weight gain

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  1. glenda2

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    how many of us have gone up in our weight and have no comfotable clothes to wear other than sweat pants or pj's that is all i live in. and i have put on alot of weight and can't afford to get new ones or feel like going to get any even if i could afford it.

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    I have gained a lot of weight since I have gotten sicker. I mostly wear PJs when I am around the house.

    I do have some clothes that are comfortable for when I do need to go out though.

    I purchase all my clothes at Goodwill or Thrift stores...you should try there, I can usually find some very nice clothes for very cheap.
  3. glenda2

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    yeah i need to go in there for myself my hubby just took all of my clothes that didn't fit there.hopefully i will be able to do that. our salvation army is much better than our goodwill here.

  4. llama

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    I've gained weight over the last 2 years. Mine is a combination of no longer being able to work, so of course I'm a whole lot less active.

    The pain and fatigue from Fibro. keeps me pretty sedentary and lastly I'm a diabetic. My diabetes got to the point of not being managed very well, so I was started on insulin. I immediately gained like 15lbs. within a couple of weeks of starting the insulin...it has been so depressing.

    I try to find the "silver-lining" in this situation, by thinking...well I can be fat and hopefully retain my eyesight, renal function etc. or I can be slim and blind. It kind of keeps things in perspective for me!

    Take care.....good question.....Jill.......
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    Hi I am 37 and have gained 30 pounds in 5 months. It wont stop. Myeating habits havent changed a lot. I too live in sweat pants and I have had to buy a few new oufits. My whole adult life I have been 5'6 weighing 130 I just started methodone pain about 1 week ago who knows whats doing it?,,,oh yeah laying in bed the whole month of September may have been it :) :) :) :)

    Jessica in VA
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    Hi glenda2,

    Weight gain

    Isn't it funny that we gain weight because of the meds and because we hurt so much and that's the time that our family and friends decide to help by saying "YOU NEED TO GET OUT AND EXERCISE AND YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER". I just love this help as if we don't feel bad enough. In my case my daughters are the helpful ones, they think that I have been lazy and need to get moving. Some days I hate to get up but I do, I hate to get dress because you never know what is going to fit. I hate this because you don't look sick and people think your just lazy and want to be sick. I have gained so much weight alot of it is edema in my legs and stomach. My legs look like giant long balloons and are so painfull. Oh well! Sorry I got carried away.
  7. yjswan

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    For me the weight gain has been worse since I quit working full time a year ago. I know it's the meds and being more sedentary because I'm actually eating less and healthier. When I worked, I often ate fast food for lunch and that's gone now.

    Although there are days when I stay in PJ's because of the pain, I push myself to get dressed and to look nice for the day. It may just be conditioning from working full time for 35 years in an office environment, but I also find I feel better if I look better. I wear comfortable, casual, and "warm" clothes, but I avoid sweats because I think they make me look frumpy.

    I never pay full price for anything and do my shopping from catalogs or the internet.
  8. glenda2

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    thanks for all the replys. i also have noticed that if you have not had a BM regulerly (sp) you tend to weigh a bit more.

    i went to the dr last week and i have had trouble with BM's for a long time. i started takeing vit. c and a stool softner every night and it has helped so much.

    i know this sounds crazy but i am 9lb's lighter than when i went to the doc last week.

    but when you don't go for 2 weeks at a time i guess it makes sence. don't get me wrong i still need to loose about 30lb's. maybe when it is warmer i can get out a walk a little.

    i have very weak legs so i can not walk very much most days some are better than others.plus i had to quit work so i am sure between that and all the meds it doesen't help.

    i have vicondin klonopin zanaflex ultacet i just switched from zoloft to cymbalta (i have had before) like it better than zoloft.

    i also have a water pill but can't remember the name without getting up to look.

    well i have many more but i am tired of typing.
    hope all of you have a good day!!!

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  9. Daisys

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    I gained 40 pounds (I've had this illness for close to 30 years). A lot of it was when taking SSIs for sleep years ago. Then perimenopause came along, and I really started to gain.

    When I changed my way of eating, I lost 20 pounds painlessly. I have to avoid wheat and gluten, and am careful to limit starchy/sugary foods. This also made a huge difference in joint pain, GERD, and IBS. I follow low carb guidelines with an emphasis on whole foods.

    When I started gaining from neurontin, I told my doctor it was a deal buster, and he changed the med to topamax. I'm off both now. I finally lost the 10 pounds that I put on with the 10 days of taking the neurontin.

    Then I started taking xyrem for deep sleep. I lost another 10 pounds and have kept it off, unless I cheat with sugar.

    So, now, I'm hoping that I can add enough exercise this spring and summer to lose the last 10 pounds. I have a feeling that once I get there, I'll want to lose a little more--it's at the high end for my height.

    I may not lose any more than I have, but I'm in much better shape (sorry for the pun) now, especially because of the way I eat. Food allergies and intolerances can really make a huge difference in health and weight. And I was surprised that doctors are willing to work with me when I don't want to take a med because of weight gain. Two have worked with me on that.

    So, that's my input. Diet and telling the doctor you don't want to take any med that causes weight. They've both worked for me at a time when it's supposed to be almost impossible to lose--perimenopause.

    Hope this helps. :)