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    Several years ago I was over 300lbs and lost 150 lbs, I now have gained 50 lbs back. has anyone experienced weight gain? I try to do some types of workouts like I used to but just seem to go down hill for several days afterwards. I sit and cry thinging about how hard it was to loose all that weight, now to gain it back is killing me. Im on meds for the pain, but it just seems to be getting worse especially with the heat and humidity CA has been having.
    Any thoughts / suggestions??
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!
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    Naomi, I revised this. I appoloize for saying "stop crying" and did not mean to sound mean. When things get bad for me and I may start crying, I feed that by starting to eat so for me I don't address the problems behind the crying and instead feed them with food, so I frequently tell myself "stop crying." Crying can help you get the emotions out, but ultimately you'll want to see if there are other reasons behind your weight.

    Look for any reasons that may have relevance to you and your original weight, losing weight and starting to gain it back. You didn't mention your age, but it still might be worth seeing your OB/GYN for a full physical and hormone workup to see if everything is okay--or if it is a tattered self worth (many people lose weight but still carry around a tattered self worth from what people meanly said to them when they were at their top weight) or even past sexual abuse, then it may be time to see a therapist because you're so worth getting that stuff worked out. Good luck and hugs.
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    Well to start off with, you hit the nail on the head, I have had sexual, physical and emotional abuse, however I have had counciling. The weight loss that I had was through hard work and it was for ME!!! Since I have been diagnosed with FM trying to work out like I used to is not an option. I used to get up at 2am and do an hour or so walk at lunch and come home and do an hour more. Well just trying to get 1/2 hr in a day is tough for me now. Im constantly tired and I feel like a 90 yr old person some times.. I am 41 yrs old, Im not OLD, im very young at heart and I want my body to be the same as it used to be. I have always had pain since I was in Grade and Jr high school, but Im a strong willed person and I just thought that was normal. But since last year it just hit me and I can not put a nail on what happened in my life to make the pain come so BAD! Well I do thank you for your options, I have had a complete physical and with the pain I have had in the lower area, my OB/GYN did tests and it isnt Fibroids. Other than that I just see it that I will have to watch EVERYTHING I eat, because if I dont move then the scale doesnt move. Again thank you and any other thougths are welcome..
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    Since you are getting pain, what about microwaving one of those heat packs for moist heat and putting that on for maybe a half hour before you go outside to walk? Maybe it might help with any pain. Then if you cut the walking time from one hour to a half hour in the mornings and when you are back home, then you might be able to walk through all this. Those gel packs that are frozen are my mainstay for the severe migraines I get.

    Another suggestion--are you using very good sneakers as they help support your frame when walking. When I had a dog and was walking so much, my doctor actually had me get cross training sneakers in Nike or Asics or a brand like that, but not Dr. Scholls or a generic as he stressed we're supporting our frame (skeleton) and good shoes really help. He wanted that gel in the bottom and particuarly in the heel of the sneakers.

    You body may also be reactive to weather and some parts of the country are into higher humidity with more storms. I get severe migraines before storms move in and that's just the way my body reacts and I'm not alone-- some people actually hurt more (arthritis, etc.) and maybe if you are in an area that is going through weather, it may be impacting you.

    Most of all, I hope that you know that you have done so very well in your weight loss. Please continue with positive thoughts in your mind and consider that what you are going through is probably something that will probably not last much longer or that you will find a way to work around it. I have a good feeling that you will succeed in your weight loss.

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    Naomi, actually some regulars with FM do post here. mcglothlink254 posted not long ago and got answers from various regulars with FM who obviously do come here. ProHealth is a nice board and regulars with FM do come onto the Health Board to help. I do want you to feel welcome.

    Naomi, I think it's helpful that since you mentioned Fibro, weight loss, etc. to check out the others boards including the Fibro Board and Nani even posts here on the Health Board, on the Fibro Board and on the Lyme Board about how Lyme and another illness (Babesia??) may appear very much like Fibro--check that out probably on the Lyme Board. There's also a Weight Loss Board that doesn't appear to be very active, but if you go back over their posts, you may find some useful tips. There's also a good Depression Board here for you to look at and you can get feedback from people who care. And there's a Chit Chat Board that sometimes I have laughed out loud at the posts. I posted recently about the raging orange Lamborghini at the McDonald's Drive Thru and the huge man that was smooshed into it.

    Most of all, there are people who care and will answers your posts to try to help you through. Hugs.
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