Weight gain/loss and sex drive

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hideycat, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. hideycat

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    I am in the process of changing my meds - and have a few questions I'd like you all to answer before I see the doctor.

    Antidepressents - I'm on Celexa. No weight gain, but can't take any off. Plus have lost interest in sex. Are there any replacements that wouldn't cause weight gain? And I really need to take weight off! Which ones to avoid - would really like to enjoy sex again!

    Pain meds - taking Panlor dc. Controls background pain fairly well. Have break through pain. Wakes me at night. Tried Ultram, Neurontin.... On vicodin once but can't remember the level. What meds have bad side effects or great results?

    Arthrotec - my insurance no longer covers. Are there any resonably priced alternatives?

    I take the vitamin ZMA. Sleeping much better. tht stuff is fabulous.

  2. sheelanagigs

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    wellbutrin is known for its sex-positive, increased libido effects; effexor, on the other hand, really dampens libido. i was taking both for a while and one to two wellbutrin helped to balance the low-dose effexor i was taking for nerve pain.

    good luck

    oonagh Ryan-King
  3. hideycat

    hideycat New Member

    The wellburtin left me irratible.

    Everything was fine until the celexa - any one else with that problem
  4. shari442

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    hideycat I too get very irratible from taking Welbutrin. I no longer am depressed other than the irratibility. I was thinking about adding Celexa to the Welbutrin but I hear it has sexual side effects. I defintely don't want that, no sex drive would be very depressing to me.

  5. babyblues68

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    I'm bipolar and it would send me into a mania. Which sometimes that was a good thing. (Got my house clean from it.)

    Welbutrin did increase my sex drive A LOT! But I couldn't take the mood swings.

  6. ms1guitar

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    Hello. Hideycat! I am new here, just wanted to know more about ZMA and does it really help and where to find it? I am on Zoloft,not sure if it works, I still cry alot.Thanks,ms1guitar@yahoo.com