weight of blankets driving me crazy!

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  1. Chilene

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    i have this in cycles... now is a bad one.

    it's winter and my bedroom is pretty cold (can't regulate heat, rent and have old radiators.. landlord keeps the temp set low...so i have my space heater that i have to have on every night; not great).

    lately my sheet, light blanket and thin (but slightly heavy) quilt are making me insane at night. i can't STAND the weight of the quilt on my legs. so i toss it off, but then am not warm enough (which results in me sleeping all curled up and messing with my bad cervical discs). oh, and of course, i sweat and freeze.

    (on another depressing note... my legs and the sensitivity seem to be much worse on the RARE occassion that i take a hot--but not too hot--bath!... i looove baths, but have pretty much had to let them go, too. SAD!!!... i notice my legs/nerves get more sensitive/electric than ever after i take a bath. plus, with my monthly (yes) herpes outbreaks... the heat aggravates that, too (nope, allergic to all meds for that, but i digress).

    when i don't have this crazy extra-sensitivity in my legs, i can sleep 9-10 hours through the night/day (lol) (no, not refreshingly... but i sleep!...).

    NOTE: oh, i also noticed that it got much worse/began again... after i had a freak accident in the house... heavy curtain rod fell (i was tugging on the cord)... and hit me between the eyes!... face was ok, actually (but very dizzy)... i twisted quickly when it happened... and of course my already fragile (spinal stenosis) neck and body were all messed up more than usual... day after this happened... the circulation in my legs (not sure why there)... felt really cut off/funny when i woke up the next morning. more than usual... i ususally have that in my arms, but not legs. though i've had numbness in my legs (as well as arms, face, fingers...)... for 15 years; but supposedly they ruled out MS. so i wonder if there was more nerve damage that escalated and made my legs more sensitive (though i've had this sensitity to blankets/heavy stuff in the past). (and of course, clothes).

    anyone else have this?

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  2. Engel

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    I have no suggestions. I just put up with it. I have been doing better with the clothes/linens weight issue (knock on wood). It could be because I am doing better with RLS, muscle jerks/spasms? I don't know? I am sure it will reappear (as all of our issues do).

    Have you discussed this with your DR?
  3. Rockismom

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    I use a "fluffy" comforter. I also have an electric throw that is very light weight and plush. You can't even feel the wires in it. It has a safety turn off after two hours. My friend saw one on QVC last night (called and asked if I wanted one for Christmas) I think it was around $39.00? You might go on their website and do a search.

    I don't like wearing clothes for long periods of time. In fact that's the first thing I do when I get home from work - put on my comfies and grab a throw!

    Blessings and gentle hugs to all,
  4. stinker56

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    I thought I was the only one that couldn't get comfortable in bed.

    I can't stand heat in my bedroom and it gets pretty cold some nights so i have to have plenty of cover. Also, my husband is very cold natured and insists on plenty of cover on the bed.

    My mattress has memory foam in it so after you get settled and the bed warms up, I kick the covers off my legs because I can't stand the pressure of the quilts and sheets on my feet and legs. Some nights even the weigth of the sheets feels like a ton to me but then I wake up in the night and will be cold.

    If the covers are too heavy or tight on my feet, I get cramps and then I sure can't sleep.

    I usually just have to sleep in sleep pants and diabetic socks that don't cut into my legs and leave the covers off completely until it gets bitter cold outside.

  5. Chilene

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    i am so sorry i haven't been able to reply!... i work VERY rarely, but i do one or two art shows a year, and one is coming up this weekend. i am crazed until after the weekend (and of course, also left lots of the work until the last minute, so extra crazed).

    many thanks for your words. will get back soon, as late as this is even now!