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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Alyssa-Admin, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Honestly I have never heard "malaise" used that often through my experience but I think that description is too "mild" of a description. My experience has always been a total wiped out feeling after any physical exertion. For years and years I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but in 2012 got very ill and now am diagnosed with MS. Now I get that "wiped" out feeling not only after physical activity but also after any type of "stress" event. For example we purchased a new car over the weekend. It took from about 1:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. to complete the deal. This included walking away from deal and coming back when they called to say they could work with what we wanted. Etc. Anyway, when we got home that night I was so depleted of any type of energy, etc. It gets to the point that I am sick to my stomach. I can feel my nervous system swirl out of control. Only help for me is sleep when it gets to that point, but when nervous system is in over drive hard to get to sleep. Viscious, ugly cycle really.

    Despite these issues I continue to do physical exercise and live 'stressful" situations, because for me the alternative to not "live" equals depression. And I have been there believe me. For me I have learned to listen to my soul and body and use coping skills through these challenging times of "malaise" if that is what some call it.

    My tangent may have gotten off the point a bit, but these were my thoughts after reading the article.

    Thanks for sharing it!

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    Kelly, that's what we're here for... To chat, educate, support. The first question I wanted to ask you is whether or not you've fully investigated LDN?

    Low dose naltrexone has been making gentle (but getting bigger!) waves in the auto immune conditions community. It is helping people from less exhaustion and fatigue and better sleep, less pain, to putting people into remission with MS, cancer.... 174 different conditions in total.

    If you haven't heard of it... Or your doctor, please have a look at Aww.ldnresearchtrust.org they also have a Facebook page and many many interviews with users on Vimeo. I've done a lot of volunteering for them and the chair has MS and been in remission now for 10 yrs. It's not a cure... But it's pretty close to a miracle med... And under twenty five dollars a month in the States.

    Big pharmaceutical companies are doing all they can to make sure you don't know about LDN... Because it works, it's cheap and... There's no patent.

    My husband has just created a research app for the trust to get stats for all these conditions... And hopefully from there at least several will be FMA approved.

    When I met with the compounding chemist here, he told me it's 'safer than aspirin' ". I take it and my pain and brain fog has lessened. My friend, after 18 yrs off work is now back part time. So PLEASE do investigate it.

    Also, are you using any supplements to help you? Unfortunately, they can be expensive... But I value my liver and kidneys! And people have been noticing since starting the regime of supplements and slowly kicking off all the other meds that 'I seem lighter on my feet' (I live in Scotland... Oh the saying here!!!).

    What I'm trying to attempt to say is I hear that you keep going, you're not complaining and you're living your life and not letting these conditions get the better of you. Kudos!

    What I'm attempting to say :) is that there ARE things out there that might really make a difference for you... If you're willing to walk the road of looking beyond western meds, there's a lot of very interesting things that are out there... And are helping :)

    Wishing you a pain free day

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    Hi! I am not on any medications at all right now. I am doing many, many holistic things. Supplements, clean eating, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc. I am not seeing a Neurologist anymore as they all want to SCARE the medications on you. I tried some and was worse than before. I am highly sensitive to medications and even with supplements have to take care as some don't agree with me. I see an Integative M.D. every other month who works with me on trying new supplements and other holistic treatments. She focuses on hormone issues and the first thing she did is a full work up on mine and I was so out of whack. I do take a compounded form of natural Progesterone right now but we re-test my levels every 3 months. I am almost 48 so approaching menopause. When I got my hormones in balance I improved about 75%.

    Thank you for sharing!!!
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    Good for you!

    I live in the middle of Scotland and although I found one holistic practitioner, they were 2hrs away. My friend went... It was £250 a month in supplements. She just can't afford that
    .. Neither can I.... So I've become my own doctor of sorts.

    I started using bio identical hormones (wild yam) that I buy online. That in itself has helped me hugely... Nothing like having little sleep, in pain, finally get to sleep only to find out you've not only soaked your nightie in sweat but the whole bed! Three or four times a night! And the only way to cool down was a shower, clean nightie, new towel under me. I had towels and nighties beside my bed ready for action.

    Knock on wood, after the 2nd day of using this stuff... My night sweats stopped. That in itself was a huge relief.

    I'm glad to read that you've put your foot down to your neuro and going it your way. In saying this, please look into LDN? Many holistic practitioners also recommend it.

    Have a pain free day.

    A. X

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