Weight gain and fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Do you think it is because we are not active? Or pills? Or what? I need to desperately lose weight. Between the fibro and the weight gain I feel so down most of the time, pain, weight gain, pain, weight gain etc etc!
  2. nanswajo

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    I'm with you on this issue. I am short and I've never been more than 140--usually around 125 to 130. 135 was my uh-oh weight. I now weigh 165 and have had to work hard to keep it from getting worse. I find it extremely depressing, not to mention a health problem.

    I truly think that something about FM brings this on for some of us. Certainly lack of exercise and diet play a role, but this is weird to me. It seems like too much gain too fast and very out of the ordinary for me.

    I have tried the Web MD diet and it has worked for me. You can go on line there and be evaluated and then pick out food preferences, etc. and there is a lot of on-line support.

    I find it hard to stick to anything and I think it is because I am so frustrated with the FM and--OH!-- another big factor is that I don't sleep well. A recent study found that lack of sleep can trigger a reduction in something or an increase in something that makes you feel hungry. I think this may be a key to the FM/weight connection.

    Now if I could just sleep!

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    I had gained some weight before FM and I believe it was because of antidepressants. Now, I have gained more and I believe it is a lack of exercise/meds combanation. I have tried several diets and no soap...just the same old fat staying. I think I've leveled out but I'm heavier now than ever in my life...even when I was 9 months pregnant.

    Sigh. Aging and menopause probably have also contributed. Sigh again.

  4. mymissy

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    The only place I feel comfortable about my weight anymore is here because here at least I know it's not just me. Since finding out I have this nice problem all I have done is put on weight. Most of my family and friends understand and know what is happening, but the ones that don't or are just plain stupid and mean are the ones that hurt when they open their mouth. With my thyroid, hormones, all the meds, Fibro, arthritis, not sleeping right, depression, neuroapthy it's a wonder I don't weight 10 ton. I try but nothing seems to make a difference for long. Luckly my Dr's understand what is going on and don't hassle me. So, you are no alone in this.

  5. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I know what you mean about not wanting to see people...wait a minute...I have to look back and see if you said that or someone else.

    Thank goodness this group understands FOG!

    Be back!
  6. fivesue

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    I know the self loathing about being fat, and I also know how it is to see people I haven't seen for a while and look at the looks on their faces! I think that's one reason staying at home is so inviting; I don't have to worry about meeting people.

    Yes, I know in my head I'm the same person, and I know in my head that my husband still thinks I'm beautiful, but when I see pic of me, I just die! DIE. A short, round woman. So sad, but as I said, there's not much to be done about it.

    Thank you all for understanding; it does help me. I hope that knowing we all support one another helps each of us to feel a bit better about our image. It is my inside that counts, but I hate looking at the outside. )-:

    Have a good evening.
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    I don't know what the reason is, but I'm in the club, too. At least we can hang around with nice people (us.)

    Yesterday my 4yo son spent the day with my mother-in-law. This morning he said, "Mom, all you have to do is lose your weight and you'll be well." I asked him if Nanoo told him that. Yes. Now I'm thinking of gaining more weight and falling on her. Grrr. People really don't believe us, do they?

    I've started on thyroid/T3 and am hoping for weight loss with that. I've been telling doctors for 25 years that I must have a thyroid problem and they always say my thyroid is fine, it must be depression. Well, one trip to the FFC and the doctor said 95% of her FMS patients have very low thyroid. She started me on it before the blood results even came back. I'll let you know if I wake up tall and thin one of these days.

  8. auntcon

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    You know the CHOCOLATE--- The coffee drinks with cream
    the ICE CREAM -- Cookies -- Brownies -- name your poison

    I can be so good for days and then --- I feel so bad physically and mentally and head for something.
    (I'm to tired most days for snuggling
    so what else is there! FOOD or SHOPPING )

    I weigh more than I did while I was pg
    But I was born a size 12 --- now a 22 RATS

    I did Adkins and loved it but it was to difficult with IBS

    I have a bulging disc that makes walking or standing difficult... grrr

    I'm sure my knees would do better with about 40 lbs off.
    some day maybe
  9. BxGirl

    BxGirl New Member

    I exercise 3 times a week at Curves and I STILL can't lose weight. So it's not just the people who don't exercise. I also work full-time and am always busy.

    I am seeing a new doctor who will run endocrine and metabolic tests on me to see what's going on. I'm sure that 20 years worth of antidepressants have also contributed to this problem.

    For whatever its worth, doing some kind of movement will make you feel better physically and mentally. Mild stretching works wonders! So if you can't tolerate regular exercise, you can sit on the floor and do mild stretching. Try it - you'll see.

  10. jana15

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    I was suffering from the dreaded weight creep as a result of CFS/FM until my Dr put me on a special diet which did amazing things for my metabolism basically it was:

    Work out your protein according to 1gm per kg of your ideal body weight.

    The rule of thumb is most proteins are 20% therefore 100gms of fish = 20 grams of protein.

    So if your ideal body weight is 55kg you can eat a total of 275gms of protein per day.

    Eggs = 6gms per egg.

    Nuts are generally the same as fish.

    It is best to distribute the protein between 3 meals

    Eliminate ALL grains including potato, sweet potato and parsnip. Pumpkin can be had in moderation.

    Needless to say, eliminate ALL sugar, refined foods etc.

    Look on the side of packets to determine the total protein content per gram.

    Since following this eating regime I've maintained my normal (pre illness) weight event though I spent weeks at a time in bed. I am also maintaining my muscle tone by doing isometrics (contracting and relaxing muscles throughout the day even thought I'm lying on my back) for at least half an hour each day.

    I did have to do a major shift in how I looked at food.....I now see it as a part of my medical regime - another medicine I've been prescribed and not a reward/treat etc. That was hard at first but I've been doing it for over two years now and am certainly benefiting from it. My weight now only flutuates a bit just prior to my periods and is no longer something I have to worry about.

    I must add though, my Dr took me off all grains and dairy because of allergies and she also put me onto a combination of nuts and seeds which are a fantastic 'bowel cleaner' they comprise:

    2 tablespoons of linseed (flaxseed), pumpkin seed and Pyslum (I think that's how it's spelt and you can build up to this amount gradually)
    1 tablespoon of sesame seed and sunflower seed
    1 desert spoon of oatbran and lecithen.

    I have this for breakfast each morning with a small tub of yoghurt and a diced apple. I water it down with a lot of water and it takes me a good hout to eat it all but the results are astounding!

    Give it a good month to start working and good luck! I've benefited greatly form this and would love to hear from anyone else on a similar regime or gives this one a try.
  11. brit_17759

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    I have also gained weight since having FM & CFS. And no matter how little I eat or watch carefully what I do eat can I seem to lose weight. It really is depressing me, as nothing I do seems to help. I don't eat butter, only eat low fat spreads cheese etc. Drink 1% milk, and carefully watch the starch and sugars. I know inactivity doesn't help. I did read on a FM site then usually people with FM and or CFS usually suffer either weight gain or loss. Unfortunately I got the former instead of the latter!

  12. ilovecats94

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    Since 1995, I have gained 93 pounds. Went on a diet in May and have lost 11 pounds. I had lost 15, but gained 4. :( Now I'm trying to lose that again. I think mine is mostly from not being able to exercise and just eating too much.

    I'm trying to eat more vegetables and less carbs, but I also have diabetes and am on insulin, so that causes weight gain also.

    I don't go out much because I'm too ashamed of how much weight I have gained. Have never been this heavy in my life. Have been on Prozac for 9 years. That was supposed to take your appetite away. I don't know if it could cause weight gain or not. Have a lot of fatigue from the weight.

  13. mhammie

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    Your son can tell Nanoo that losing weight doesn't always help a person to feel better.

    Lost 50lbs. over a 2 yrs. by last summer.

    Had the worst flare ever last summer, and was in bed for basically 6 weeks. Didn't have the extra weight to blame for being bedridden.

    I have people tell me I look so good. (If only they knew I bad my body hurts.)

    As time goes on I get more scared, because the weight keeps coming off. Believe I'm not exercising, and I don't work outside the home. I do eat. The doctors are trying to figure out why this is happening. So far, no answers.

    A friend of mine said that people would pay big money just for the weight to fall off. I know that. At one time I was in the same boat as others, trying & trying to get it off.

    I truly understand what a struggle it is, when a person has tried everything available to lose the weight. Been there, done that.

    I'd like to go to the 1st rheumy (who himself was 5'5" tall and probably 400 lbs.) He told me to lose weight. I bet $100.00, he can't tell me why I still feel like crap.

  14. fivesue

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    I am an American through and through and old enough that we were never taught the metric system...I think they tried in my last few years or high school, but not very hard.

    Can you transfer that information into pounds and ounces? If you can't, maybe someone else can. I would really appreciate it. Just need to start looking at some options.

    If any of you with type A blood missed the post on food that increase energy in our category, chesk out "Blood Type A Top 10 Fatigue-Fighting Super Foods." It's quite interesting.

    Thanks again for the option.

  15. jana15

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    and we used to use them until I was 13 so have no excuse but
    I still can't think of the conversions off the top of my head but it will come to me if I don't try and think too hard.... if not I've got it in a cookbook downstairs which I will go and collect when I've got a bit more energy :) I'm sure uoy know what I mean. I'll be really keen to hear how you go with it. I swear by the seeds and if nothing else, I never miss my dailing intake, they've been a godsend!

    Cheers Jana

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