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    ok, im at the end of my rope with this dang weight gain!! i have cut out sodas, most white bread, most sugar, i try to eat healthy, although i have been having soome issues with nausea again. i usually eat a piece of toast& coffee for breakfast, then a good meal later in the day, then maybe some fruit or a protein shake.
    But the thyroid thing is my main question, i have all the symptoms of thyroid problems, but doc says thyroid is always ok. the weight gain, TERRIBLE constipation, dry skin, either too cold or too hot, like i cant regulate my thermostat,and of course weight gain!!! has anyone had thier doc put them on armour or another thyroid med even tho thier bloodwork looked good?? and if so, did it make a difference??
    i try to walk some for a little exercise, but as ya'll know exercise usually means crashing!! i have have have to get some weight off!!! i feel like i will be causing more health problems if i dont do something, but What can we do??????
    i am 5'4 and just tipped the scales at a whopping 170 ( cant believe i typed it!) 6 or 7 years ago i went thru a really scary time, i was soooo sick and lost 50 lbs in a few months, was down to 112. if anyone has some input i'd be grateful!! thanks, Kat
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    I was recently put on Thyroid meds -even though my bloodwork came back pretty darn well. I have had it checked at least 3 times in the past 2 years because I cannot lose a pound and also have many of the symptoms.
    The problem - they were only testing my TSH. When they tested my T3 and T4, my T4 came up a tad bit low. A new psychiatrist that I just started seeing has written and had published many articles about thyroid and depression. He suggested pushing my T4 up. I consulted my regular GP and she concurred that she would do the same thing.

    He recently (Friday) upped my dose a bit. He said many doctor do not believe in treating thryoid by symptoms but only by labs.

    He also said it can take up to 5 weeks to notice any difference - hasn't been quite a month.

    I am not overweight, but I have gained over 10 lbs in 6 months - something I've never done and I can't drop a pound!

    I do not want to cause any problems with my thryoid. I am a bit concerned about the lastest increase that he just made - but I know that tweaking the dose to find the right one is often part of the process.

    PS. I did ask about Armour Thyroid but he said the Levoxothyroxine (sp?) that he prescribed is supposedly just as effective, then went onto the next subject. =(

    I wish you the best!
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    I know this is an awful struggle. I went through the same thing with my Dr. He even sent me to a specialist who didn't even to a blood test! Eventually my thyroid problems became so severe that my levels went through the roof. Sure enough, after the meds, my weight came back down.

    Has your Dr. done a FT4 test? If they'd done that with me, they would have spotted much earlier. Do you know what your TSH count is?

    Keep plugging on and bugging him. You may want to investigate some alternative medications that help boost the thyroid.

    Keep us posted on your situation.


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    The Free T3, the Free T4, and TSH. Don't go by TSH alone. Try getting the Free Ts mid ranges to see if you feel your best there. If the Free Ts are low or low normal, especially for the Free T4, insist on replacement meds. The usual TSH levels should be kept at between 1.0-2.0.

    Take care... :)
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    thanks for the tips Grammy, especially the thyroid & adrenal thing. i was found to be severly deficient in cortisol & dhea a few months ago,i was never tested for any hormonal things, except the thyroid until then so no telling how long i have been in trouble there.
    they never found the cause of my severe vomiting, high heart rate,severe headaches and massive weight loss. they just said Hmmm, dont know but its not cancer( thank god)
    after it was all said & done and i got better, i sure enjoyed being 112 lbs again, but would never want to be that sick again just to loose weight! i thought i was going to die.
    i'll start my protien shakes in the a.m. and see what happens. dont know how im gonna skip the coffee :)maybe just use a smaller cup for now,lol. thanks again for your help, Kat
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    Hi Kat,

    The good doctors I know of diagnose people based on symptoms as well as blood tests. They will often let someone with thyroid symptoms try some thyroid hormone to see if it helps. It's too bad your doctor won't do that.

    There are a couple of health food store items that you can take to help your thryoid. One is the nutritional iodine that caledonia mentioned. Another is Thythrophin PMG by Standard Process. It is made from the thyroid glands of cows, and contains T1, T2, and T3. It's not a prescription item because it doesn't contain T4. But it is quite powerful, so start it gradually.

    I want to add that many people with CFS feel that Armour thyroid is more effective at treating their symptoms than Synthroid. It may be because we tend to have problems converting T4 to T3.

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    to try some thyroid meds, shes really open minded, so i think she'll go for it. i dont think it would hurt to try, like you said sometimes it's symptoms over bloodwork, not to mention all labs are different so whos to say whats normal for anybody.were all different even if its just a bit.
    yes i have heard Armour is better so i'll be asking about it for sure. Thanks, Kat
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    After switching from Armour to compounded T3, I dropped 30 pounds in 3 months. I've kept it off for close to 3 years now. I thought T3 was the elixer of life. It felt so good.

    Before this, I thought Armour was the best med but I got high reverse T3 on Armour. This was blocking all of the thryoid that I was taking. Doctors sometimes look at your dose and say "It's adequate" but they don't take into account your adrenals. If they are not working your thryoid meds won't work. That's why testing is so important.

    Look into Dr Johnathan Lowe's website on FM. He advocates using regular T3 at timed intervals. Dr Kent Holtorf uses compounded T3 at the FFC clinics.