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    I have the opposite problem..I have a hard time keeping fat on.I'm hyper.... mixed with constant dizziness,fatigue and nausea.I have had FM/CFIDS for 25 years.Some really good times...some REALLY bad.I'm 5 ft.92 lbs and 52.Disabled for 10 yrs.now
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    I am assuming that your thyroid has been checked and you are not hyperthyroid.

    That means you need to eat/assimilate more calories. Our society is so focused on weight loss that we forget that there are people who need to gain weight.

    Are you doing anything to deal with the nausea? Digestive enzymes and probiotic might help.

    Add healthful calories to your diet. Healthful fats (nuts, healthful oils) and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes) are a couple of good choices. Eating more than 3 meals a day may help.

    If your cholesterol is O.K., you could be a little more generous with the ice cream and cheese. Years ago, a physician recommended that a friend of mine who needed to gain weight have a malt every evening.
  3. hi all,

    im extremely thin since coming off amitriptyline,which made me very fat over the 14 years that i took it.ive been off it about three months i think,and feel great.

    im supposed to be slim,but now that neighbours and workmates have seen the weight drop off me,they think i have cancer.

    i dont want them to keep comenting on my weight loss,and thinking its cancer.

    im not worried as yet about my weight loss as im 10 stone.i was 13 stone on amitriptyline.

    i do cycle ride to work,and i eat healthy,so i shouldnt be fat anyway.

    but why dont people just leave me alone,i hear it every day at work,,arent you thin,whats wrong with you? eeekk.they frustrate me really they do.

    love fran
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    i'm 5 foot 2, i'm about 100 pounds exactly, i've met several other people that have this exact same problem and no matter how bad you eat you still can't seem to gain too much back... i've always been tiny, but never 100 or less pounds, i've had cfs for exactly four years, the first year i gained maybe 10-15 pounds, and after that one year i started losing a lot of weight over just a few months, maybe about 20 pounds or so..

    for a while i'd eat bad food just to gain a little bit of weight or just because i could lol.. obviously i don't mind being thin, but i can't stand when people think that i just don't eat, because that's what it looks like sometimes.. but i've realized that if i ever want to get over this cfs thing, then i need to start eating healthier, even if that means losing more weight.

    hope you get well soon tho, xox

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    I am the same way..I thought I was the only one. My coworkers jokingly (although I don't feel it's funny) call me annorexic. I eat, I just can't eat (literally) when I'm in the middle of a flare, which is increasingly more often. I'm 5'8" and 110.
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    CFS here. I have had it bad for two years. All symptoms are better with aggressive treatment and lifestyle changes.

    I am on thyroid (T3). I started losing weight. I attributed it to treatment. My weight loss comes in spurts. After reading more about CFS, I wonder if it is the illness or the treatment causing it.

    Either way, I used to weigh 105 pounds. I am 5'4". I am 42. I went down to 91 pounds.

    I eat an egg, two pieces of bacon, grits and fruit for breakfast. Lunch is meat and vegetable (usually left over from night before.) Snack about 3 p.m. Usually a granola bar. Then full supper with meat and two veggies. Then snack before going to bed, usually an apple with peanut butter. And yet, I was still losing weight. And since I have CFS, I am not very active, in fact very sedentary, except when running errands.

    My husband did a "medical intervention". He started giving me a milkshake twice a day in addition to all of the above.

    I have come back up to 97 pounds.

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    Have you tried to eating more pasta?
    I wish I had your problem-( I am hypo and cant loose the weight) What a battle for both of us.

    Carbs...Ensure drinks..........

    I wish there were a clear cut answer to all of our needs.

    many blessings

  8. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    Wildflower, as with many things with this illness (CFS), doing something to help one thing can exacerbate another problem.

    I have candida, so I am supposed to severely limit my simple carbs.

    But, then I have to consider my weight loss. So, when I take in something bad for candida, I try to get as much of the weight gain advantage as I can. So, that's why I am doing milkshakes.

    And my doctor told me to do Boost (similar to Ensure) three times a day. But here again, it has sugar also.

  9. Bunchy

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    I fluctuate from being big (like in my profile) to being quite thin.

    I lost over 20 pounds since that photo last year was taken.

    It can be hard to eat much during a flare up not only because of lack of energy (and too much pain) to cook and eat but because of nausea too.

    I try to keep meal replacement drinks on hand for these times.

    I have a friend with ME who got terribly thin at her worst. On the positive side, after ten years of doing very badly she is now up and about and a lot better than I've ever seen her and has gained back some of the weight.

    Love Bunchy x
  10. LittleBluestem

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    There is a low-carb version of Boost. It was made for people with diabetes, but is also good for people with hypoglycemia. I think it would be good (or at least better than the regular) for people with candida.