Weight Loss... anyone try HCG

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Because of PEM etc, many here do not get to exercise too much.

    A friend was telling me about using HCG, it's the hormone the body initially puts out when one's pg and is what the early pg tests test for. She has lost 20 lbs as have several friends without problems, they are all over 50; it's actually advised for 'normals' to NOT exercise... she did get fatigue initially, but then felt great. She is 'normal'.

    It is considered controversial, first because it is a hormone and also a 500 high protein low fat diet is what's supposed to be eaten. One is only supposed to do it for a couple of weeks, then go to 'regular' Atkins diet (over 20 g carbs I believe, not the introductory really low carb Atkins).

    So I've already read the warnings, and I advise anyone to read 'both sides' naturally. One is supposed to do it under supervision of a doctor, but make sure the doc knows what s/he is doing. I guess that's true with anything tho!

    Just wondering if anyone's tried it and how it worked for you. I am personally rather hesitant to try something like this, but just thought I'd throw this topic on here, would love to hear some other actual experiences...


  2. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    I think anyone would lose on 500cals a day but from what i have read the hcg lowers appetitte. Since having cfs i have put on abit of weight myself even though i follow a low carb atkins style diet, i think this diet has helped me to control my weight from going crazy, i have found i have to be ultra strict to lose weight and seem to put on weight very easy when i do have a carb day. My thyroid has always tested normal thats t3/t4.

    But! Im planning on using metformin to help lose weight, i have read where those that plateau on the atkins diet start to lose weight again when on metformim. Metformin is a diabetic medication, not like insulin where it drives your blood sugar low but works in away to improve our sensitivity to insulin so our bodies only need to use less of our own insulin as well as slowing down the livers production of carbs to fat, it also slows down gastric emptying which helps stablize blood sugar and appetitte. I have read that others notice a big decrease in appetitte when using metformin. But i think to get the weight moving u still have to follow a low carb diet. almost forgot to mention, it has a positive effect on cholestrol/triglycerides as well as blood pressure and other markers of potential heart disease. Must mention this medication does not lower blood sugar to dangerous levels unless u exercise alot on no food etc.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I forgot to point out that was its main 'help', that you don't feel hungry. I'm not sure why it has to be such a low cal diet, I'd rather eat a low carb diet.

    Very interesting about the metformin... let us know what happens if/when you try it?
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    is why the limit on calories when, from what I've read, it is basically still low carb.

    No, not jumping on it unless I get more info. The people I know who have done it, have done it under the supervision of a doctor, fwiw. And I DO mean "fwiw' - the first doc one friend saw didn't know what the h-- she was doing. My friend didn't have any deleterious effects, but...

    Sigh, anytime one does anything involving any RX, one takes their chances in any case. I don't like the odds usually, as I often react paradoxically; so I probably won't. Low carb works well on its own, don't like counting calories anyway.

  5. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I work with a nurse who still works PT for a chiropractor and he does this sort of thing. She went on it and lost 25-30 lbs. He charges 900.00 for the program but I think hers was free. She followed it close too. I don't know how she did it. She did it for a few weeks then went off of it and ate certain foods then went back on it. She has stopped it but she's still eating pretty good. There's no way I could survive on 5oo calories a day. I'm a vegetarian and I don't really have a big choice of foods I like. I don't recommend it.
  6. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    cons: research shows HCG does not help with weight loss and limiting yourself to 500 calories will make you cranky and etc (couldn't type fast enough and don't remember)

    They said the only reason you will loose weight is b/c you are only eating 500 calories.

    Personally, I don't think that is safe, especially when we already have immune compromised bodies.
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Those that I know who have used it say the same things as people online - that the major reason to use it was, they did not have to fight hunger or cravings.

    So yes, the HCG does not help you lose weight in any other way, other than that. But 'that' is a pretty big thing for most people who have a hard time losing weight.

    I also read further and it appears that one isn't supposed to stay on 500 calories throughout, at least if one has a LOT of weight to lose; tho I think it said one month initially, which seems like too long of a time to me.

    I'm wondering why the low calorie plus low carb count... the only thing I can see is because you get approximately 1/2 lb of weight loss/day average with that. I did read a few people saying they did eat more than that, and still lost weight; which wouldn't be a surprise since in later phases one goes up to 1200 calories anyway.

    As far as what other effects it could have for us or 'normals', that's pretty hard to find out as there haven't been apparently any real studies, or if there are, not many. Tho I haven't checked PubMed or anything yet.

    keke, sounds like that person was happy with no side effects? it sounds good if one has a lot of weight to lose overall... well better than other extreme measures like stomach stapling at least...

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  8. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    well, hormones are pretty powerful things - not worth playing around with, imo, unless you know for sure you are low in them....and certain hormones have been implicated in worsening XMRV (so that alone would tell me to use EXTREME caution with them)

    and I agree with the other comments that 500 calories is way too low, esp for people who are already sick

    I do have to say that I find it very weird that a pregnancy hormone can help stop cravings! seems a wee bit backwards, given the fact that most pregnant women get all sorts of cravings....the appetite thing seems strange, too, since people who are pregnant have to gain weight for the baby (I have read the claims that this hormone helps dieters with these things, but it seems really weird)

    I do know that I read quite awhile back several things about this that were very alarming; however, I don't have that info around anymore & I don't remember what all it was

    another thing about this is that very low cal diets tend to backfire once people start eating more normally again.....this is hardly something that can be maintained long term
  9. quanked

    quanked Member

    I take Metformin. It has not decreased my apetite, and it has not helped any with my high BP. In fact, I am struggling with getting my BP stablized. I have taken it for at least 5 years or more.

    I take 500 mg 2 Xs daily.

    A 500 calorie a day diet would reduce the weight of most people. Do not know anything about HCG--do not even know what the letters stand for.

    Since hearing about my cholesterol I have been thinking of changing the way I eat but it will be a process for me given my exhaustion and brain fog.

    I was talking with the woman I volunteer for and she told me what a severe reaction her husband had to a couple of different cholesterol lowering drugs. He ended up going on Medifast diet. She went on too--I think to support him because she was an average size and now she is quite slim. She said the diet did wonders for his cholesterol. She also said that if she eats every 2 hours as she is suppose to do she does not get hungry.

    I am looking into it I think. So far I found out it cost about 300 a month plus one has to provide a sensible meal everyday.

    My sense about any diet is that if one does them as directed then the diet usually works. The problems come when one cannot continue the diet because it is too bizarre or too unhealthy or the diet is too boring.

    My son did the Atkins thing (he loves beef) and lost 65 lbs. He remains on the diet and allows himself one day a week off. It seems to work for him. I just cannot do all that meat and fat--cannot digest it.

  10. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    from what i have read the people on the metformin who lost weight were on low carb diets, it did say that if you plan on eating carbs while on metformin that u wont lose weight. I think the theory behind it is that most type 2 diabetics are over weight and when treated and improve their insulin sensitivity and they tend to lose weight. Some of the doses used were up to a total of 2000mg a day but its a gradual dosage increase until u find what works.

    Ive order some metformin so will get back to everyone after i use it. I have lost weight on atkins style diet and like it but have definately hit a plateau plus since cfs have put on weight and dont exercise like i once did, so abit of help would be good.
  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Qyanked: Just happened to read that long term use of metformin can cause a B12 deficiency,
    Long-Term Metformin Raises Risk for B12 Deficiency
    Paul S. Mueller, MD, MPH, FACP
    Posted: 07/23/2010; Journal Watch © 2010 Massachusetts Medical Society
    "...Overall, 390 patients received metformin (850 mg) or placebo three times daily for 4.3 years.

    Compared with placebo, metformin was associated with a significant 19% decrease in baseline
    vitamin B12 concentration. The absolute risks for vitamin B12 deficiency and low vitamin B12
    level were significantly higher in the metformin group than in the placebo group: 7% and 11% higher, with numbers needed to harm of 14 and 9 per 4.3 years, respectively.

    Blood homocysteine levels were correspondingly and significantly elevated. Notably, the effect of metformin on lowering B12 levels increased with duration of therapy."

    (you may have to register to read it, or google it as it could be somewhere else online)

    Just some thoughts overall:
    It seems long term use of most RX'd drugs and some herbs can cause problems. Moderation again.... goes for food too. And any type of med used to lose weight.

    I found that the Atkins diet worked well without eating a LOT of animal fat - ie, was not eating lots of bacon and such at all. I do feel better eating meat tho. I read that the amount was overemphasized when it became so 'popular'. Eating meat and lots of different green veggies have done the trick for me, usually I do not have many cravings but for some reason it can vary.

    Recently read that after 2 years of following the moderate Atkins diet, that people did better on certain heart tests PLUS had higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol; the people eating low-fat did not have this effect at 2 years.

    I honestly think the main thing for overall health and weight control is almost NO SUGAR. Just read that pancreatic cancer really proliferated with particularly fructose (over glucose). Seems like a lot of pathogens like a high sugar diet, sometimes wondering who is controlling whom...

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