiped since then.

    Christmas Eve & Christmas Day I had more pain than I have had since I have been on the Savella but I feel that was due to the stress of preparing for those two days. And it was much less as compared to my pre-Savella pain!

    I did not skip any pain pills on those two days because I was afraid of how bad it might get. Other than that, I have been skipping a good many pain pills! I also think I have lost some weight - which I will take gladly! I need to lose a good 50 lbs.

    I have had no ill side effects to date so I am hopeful that this is going to be the answer for me.

    Be Blessed!

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