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  1. lillieblake

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    I want to lose weight. I tried Aldi, have no fat in my diet so that didn't work.

    In fact, I have a good diet, so don't know why I can't lose.

    My doctor said to do aerobic exercises. yeah, right.

    But I do mow the lawn, what I could do in one day I do in two or three now, then start the route all over, which means I mow the lawn every day.

    My knees hurt so much I can't walk much, because I am afraid they are going to break. They 'catch' and get sort of a clicking feeling.

    And of course, with fibro, I can't do a whole lot but I do all the housework, all the gardening, all the everything, and try to work at least 6 hours per day on all this, with regular breaks to avoid a huge fibro flare.

    Anybody else have trouble losing weight?

    Help, I would feel so much better about myself if I could lose 20-30 lbs.

    Love, Chubby Lillie
  2. michsteep

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    I have been trying to lose weight for 3-4 years now w/o success.

    I have tried watching what I eat but it doesn't seem to last because when I start hurting I tend to eat my comfort foods. I always think it will help me feel better - but it doesn't.....

    I also have tried the exercise route which does help me to feel better if I don't overdo it. If I do too much than it's the whole 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    My biggest problem is probably my diet, but it sounds like you have that under control - congrats!

    I also applaud how much you do at home. I've delegated all of my outside work to my husband and kids and we even have a cleaning lady once a week.

    I guess I'm not offering any good advise, but please know that I empathize w/you. And if you find a way to lose, please, please let me know.
  3. Debdelo

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    It's our medication that is effecting our weight loss. It stinks...
  4. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    How do we start something on the chit chat board you wrote about?

    In fact, how do we get on the chit chat board?


  5. jinlee

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    There is hope, believe me. I gained sooooo much weight due to inactivity due to fatigue and pain and meds. I could not lose no matter what.

    I finally found a doc who said "you cannot go by the blood labworks high and low end" meaning, my thyroid although lab did not say hi or low end, was too low as to new thoughts. So she started me on synthroid.

    I also was so low on vitamin D3, added 5,000 of that a day.

    I have now gone from 200 pounds to 165.

    I have not exercised much still but am eating low glycemic foods due to high sugars, no sugar, less carbohydrates, more chicken and fish.

    Also supplements.

    It takes some willpower but I have lost 35 pounds!!!! It is possible so don't give up.

    Take care and wishing all good luck with weight issues...

  6. texangal81

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    After 37 years of up and down dieting, I am going to have the lap band surgery and now all I'm waiting for is to be scheduled. My solution is drastic and it isn't for everyone. I like the idea of a weight loss thread on the chit-chat board. I'll be happy to particpate and pass along my experiences and ups and downs. Erin
  7. msnova74

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    I literally woke up one morning in the most unbelieveable pain ever. I went from 100 lbs (5'5") to over 200 in six months.

    I have lost about 25 lbs. My MD has me taking in about 30-35 g of fiber a day. I have been doing so for about 2 months.

    Not psyllium fiber but natural fiber. Now I must tell you that Beano is a must for me, but it is really working and my IBS is virtually non-existant.

    Hope this helps,

  8. MtnDews

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    I gained 50 lbs due to loss of ovaries and being on Lyrica (NOW they mention weight gain as a side effect!) and of course exercise is not something I can do without crashing. So, I asked my doctor and he suggested W.Watchers, so I took his advice. It works! It took a while but I could eat AND lose weight. For each pound you lose, it takes off 4 pounds of pressure on your knees. My knees are feeling a bit better now too. So, go for it and get that weight off, you will love yourself for it. The secret is staying with it.

    PITATOO Member

    I need to lost 30 lbs +- but with some of the drugs I am on it seems to make it difficult. I am a 6' 3" male and now weight 250+- when I first got sick with this DD I weighed in at 165 which was to extreme the other way. Just if I could only get to 225 I would be satisfied. Of course according to weight watchers I should be 190. BMI etc. never really take into bone and muscle. I just came off from being on the road for over a year and am going to take 3-4 months off to get back in shape. It's tough. I started back with a personal trainer. The day after my first workout I thought I was going to die. I worked out again yesterday and feel better. But it has also drained me of so much energy. That's once reason I came off the road. Everyone says I look good for my weight and carry it well but I don't feel good with me and that's what really counts. It's not like I have body issues. The prednisone for 2 herniated discs did not help either and the remeron. Well I'm not taking the remeron(it was for sleep and not depression) but as you can see by the time of my posting I can't sleep. It's terrible feeling this way when I"m only 44. I've never had a weight problem in my life. My PC finally let me be back on b12 shots that I give myself. I did lose with the help of that before. I have even thought of surgery to have a neck lipo and lift. In my business I can't afford to look bad. I am getting ready for a photo shoot for a book and am dreading it. I have even put off release the book for that fact. I will let you know how the next few months go in reaching my goal. Also I know it is partly water weight because my ankles get swollen from sitting so much at the computer. I would like to have a beer and not feel guilty about it. I"ll do it and so will you, just hang in there..I guess we did not put it all on at once so can't expect it to fall off. We are not teens anymore...