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    Does anyone know the sysmptoms from suddenly stopping the plaquenil? I was having headaches really bad ( the kind that put you to bed) and during that time, ran out of plaquenil. After about 6 days my headaches suddenly STOPPED. ( Tried to call doctor, still haven't had a reply) Last night I started to have pin prick sensations all over my body, sorta like burning pin pricks and my muscles seem to want to move constantly. Picking up a prescription this afternoon, but was wondering if anyone here knows what exactly happens when you suddenly stop the plaquenil.
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  3. ginnytex

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    I was taken off plaquenil while in the hospital after having a total abdominal hysterectomy. I was told by my surgeon and cardiologist that it was not good to take it. My rheumatologist later said that there was no reason that I should have been taken off it...as it really did not work as a blood thinner and that it was such an OLD and well known drug. I am still off the plaquenil, and only taking sulfasalazide for my RA issues. Oh, since I am still on blood thinners to prevent blood clots due to my atrial fibrillation, I am not taking the plaquenil.

    I cannot tell you if I had any reaction to stopping the plaquenil cold turkey...as I was in the hospital and fairly miserable in general.

    Hopefully someone else on this board will have more info.


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