weight gain from fibro

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  1. fisher1949

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    I was dx with fibra last year and have gained 25 pounds. I hate it because I can't do what I used to do -, I am always tired, I also have osteopenia and epicondylitis in both arms so I have a lot of pain. Tried Cymbalta but got a coughing spasm every day so stopped it. Now on percocet, valium and lidaderm patches.
    What are any exercises I can do to lose some of this weight without tiring myself or getting more pain?
  2. discoverygal

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    Hi Fisher
    I've been told by a couple of docs that we should be doing stretching, but more important we should be doing some type of cardio.

    Over the past couple of months, I've gotten worse so it's been hard to even begin to excercise. I am wating until my pain killer kicks in and then I stretch.

    I went to a Physical Therapist who knows about FMS and he showed me what I should be stretching. I feel good after, I don't know if it will help with the pain in the long run, but it will help with my weight.

    good luck
    gentle hugs
  3. Shalala

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    PT wanted me to start that BUT .... I am so huge now I would not go (bathing suit required and it is a see through pool)

    I have elastic bands and some small weights
  4. llama

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    Hi fisher1949,

    I've battled with my weight my entire life (I'm 48). Part of the reason, as I look back over my life, I've never had energy..always a rather sedentary person.

    Then about 10yrs. ago dx'd with Diabetes..gained some more weight...3yrs. ago had to start using insulin. It was an instant gain of 15lbs.

    Now I'm unable to work, have Fibro and I meet the criteria for ME (not dx'd yet). So doing any exercise is nearly impossible. I do try to do some stretching a couple times a week.

    One thing I just have to tell b/c it's so rude that it's almost funny. My sleep-disorder doc was strongly suggesting water therapy. I told him, I'm hydrophobic (have been all my life)..he totally ignored me.
    I repeated myself and finally he said, I don't know why you would worry about drowning in a pool...with the amount of fat that you have, you'd never be able to sink!!

    Much to my chagrin, I left his office in tears. Now though I laugh and just think what a pathetic a$$ he is.

    Sorry for the long post...I'd be interested in what type of stretching is good for us.

    Take Care..........Jill...............
  5. fisher1949

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    Thanks for all the suggestions-I used to take chromium but didn't know how it would mix with everything else. There is so much I can not take. I had the new Boniva iv (because I can't take the pills) for my ostepenia and ended up at the ER with so much pain I couldn't even lift my head; so I guess that leaves another med out.
    I would love to try the swimming therapy if I can find one that is reasonable ( my husband just had heart surgery and is off work also).
  6. llama

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    I believe it was desertsage who suggested chromium picolinate to curb carb cravings. Glad it helped you!

    It doesn't do a thing for me. I was on it some years ago and it did help me to lose some weight. I just restarted it about 2 or so months ago...so far I'm not noticing any effect good or bad.

    I guess most of us are always looking for a "magic pill"...I know I am! Gotta keep hoping and trying is my motto.

    Take Care......Jill............
  7. clerty

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    I have lost a stone in about a month by cutting down on the carbs eating chicken breasts and fish pleny fruit and water also nuts and trying to move about in the swimming pool.
    not easy I well know speaking as someone who loves chocolate well no more no dairy wheat or caffeen for me
    when i want a sweet kick I eat pineapple or melon.
    good luck
  8. fisher1949

    fisher1949 New Member

    thanks to all who replied.
  9. moab341

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    I have fought with weight gain for the last year, and figured out that it was mostly the Neurontin that caused it. Lyrica can do the same thing.
    I went off of it and the weight is coming off, plus I feel a lot better. Of course I am watching my carb intake, but when I was taking Neurontin it didn't matter if I only ate a wedge of lettuce every day....I couldn't lose a pound.
    Exercise makes it come off faster, but sometimes we just aren't up for it.
    I walk on my good days and try to stretch at least a little every night.

    Good luck!! Roni
  10. Greenbean7

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    Oh, yes, the bane of our existance!

    I started going to the pool three days a week at lunch. I too am terribly embarressed to be in "public" in a swimsuit.

    However, this is a racket club and the pool is not busy when I go at noon. There is one other lady and she is at least 85 and walks back and forth across the pool for about 45 minutes.

    Not wanting to take a class (especially since it is at 5:30 in the a.m.!) I am doing my own very gentle exercises.

    I walk forward and backward across the pool for about 5 minutes, stop and do some leg lifts in front, side, back, each leg, walk some more, do some overhead arm side stretches, walk some more, and do some waist twists.

    Being able to hold onto the side and have basically no weight on my joints and working against the resistance of the water is working quite well. I can't over do it and only spend 15 to 20 minutes in the water, but I have already noticed a decrease in pain in my legs and lower back.

    As for diet, I've had to remove almost all sugar and wheat products from my diet. I still eat more fat than I should but I can't abide eating meat if I have to cook it! Once I see that chicken breast I might as well just chuck it cuz after I cook it I won't be able to eat a bite!

    The first few days I was always hungry and sick, but since then I can start my day with 4 pieces of bacon and don't get hungry until noon time or later. I have a small salad, cheese stick, and some deli meat (like the expensive roast beef from Safeway!). Late in the afternoon I eat a sugar free jello and then have scrambled eggs, or a hamburger patty (don't ask me why I can eat hamburger I cook but not chicken!! I wish I knew!) and salad. In the evening I eat another jello and I am just almost never hungry.

    After 3 weeks I have lost 9 lbs. So I guess I have to agree with those darned "experts". Diet and exercise. Yuck. But it is working right now so as long as I can do the pool work I will keep going.


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  11. 6cats

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    I too have gained weight and I know part of it is from the lack of exercise. The equatic aerobics were the best but I could not afford to keep up my membership so I had to stop. Caffeine I will not cut out as it does help w/my headaches. An alernative to sugar is Steevia which is from a natural plant and I need to restock on. It has a pleasant taste and for those who like their latte's or their tea steevia tastes just as good.

    Im on so many pills I dont know which one does what anymore...