Week ago had blood work done got results today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 28, 2008.

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    I saw my rehumy last week , it had been a long time since i had any blood work done. SO he ordered tests for kidney function, liver function, vitiman D deficenty,SED rate done. I have been sweating the test out. I mean I am on some strong pain meds and have been on them for a long time. So not knowing if I had liver damage , or kidney problems made me sweat and worry.

    The only test that was postive was the one for a defiencity {SP} in Vitiman D. I don't have enough so I am going to have to take 50,000 iu a week for the next 12 weeks. And then have another blood test done to see if it is getting better.

    I think that the pharmaicist thought I was nuts as I kept asking questions about my meds, calicum with mag, and zinc., vitiman D and Vit B complex.I can take them all and won't have any bad reactinos.I thought that since I was taking a huge doseage of vitiman D that I would not have to take the calicum with vitiman D magnseim{SP}and zinc.

    I have to take 1 pill a week so when I filled it to day I thought that it was strange that there were just 4 pills and 2 refills. Why not put all 12 pills in the bottle? But I guess that my insuracne would not do that so I get 4 pills every month for the next 12 weeks.

    I was told that I may start feeling more awake, alert, and have less pain in my joints, I would love that. It makes me wonder tho if I am lacking vitiman D severely , it has similar symptoms like fibro.

    So it makes me wonder if I have fibro or am just lacking in vitiman D? I don't think that is true as I have had leg aches since I was 5 yrs old and I have ached all over my body for many years. I do hope that it will help me to be more alert and awake. Able to do more things and not be so tired al thetime.

    I have family staying with me now. Last week my daughter knocked at the door around 11 pm and is staying till the middle of August. I knew that they were going to come and visit ehre before they left for CA. They had said that they would spend a well with us and now they are going to spend more time and I am so happy. They were living in Florida for the summer but my SIL's job did not pay like it should so they came back and my Daughter will start her new job being a nanny for a family where she was the nanny for 3 years.The family is moving to LA in August and they want my daughter to come in sept. Daughter adn SIL will be staying and living with their boss's and kids .

    They will have a 3 month contract to see if it works out with a nanny who is married. then if it does they will sign for a year and half. The wages are really good and they will have free room and board adn she will have use of a car to take the kids around to school, dance class's , karate, what ever the kids do. And she really likes the kids as wel as the parents. Both get along with this fmaily they like my SSSSIL as well. So I hope that it works out .

    Then in sept my youngest daughter , SIL and two grand babies are comming back to UTah adn will be staiying wiht us till they find a place to live and I will love it playing with my 18 month old granddaughter adn 3 yr old grandson. I miss my daughter alot and have been worring about her as there are some problems that I don't want to get it too.
    I can't wait for them to move back here and to be able tp see them more than once a year.

    LOts of hugs to all
  2. dragon06

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    Some people do feel better when they get their vitamin D levels up. And the symptoms do mimic fibro some but I don't think one replaces the other.

    I went on prescription vitamin D and got my levels back up to normal...I did not notice a difference at all.

    Some people do some people don't...it really varies.

    It is still a good idea to get your levels back to normal though.

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