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    Hi Bethany,
    Glad you liked it. Didn't you find author name at the end of the article? Anywayz, author name is Gracy Liura and you can find her on her personal blog, Its all about HCG weight loss.
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    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Your can option for Chia seeds for weightloss.Drink Jeera water empty stomach .Eat salads along with Oats
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    For me just eating less worked best in the past.
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    There are several advantages of following this HCG Diet. I have personally find the real truth by following the following it. The results are amazing i did the diet for 2 weeks with the prescribed hcg drops, i lost 20 pounds in two weeks. There are several phases (1, 2, 3, 4) while you follow this diet. To maintain the weight i want to follow the advise of the Gracy.
  5. Thanks Sam,
    You have come with realistic example. I follow you to shed weight.
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    You are so right about this! From my experience, some supplements do help, but the most important is moderation and a healthy lifestyle.
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    I would make exercising a habit. It sounds easy, but just having enough motivation to walk into the gym regularly is hard work. I also like to take note of my weight every month, to see progression that would help motivate myself to reach that goal weight.
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