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    i have read several posts from women about weight gain from lyrica. well i have gained my share. i'm cutting back on the lyrica because of it. my blood pressure has been high, sometimes i think the weight gain is the cause. has anyone had problems with high blood pressure while on the lyrica?
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    I cannot help with your question, but wanted to help by bumping!
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    Yes, not only has the Lyrica made me gain twenty pounds, but I've found that my blood pressure seems to run a bit higher since I've been on it. And it makes me very constipated. I think I'm going to ask the doctor to put me back on the Neurontin because it helped me sleep a bit better as well as less side effects too. I gained, but not quite as much on the Neurontin.

  4. kittycamcj

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    thanks for the reply!
    i don't have trouble sleeping, because i take 150mg of trazodone before bed. i am going to cut back on the lyrica
    200mg a day instead of 300mg and see if i can lose some weight and see if my blood pressure will go down.
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