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    I posted this on the depression board but wanted to share my story with you guys too!

    Guess what I did this weekend??

    I had a glimpse of what I think 'normal' is... The wacko weather people in this city was preaching gloom and doom - ice, sleet, downed power lines, school cancellations, etc. So Friday I did all the normal 'sky is falling' chores - grocery store, pharmacy, dog food, gas in the car. Then Saturday I had to go back to the pharmacy and got more groceries. You can never have too much food in the house when the power is out, the streets are ice covered and no TV or Internet.

    When I got home, I did the laundry. If we lost power, I needed to make sure my work clothes were clean if I had to camp out at someone's house. I cleaned house. I even put out a few Christmas decorations. I had such a sense of accomplishment.

    Since b/f truck quit running Thursday, I went and picked him up to get cigarettes and come back here for the night. I fixed dinner - Hamburger Helper, but it was home made. LOL!

    This morning, we got up and went out for breakfast like we have done for last 2 months. I came home, picked up the house, made the bed, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I dug out one stack of papers/bills/credit cards/scrap papers, etc, and actually got stuff done.

    Then tonight, I got all the meat and stuff repackaged and put in the seal and freeze bags. I fixed a bite for dinner. I made stew for tomorrow night. I cut up cantaloupe, I did all the NORMAL things that people do who aren't drowning in depression or self-pity or whatever.

    I have a sense of knowing I have done stuff that everyone else is probably doing. I didn't spend all weekend in front of this computer or the TV. I didn't spend the weekend laying in bed either sleeping or watching TV. I was up and doing real stuff.

    How can I make sure this doesn't evaporate? I want to do this for a long time.

    As we often say at the end of our posts, sorry to ramble or sorry if this is corny. But I just wanted to share what has made me feel good this weekend.

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    Your a wonder woman this weekend! Does it help to have a job? I know that if i could work i would feel so much better about myself and the circumstances of just not having enough money to do any of the fun stuff in life,,,,,,,,,,hopefully that will change someday!,,,

    do you have Benifits from your job yet? Keep up the good work Dear!

    I'm so Happy for you! and of course pace yourself so it will last!,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,Sis
  3. budmickl

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    I don't know what it is but it sure was encouraging to feel like doing something and then doing it!

    I don't know if I benefits or not yet... I was put on permanently in Nov and the handbook says the following month, benefits are effective. But I haven't signed up for anything yet. I have a 3 hr meeting on the 18th to go through all that stuff.

    I can't wait to get to the dentist and an ear/throat/nose specialist when I do have insurance. And of course, prescription coverage.

    Having a job has made me plan a little bit more. Have to make sure I have the laundry done (3 work shirts, 5 days = laundry every three days). Maybe life isn't so bleak after all!


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