weight loss drug alli?

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  1. hensue

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    Has anyone tried this drug for weight loss? I know a lot of people that have loss weight on it. They did not have fibro, so if there is anyone out there who has tried it or knows someone who has let me know ok?
  2. gapsych

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    I had not heard about ALLI before but after looking at the site it does include some good weight loss tips and exercize videos. However, it looks like you could get the same effects by eating a low fat diet. As far as the side effects, all I can say is, "Ewwwwwwwwwww"!!!

    It will be interesting to see what other's think.

    I have broken the paragraphs to make this article easier to read but the content is the same.

    Dr. Z’s Medical Report

    by Ed Zimney, M.D.

    News you can use about treatment and research breakthroughs.


    Although I wrote about Alli back in February when it was approved by the FDA, now that it’s actually on the market, many newcomers to “Dr. Z’s Medical Report” are asking about it.

    Inquiring minds want to know if this stuff works or if it’s just another weight loss scam. Well, it’s a little of both. Yes, it can work. But it comes with a lot of baggage, and you still have to do all the heavy lifting.

    Alli is an over-the-counter formulation of the prescription drug Xenical (orlistat). It works by blocking an enzyme in your digestive system that would otherwise help in the absorption of fat.

    By blocking the enzyme, Alli blocks the absorption of about a quarter (25 percent) of the fat you eat. That’s both the good news and the bad news.

    Every gram of protein you eat turns into 4 calories. Every gram of carbohydrate is also 4 calories. But every gram of fat is 9 calories, which is why everyone should eat a low-fat diet. So if you normally ate 100 grams of fat in a day, that would be 900 calories. With Alli, you’d only absorb 75 grams or 675 calories.

    But since you’ve eaten the fat, if it’s not absorbed it still has to go somewhere and that somewhere is in the toilet. According to the manufacturer, the most common problems associated with Alli are “gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control.”

    They are loath to call these side effects, preferring the more benign-sounding “treatment” effects because the drug is actually designed to cause these effects. In any event, you should read that list carefully because it says a lot.

    First, you may have gas that contains oil that spots your clothing. Then you have not just loose stools, but more frequent stools and, most troublesome, more frequent stools that may be hard to control! May be hard to control?? That’s called fecal incontinence, and, believe me, the reality is even worse than it sounds.

    Now comes the best part of the story. Guess what they tell you to do to lower the chance of your having untoward underwear unpleasantness? Eat a low-fat diet! Less fat in your intestines equals less fat in the toilet.

    As I mentioned back in February, if this isn’t a trip down the rabbit hole, I don’t know what is. Many people are overweight because they don’t eat a low-fat diet and don’t exercise.

    So now we have Alli, a pill to help you lose weight that only works if you eat a low-fat diet and exercise and that causes your bowels to lose control if you don’t eat a low-fat diet.

    Well, that’s certainly one way to go. The other might be to just eat a low-fat diet, exercise and SKIP THE DRUG and its oily “treatment” effects. Put the savings into the bank or join a health club, activities that will have long-term benefits.

    Okay, you’re still not convinced. And yes, you’re right: When used as directed, you can lose more weight taking Alli than if you don’t. It’s simple math.

    If you eat and exercise exactly the same either with or without Alli, you’ll absorb less fat and have fewer calories to deal with on Alli. You may be able to lose 50 percent more weight by taking it.

    So if you could lose 5 pounds without Alli, you could lose 7.5 with it.

    The question is whether you’re willing to pay the price. There’s the monetary price of the drug. A few dollars a day depending on where you buy it. Then there’s the psychological price of having to take a pill three times a day.

    There’s also the price of the multivitamin you have to take every day to cover for the fat-soluble vitamins you don’t absorb when taking Alli. And there’s the physical price of the treatment effects on your bowels.

    In closing, I’d ask you to take a very careful look at the TV commercial for Alli. Notice how little it talks about Alli and how much it talks about you.

    The name of the commercial is “I can do this.” “I” as in “you.” It begins by saying that the question isn’t whether this weight loss program can change your life, but whether you can. This is important. Can you change your life?

    Then it says “I can do this. Be smart about what I eat. Walk my dog around the block. Again.” Later it says “Make healthy changes that stick. Work harder than I ever have. Because you don’t just try Alli, you have to commit to it.”

    They are telling you over and over, that it’s your behavior that is most important. What you eat. How much you exercise. How hard you work. And whether you are committed. They know that true weight loss has precious little to do with their product.

    Whether you need to add Alli into the equation is up to you. Whether you need to buy a drug to help you go on a low-fat diet is up to you. Whether you need to take a drug to help you start an exercise program is up to you.

    Whether you need all the baggage that comes with Alli for a few extra pounds lost is up to you.

    It’s all up to you! You can do this!!
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    My SIL was taking the alli.
    she lost a few lbs on it BUT,..... she told me that it literally turned her bowel movements into loose/slippery stools.
    and she was going to the bathroom way more than normal. That sounded kinda crazy to me!!
    she said it was all the fats and carbs coming out of her body with Alli. !!!
    I don't know how safe this is.??
    I'd be leary, but thats just me.

    hope this helps~
    (ps. I think she lost like 8 lbs? in 5 weeks) nothing drastic or great.
  4. texangal81

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    I've tried it all and I took the Rx brand - Xenical a few years back. It was as a great maintenance tool but it never helped me lose weight. And it will give you gas and oily stools. You'll never 'pass wind' in public again because chances are you'll get more than just air! If you can tolerate excreting pure oil, it does block a certain amount of fat, but I see it merely as a tool in the weight loss arena. Alli alone won't do anything, you'll still have to diet/watch what you eat. And it is virtually useless if you are on a low fat diet, since all it does is block fat. It doesn't nothing to increase metabolism or to curb hunger.

  5. Honora88

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    I just don't believe in shortcuts. There always seems to be a price to pay to shortcut nature.

    LISALOO New Member

    I would not take it, it keeps your body from absorbing vitamins, plus depletes stores of vitamisn, that's why it says to take extra.

    That's horrible for people with our diseases! Just cut out the fat. You're not supposed to eat large amounts of fat on the pills anyways, even though that's what it's for.
  7. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    you know those ads for the pink patch that keep popping up? well, I went to the website and it has good stuff in it, 5htp and I forget what all. it really curbs my appetite and cravings and I am slowly losing weight and down a size or 2 =)
  8. zenouchy

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    Hi there,

    I've heard Alli is just another money-making gimmick, plus it has all of those side effects. What works is good 'ole fashioned diet and exercise.

    Dr. Z's article just says "fats". There's so many different kinds of fats, some of which are terrible for you, and some of which are actually beneficial. I'm amazed he doesn't explain this. Trans-fats are absolute no-nos and will clog the arteries, lower the good cholesterol (HDL) and raise the bad cholesterol (LDL).

    Monosaturated fats are very good for you in moderate amounts and will raise your good cholesterol (HDL). Examples of foods high in monosaturated fats are walnuts, avocados and salmon. If you just ate "low-fat", you could be missing out on these very beneficial foods, yet still eat foods with trans fat, which should be avoided all together. It's extremely important to know the right kinds of foods to eat so that your body will be poised to lose weight. (Exercise if at all possible will help tremendously too. I realize not everyone can do that.)

    A doctor and nutritionist can help you figure out what will work best for you according to your unique medical needs. For example, if you have high cholesterol, you would want to be sure to avoid high - cholesterol foods, whereas someone else would not need to be as concerned with that. I personally have to watch out for foods high in cholesterol. Once I figured out what my unique nutrition needs were and the best foods to eat for me, I lost 60 pounds in 8 months. That was 6 years ago, and I kept the weight off.

    Best of luck,


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  9. hensue

    hensue New Member

    tell me more does it make your fibro flare? Does it stimulate you. How do you get it and how overweight? if you dont mind me asking
  10. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    You make a good point about the different kinds of fat.

    Take care.
  11. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I do eat right. I cannot excercise so no weight comes off.
    I am sure it has something to do with fibro. Yes that does make sense about the oils. It is so exasperating not to be able to lose a pound or an inch.
    I may not always eat right but I eat no fried foods, not much junk. Love fruit and vegetables of all kinds. That my stomache will tolerate.
    Thanks for the info, you just confirmed what i did not want to accept.

    LISALOO New Member

    if you eat no fats or bad foods then why take alli, it keeps fat from absorbing, you'd be better off working with other things.

    I know sometimes if my calories are too low, my metabolism goes into preservation mode and slows down, I actually don't lose weight, but if I eat a couple of hundred more I do better.

    I thought I was eating great, then I started counting calories and realized my portion control was so horrible.
  13. babygirl44

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    And the Xenacal worked 4 me yes u have the oily stools and gas is iffy. But it was worth it to me after open heart surgery I gained a lot of weight and can't ex like every one else cause of bad!!! Fib. so I tooked Xenacal it works in 2 months I've lost 24 ilbs of course I stopped eating all the surgery I ust to eat as well. Ran out now starting on Alli cause XEN is high 250.00 with out insurance it works but not as well to me.I took vitamins to replace what I might loose it tells u to.
  14. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I have to tell you this. I appreciate your answer. When you posted your reply i went on my e-mail and i was totally confused. I just found out after having boys boys boys in our family and i have boys and boy grandchildren.
    That we are having a baby girl and your e-mail popped up.
    That was weird. If you had about 25 lbs to lose would you take alli? With Fibro I dont have to lose it fast just want to lose it.
    Thank you so much for answering.
  15. kking0412

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    how to get it: look for website (sorry I can't post it here)or a pop up ad when you are on the computer.

    it does not seem to affect the fibro at all, no flares or additional anything. doers not stimulate me or give me extra energy, ingredients all good.

    I am not a large person, 5'4" if I stand up REALLY straight or tease my hair ;)and small boned. I crept up to a 12/14; and am now down to a 10 aiming to the size 6 I was a few years ago. we shall see. but as far as curbing appetite and cravings, this is the best thing I have found to date. and believe me, I have tried a number of things!

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  16. lillieblake

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    I took this, I did not lose weight. You have to have fat in your diet in order for it to work.

    I told my doctor I took it and it didn't work.

    She said that is because I have a good, low fat or fat free diet.

    It does make you poop a lot though. But I am still fat.:)