Weight Loss Secrets?? ANYONE??

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    Any other wt loss secrets besides things like drinking more water, portion sizes, count calories/fat intake, no late evening snacking/eating... I'm trying to be as active as I can but its either the pain or the fatigue or both seems to keep me from exercising. Plus, the only thing i can really do is walk and thats very hard. I tried water aerobics awhile back and it did not increase my pain and it was a good workout. i need to start that again.

    BUT pleaseeeeee, anyone ANY SECRETS or other ideas?? i'm finally on an antidepressant w/ no wt gain side effect but still cant lose.

    HELP.......... 60-70LBS OVER!!!!
  2. LauraA

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    Any other wt loss secrets besides things like drinking more water, portion sizes, count calories/fat intake, no late evening snacking/eating... I'm trying to be as active as I can but its either the pain or the fatigue or both seems to keep me from exercising. Plus, the only thing i can really do is walk and thats very hard. I tried water aerobics awhile back and it did not increase my pain and it was a good workout. i need to start that again.

    BUT pleaseeeeee, anyone ANY SECRETS or other ideas?? i'm finally on an antidepressant w/ no wt gain side effect but still cant lose.

    HELP.......... 60-70LBS OVER!!!!
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    I will post my low-carb story for you:

    The Atkins way of eating has changed my life for the better, forever. It has given me control over my addiction to sugar, which caused me to overeat. It has improved my health by enabling me to eat foods that are healthy and nutritious. It allows me to eat more calories so that I am not starving my body of the nutrients it needs to keep healthy. It has done for me what no other diet has ever done before.
    I have been dieting since I was 9 years old. I tried every diet known to man, including low fat, low calorie, the 7 day diet, the cabbage soup diet, scarsdale, Fit for Life, vegetarian, vegan, and countless others. The only one I had ever been able to lose weight on was weight watchers. I did WW for 25 years off and on. I would yo-yo on and off it, losing 20, gaining 50, losing 40, gaining 20. Every winter I would gain over the holidays and lose it again for the summer. I probably gained and lost over 500 pounds in my lifetime. I went between the two extremes of bingeing on carbs while gaining, to being very strict on WW. It was all or nothing. While bingeing I always felt guilty. While on WW I was always starving and craving. I hated the food, anything low-fat is just GROSS, and I always dreaded going back on it, which would keep me in the bingeing phase longer and longer. My metabolism was so screwed up that I had to stay under 18 points to lose, and under 20 to maintain. Sometimes I would eat all my points by noon, and have to eat free vegies the rest of the days. It was no way to live.
    In spring of 2000 I tried my first low carb diet. I settled on the zone, because it didn’t have as much negative press as atkins or protein power. It was a little better than WW, because it kept the cravings away about 1/2 the time, but it was still pretty low in fat. But I still had to stay under 11 blocks to lose, which is about 1100 calories, and I was hungry and craving the other half the time. It was so complicated, I could never figure out what I did right when it worked, and what I was doing wrong when it didn’t. I ended up going off it and back to bingeing and gaining back the 20 pounds I lost plus another 20.
    In December of 2000 I found Atkins. I never looked back. In the beginning I still had my "all or nothing" attitude. I bounced between strict induction, to bingeing. The difference was, my binges only lasted a day or two, (except for one on vacation that lasted a week.) The reason my binges never lasted long was because I didn’t dread going back on the plan. The food was yummy and satisfying. I loved the idea that I never had to eat anything low-fat or watch fat grams. Plus, I felt horrible when I was bingeing on carbs. That was proof to me that this way of eating was healthier. After a binge I couldn’t wait to go back on low carb. This went on for about 8 months, and despite my cheating, I lost 30 pounds. My goal had been to get down to 120 and be a size six, but at 137 pounds I fit into a size six! My body composition was more muscle, because the protein was helping me build muscle. More proof that this way of eating is healthy.
    After that I began experimenting with healthy carbs and finding my CCL, and have finally gotten to a point where I can maintain low carb without the "all or nothing" attitude. I am maintaining nicely with about 40-60 carbs a day. I eat mostly meats, vegies, and nuts. I have added back small servings of fruit, yogurt and limited amounts of grains, like corn (a handful of popcorn, a corn tortilla, some cornmeal for breading, and fibercrisp crackers on occasion). Some people have one or two slices of whole grain bread on maintainance, but bread doesn’t interest me. Every now and then I have a "binge meal" but it never lasts more than one meal. And I usually feel so horrible the next day that its a long time before I do it again. I have been maintaining like this for a year now. I am so happy I have found something I can do for life. I eat about 1600-1800 calories a day, with an occasional high day of 2500 or so. I truly have the metabolic advantage of being able to eat more calories on low carb.
    My health has improved tremendously since I have been low-carbing. The most dramatic change is in digestion. I used to suffer from intense nausea and heartburn for as long as I can remember. I would go through a giant bottle of tums a week, nothing ever helped. This completely went away within a week of being on atkins, and promptly returns whenever I binge on carbs. My blood sugar is also more stable. I used to suffer from hypoglycemia. I had to carry food with me wherever I went. I can now go several hours without food and feel fine. I have hepatitis C, and my liver functions are normal for the first time since contracting the disease. I always had brittle thin hair, now it is fabulous. In the past, when I would get thin, I would have wrinkles, but now I have no wrinkles. I look and feel ten years younger.
    After 25 years of torturing and starving myself on low-fat low-calorie diets, I have finally found something that works for me, and is good for me. Because of all my experience with dieting, I latched onto atkins, knowing a good thing when I found it. Atkins and protein power are the only diets that have the metabolic advantage. All other diets, including all other low-carb diets, work by starving yourself on low calories, which is not healthy for anyone. The most amazing thing about this way of eating is not that I have lost the weight, but that I only had to lose it ONCE!!!

    That is the story I sent into the atkins center. A good site for information and support is locarbfriends dot com.
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    Take green tea supplements. You can also drink green tea. It has metabolism-boosting, fat-burning effects (and it is also an antioxidant).

    Keep your metabolism up. This means eating little and often - feed your body every three hours, and don't go hungry. A piece of advice that I try to remember: "Food is not your enemy"! It will nourish you and give you the nutrients you need.

    Eat until you are satisfied but not full or bloated. Of course, this applies to low-fat foods. Fill up on vegetables, as they are loaded with nutrients and their fibre will keep you full (and "regular")!

    Snack on fruit and raw veg. Carrot and celery sticks are good for this - and make a dip from plain unsweetened low fat yoghurt.

    You can also make pita chips by cutting a piece of flat pita bread into 8 segments - spray with olive oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, whatever - and bake in the oven for 10 mins at 200C (around 400F, I think). This is a crispy, tasty and healthy treat!

    If you are fatigued, exercise only as much as your body will handle. Take it slow, 10 minutes at a time. Gradually your fitness will improve, even if you do several sessions of 5 mins every day. Other than that, the water exercise sounds like a great idea - do it! :D The key to real weight loss is to get moving.

    And my old favourite, along with green tea - supplement with a good quality, easily absorbed, organic Spirulina. Vege-caps are a good form of this, rather than tablets which are composed of a lot of unnecessary filler. Spirulina is high in the B vitamins especially and is a good whole food supplement to your diet, as it contains nearly every necessary vitamin (apart from vitamin C), mineral, and amino acid. It is recommended to dieters, and is said to reduce hunger.

    What I have learned is that LASTING weight loss is gradual and involves a lifestyle change! So the changes you make to your diet should be permanent, and once you start the water exercise, keep it up!

    Also, to avoid discouragement don't expect to see the kilos drop off overnight and don't weight yourself every day!

    Lastly, keep a balanced diet. Refer to the guidelines of the food pyramid - eat mostly grains, fruits and vegetables, a moderate amount of proteins (chicken, eggs, fish, nuts), and junk food is only for an occasional treat!

    I hope this helps!

  5. ali-may

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    I agree with you about that. A 'diet' shouldn't be a quick fix - it should be a change in your life towards a "HEALTHY diet". A 'diet' as such isn't maintainable, but a 'healthy diet' IS. And you will lose weight on a healthy diet.

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    after I became ill - depression, anti-depressants, no exercise after being so active, too tired to cook. I went on Weight Watchers and actually gained weight every time I went for a weigh-in. I was also starving all the time.

    Suzanne Somers was the answer for me and for many others on this board. I lost 60 lbs without exercising except for the occasional walk I was able to do. I am doing it again to lose the last 40. I am never hungry and never feel deprived because there is always something you can eat.

    It is basically low-carb but you can still have whole grain carbs. I recommend it highly - and so do my doctors. They told me her way of eating was ideal for everyone. It is worth a look and believe me it works!

    Good luck! Pepper
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    Cut out all processed foods, flours and sugars. You will gradually lose weight. Just eat fresh meats, fish, vegy's and occasional fruits. It's a healthy diet - God's diet. Also be sure to take calcium. Studies were done that showed women that took calcium on a daily basis burned more fat. The calcium stimulates something in our system that causes the fat burning.

    Marilyn :)
  8. Mikie

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    Use the search feature and search on the word diet. You will find a lot of us do better on high protein/low carb diets like the Syndrome X, Atkins, or Suzanne Somers diets. If you have weight to lose, stay on the first level til you are at the desired targeted weight; then you can go to level two. I find the Somers diet the easiest to follow and her cookbooks are full of the yummiest recipes. You can have all the good fat you want and it is so satisfying that you lose the craving for sweets.

    I've lost 18 pounds in about three weeks, but more importantly, my blood pressure has gone from high to low/normal.

    You absolutely must give up all refined carbs. On level I in any of these diets, you cannot eat refined foods, sugars, white rice, white potatoes, and anything made with flour. In Level II, you can eat the rice, potatoes, and whole-grain breads and pasta on a limited basis.

    Of course, as our exercize guru, Mel, will tell you, exercise is a must at whatever level you can manage, working up to a healthy workout.

    Any one of us, especially if we are overweight, are suseptible to the deadly downward spiral of Syndrome X. It involves not only weight gain, mainly around the middle, but also elevated cholesterol and blood pressure. This puts us at risk of heart attacks and strokes. At this point, the docs want us to take medications to control our cholesterol and b/p. The problem is that these very meds can cause the heart attacks and strokes they are designed to prevent.

    Obesity is also very hard on the joints. Once the joints go bad, it becomes very difficult to maintain flexibility and strength. This causes a person to stop working out and further spins one down the spiral at an ever increasing rate.

    We all have the ability to do something about these problems through diet and movement. This is one of the few things over which we have control with our illnesses. If we sit by and do nothing about our problems, they will cause us more trouble than our illnesses themselves.

    Love, Mikie

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    The best secret, well I don't guess it is a secret but I try it at least 3-4 times a year. Try not to gain it back after you lose it. If you can figure out how to do that then let me know and we both will have a secret.
    Laura, I have lost and gain over a 1000 lbs in my lifetime. Guess what I need to lose another 100 AGAIN!!
    Good luck!!
  10. Dingaling

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    All these different ways to lose weight. I can usually lose it but what I need to do is learn how to keep it off.
    One thing for sure if you are over weight, it is a lifelong problem.
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    Hi Laura,

    The only thing that has worked for me is Weight Watchers, and that is being honest with myself about counting everything that goes into my mouth. I have found that it is an eating plan that I can live with, because it is very balanced nutritionally. I am on Paxil, and have lost 9 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Tomorrow is weigh-in again (my 5th week) and I believe I have reached the 10 pound mark.

    BUT, I mark everything down that I eat, and I mean everything. And, I am very careful not to go over my points limit. It is really a very easy plan to follow and stick with.

    Let's face it, there is no miracle. I know I have lost weight on just about every "diet", but don't stick with it and gain back.

    Best of luck, whatever you decide.

  12. Mikie

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    A person must make a paradigm shift in order to keep off the weight. It wasn't until my cholesterol and high blood pressure elevated that I became determined to do something. Fortunately for me, Klutzo mentioned Syndrome X and it gave me the info that I needed to change.

    My B/P was 109/65 this morning when I checked it. For me, that is the biggest reason to keep on eating right. Diets which stress low fat and allow lots of pasta and other refined carbs may help you lose weight, but they are not healthy. Refined carbs are the culprit in diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. It just isn't worth it to satisfy the carb cravings.

    Love, Mikie
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    I appreciate all of your stories & ideas. I'm a nurse (well a disabled nurse now) and know alot of what you guys/gals said, and I also had nutrition in my nursing training so ya think I would know enough to lose wt and be one to give some advise but "NOT"!! No not me. I know if i can get moving i could lose some wt and eat better. This might sound crazy but if i cant exercise i feel like, "what the heck", you gotta exercise & eat right to really lose wt, so i think, forget it if i cant do one (exercise) why do the 2nd. But i know thats stupid. Before my MVA, i use to run (5k,10k,wanted to start training for a marathon) and lift wts,step aerobics,you name it. I lovvvved to exercise. I ate healthy and drank a ton of water. And since i ran so much i could eat basically what i wanted b/c i ran it off.
    So i really need to feel like im getting a good work out for me to feel better and to convince myself that im on my way to losing so i better change my eating habits. Its like i have this switch in my head once i get that turned on (exercise & eating right both turns it on) then i can lose the wt and keep it off. Its like my will power switch. Yeah, i guess i'm crazy.

    My sister has lost 60lbs with WW and kept it off. I've heard of Atkins & Suz Somers but havnt tried them. Havn't tried green tea either.

    And I dont think you should call it a "diet" either because it gets you thinking of "starving" yourself, nothing good to eat,no fun, and failure. I call it healthy eating or good eating habits. We have developed bad eating habits, what makes it worse is we've taught these to our 4 children. They expected to eat out almost daily b/c thats basically what we did d/t sports, games, gymnastics, other activities we were always on the go & just grabbed something out. But I stopped that sevweral weeks ago. I filled the house with healthy foods & started making more time to eat at home before we left for things.

    Most everyone talked about low-carbs, i think i'll try. You all have really encouraged me. I'm goinng to start back in water aerobics and walking as much as i can. And going to check into those "diets" you gave me. Ill go online and find out what i can. I think you have moved my "switch" (hahahaha) & i feel my will power kicking in. The next time i talk to you i will be a few lbs lighter.

    Thanks so much,

  14. dd

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    Hi Laura - I have been on the Atkin's Diet for over a year now and have lost more than 80 pounds and still counting...I was always a size 5/6 then I started on anti-depressants and some other meds and gained over 100 pounds bringing me up to a size 20 plus size. I was over 200 pounds when I started the diet. I had been on many diets and always felt hungry. The Atkins Diet has allowed me to eat the foods that I like and still lose weight. I don't have to watch calories like on other diets. I just don't eat bread, starches or anything with sugar. It was hard in the beginning because I was a carb addict but after the induction diet I lost 25 pounds and that gave me the initiative to carry on with the diet. I am a whole new person now. Losing the weight has helped with the CFS and FM.

    Good Luck,

  15. LauraA

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    Thats very encouaging!! How long did it take you to lose that first 25 lbs??
    We have alot in common. I was around 5/6 too, then my wreck,pain,depression and started on the wonderful antidepresants. I gained 60lbs on one then talked w/ my doc about the wt gain changed to another antidepressant (which is not known for wt gain)and w/in 8-12weeks 30lbs just fell off. I got up to 206 lost down to ~ 176lbs. And just stayed there. Well in the last few months, my stress has gone through the roof and so did my wt. I'm now 194. The thought of losing 25lbs thrills me, 80lbs would put me just passed my ideal wt of 120lbs (I'm 5'1)

    I'm doing that Atkins diet!!!!!!!

    **GOB BLESS**
  16. James

    James Guest

    Since so many people off and on have posted on this subject
    we are in the process of creating a weightloss site. It will have articles and information, various treatment options, a support message board and chat room, plus a number of tools.

    Let us know what you think.
    If you have any ideas as to things you would also like to have included on the site please let us know.
    You can email me at <a href="mailto:webmaster@prohealthinc.com">webmaster@prohealthinc.com</a>
    Looking forward to adding a new support site.

    p.s. Once the site is close to completion we will post notices on the boards as to its grand opening. (Tenative date 11/15/02)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, another excellent idea. Thanks for all you do for us.

    I have come to believe that diet is of huge importance for us.

    Love, Mikie
  18. klutzo

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    I have been on this diet for 3 wks. now and even with a bit of cheating have lost 15 lbs. so far without being hungry or having my usual sugar cravings.
    The key to this plan is that one size does not fit all, and the healthiest diet for you is the one your particular ancestors evolved on. Eskimos are very healthy on a diet which is almost all meat and fat. Masai are healthy on a diet of meat, milk and blood. That diet would kill a lot of people. The idea is that if you eat the correct diet for you, you will naturally return to your right weight, without measuring, counting calories, etc. Most Americans' ancestors came from cold places where our ancestors ate a lot of protein and fats, and that is why so many of us do better on high protein/low carb plans. But, those whose ancestors came from warmer areas will do best on the low fat/high carb diet the medical profession has been pushing. There is an extensive test in the book to help you determine if you are a "protein type", a "carb type", or a "mixed type", and also special instructions for specific genetics. For example, I am half Celtic, and the Celts evolved on a diet high in fatty fish, so that is my best protein choice. This diet has not only allowed me to lose without suffering, it has also calmed down my IBS to the point of not having a problem anymore. My bowels have not been this normal since I got FMS 17 yrs. ago. Not all proteins are good for those whose ancestors came from the north. Beans, peas and legumes will cause severe digestive problems, as they are hot weather crops. This is the first plan that made sense to me in every way, and it is the first one that has not put me in an agony of carb cravings. I do eat some carbs, as I tested out as a "mixed type", but much less carbs than before. The book is $15. and well worth it if you have found the other plans to be too extreme, or if they've caused health problems.
  19. ssMarilyn

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    I've used this diet on and off since the 70's, and more on than off. I do have an addiction to sweets, so that's the only way I ever usually sway from the Atkins way of eating. I don't like pastas, breads, etc... they give me headaches and make me sick to my stomach. I have always been a protien and greens lover, so this diet works perfect for me. Once I got up to 210, and got right back on the Atkins diet and lost 80 lbs in 4 months. I also worked full time while dieting, so that made it easier. I know how tough it is to try to keep the weight off when at home all the time. Right now I'm on a horrible sugar binge, have been for months and I've gained 12 lbs since last Christmas. I'm desperately trying to get through the first 3 days of the Atkins diet, but it's a battle. The sugar cravings keep dragging me back! I'll make it eventually!

    Marilyn :)
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    I am not in need of a diet, in fact I just lost ten pounds that I could not afford t lose! But my husband does have a weight problem big time.

    He did lost 40 pounds with the Suzanne's Sumers diet, plus he also took; 'Chitosan' from Pro Health, it was a great help too (its a whole lot cheaper at Pro Health then the other company I was buying it from!).

    By the way, he did not gain the weight back! But he sort of went off the SS's way of eating, and still needs to lose 50 pounds more. He just started back on it again (thanks to Mikie, I told him you were on it).

    Shalom, Shirl