Weight Watchers Caution!!!

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  1. northwoodssue

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    Hi All:
    I just read a post about weight loss via Weight Watchers. First of all, it is a great organization and has helped many people.
    But for me, I had a problem with their diet. I have always had low blood sugar, but didn't think about it when I signed up for weight watchers. After the first week of following their diet, I got weaker and weaker, and almost passed out one day. That was enough for me. I finally figured that the low sugar diet was what used up all my sugar stores in my body in about a week, leaving me sugar-depleted. I just figured I was tired for some reason - never dawned on me that my low blood sugar played a part in this.
    I felt immediately better upon eating regularly including carbohydrates, sugars in my diet once again. I was disappointed that I couldn't stay on Weight Watchers, as their diet is very sensible and easy to follow.
    Just thought I would post this unsuspected reaction to the Weight watchers diet that I had in hopes that anyone who is considering WW or another diet program will heed caution.
    Hope this helps anyone else who has had such a reaction to Weight watcherts???
  2. kadywill

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    I counted points for two weeks and got so weak and sick I thought I'd die. I checked my sugar one day after breakfast and it was 47!!! No wonder I was so weak. I then stopped the diet and went back to my tried and true and my blood sugar has stabilized. I still needed to lose weight though, so I tried Atkins and I nearly peed myself to death. I found out that the high protein was overworking my kidneys and my back was killing me in the process. I got nauseated and hated what I was eating. I hated it. I have never been a protein eater and the mere thought of eggs and meat turned my stomach. I started throwing up a lot. So, I started Somersizing and I just couldn't stomach the low carbs! Maybe some of us just can't manage on low carbs. I know this goes against the grain on this board, because many people preach high protein, low carbs and food combinations, but, I just can't seem to do it.
    Good luck to all in the search for the plan that works for them!!
  3. AnnetClo

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    I passed out in the parking lot at the grocery store because of low blood sugar. I've tried the WW, but for me, almost any diet is difficult just because it takes energy to plan and prepare. I think one of the reasons I've gained weight since the FM is because it's so much easier to send hubby to Kentucky Fried or Jersey Mike's than to cook. And some days the only reason I do that is because of Ronnie's diabetes (I know this isn't good for him either). If I lived alone I would probably be down to skin and bones (at least I like to think that lol) just because it takes so much energy to cook.

  4. Sandyz

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    I didn`t care for Weight Watchers. Many of my friends lost weight on it but with my slow metabalism, I just couldn`t seem to lose more then a few pounds on it. My husband lost 50 pds on Atkins but I never felt good and was weak when I followed Atkins. Now I`m on Suzanne Sommers and that`s working very well for me. I`ve lost 15 pds and feel good and energetic on it.I`ve been on it about 4 weeks.
  5. ssMarilyn

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    If you feel weak on a low-carb diet, that means your body needs a little more carbs, so make a slice of "whole" wheat toast. It doesn't mean you have to stop low carb eating altogether and go back to bad eating, but it does mean your body needs more carbs. It's a matter of taking the time to adjust your carb intake to satisfy your body and make yourself feel better. Even Dr. Atkins says that if a person feels weak in the first part of his diet, ADD SOME MORE CARBS!!!! Your body is trying to tell you something...listen to it. The no and low carb part of the Atkins diet is only in the first phase of his program, it's not a forever type way of eating. That's not good for anyone and even Dr. Atkins says that.

    Lose weight the Dolly Parton way. She said she didn't really diet....she continued to eat all her favorite foods, but in smaller portions. If you remember, she used to be quite a chunky babe!

    P.S. If you can afford $45 a week for the food, Nutri-System works like a charm and is balanced so that you get exactly what your body needs. The thing I don't like about it is that they have you eating processed foods, which isn't good for our blood sugars either, but you do lose weight with them. So maybe this would be a good thing to get the weight off, then go back to fresh fruits, vegy's, protiens, some dairy, and whole grains.

    Marilyn :)
  6. PrincessofYoga

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    I lost 63 pounds on weight watchers. I have to disagree with everyone who commented on the problems they had with it, and here is why...

    If you follow the program, you can eat WHATEVER you want, within daily limits of course. The program is designed to make you aware of what you put in your mouth, everything with "bad calories & fat". If it is a piece of cake, count it. If it is a healthy veggie, you dont. You can eat more if you eat healthy. I found myself eating alot on it. I was always eating. I found a love for veggies, fruit, and all the natural stuff that I would have normally passed up. They taught me how to balance my food to get proper nutrition and how to really think about what you are putting into your mouth, every last bite.

    With any diet, if you have a pre-existing condition such as diabities, hypothyroid, etc, you MUST take them into consideration with anything. These mass market diets are meant to help the "normal" human being. It is not wise to start a diet like these without consulting your doctor anyway. NEVER. Especially when you have a condition that could possibly cause irreversable damage.

    I hope anyone who tries any diet takes their health into consideration first. I know being over weight is a health hazard but with a condition like FM, it is not primary for me. I have gained several pounds since I have been on medicaitons (my crave for chocolate, carbs, etc) but it is worth every pound not being in pain for a day, etc and knowing how to loose weight if I needed to (because of weight watchers and how it taught me to eat balanced and healthy) is priceless

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  7. northwoodssue

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    Hi Everyone:
    Thanks to everyone for responding to this. I wasn't aware anyone else had this reaction to Weight Watchers, or any other diet for that matter. I thought I was just overly sensitive. Just a couple of things I wanted to clear up:
    1) I followed the plan, and loved it by the way, and at the end of the week had enough points left to have a "treat". I had a small dairy queen vanille ice cream cone - it was heaven. The next AM is when I "passed out". That's what made me think of blood sugar. I had a jolt of sugar and then regular weight watchers in the am and my sugar just bottomed out! I think WW should advise people to have their blood sugar checked before starting their plan. My low blood sugar is not significantly low and I still had problems.
    2) I think WW works miracles for alot of people with their sensible, fullfilling diet. Just wish I could have stayed on it.
    3) Now I'm just watching what I eat, cutting out extra desserts, fattening stuff, and we'll see.
    4) For that one week of weight watchers, I lost only one pound!!!!!! That one pound cost me a total of $l40.00 with the sign in - booklets, etc, - and groceries . So, I learned a valuable lesson which I thought I would pass along so someone else might not have the same problem. Didn't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers - cause WW is a great diet.

  8. northwoodssue

    northwoodssue New Member

    Bump....... thought it might be worthwhile for others to read. sue
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Is what bothers me about the WW diet. I know many have lost weight on it and that act alone may be enough to lower cholesterol and blood sugar for some, but a low-carb diets stops the insulin spiking which is at the root of obesity, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol.

    I had a friend on it and he was able to drink orange juice for breakfast. This will spike one's insulin sky high and start the unhealthy situation early in the day. I just don't think in the long run that it's healthy.

    Love, Mikie
  10. sybil

    sybil New Member

    i have been following the weight watchers plan for only 2 weeks and i have lost 7lbs so far.i tried everything before that,cutting down,a couple of other programmes and they didn't work.

    you have to have a common sense approach on the weight watchers programme,because you can eat what you want to.
    you have a certain number of points per day.if you wanted to,you could use them all on chocolate!!! but of course that would not be sensible. you have to be aware of your bodys needs.a balance has to be struck,you need protein,calcium,carbohydrates for energy,plus assorted vitamina and minerals.but steer clear of sugar.you can get energy from other sources.
    i am a vegetarian and i manage to eat an interesting and balanced diet,yes,i do eat a small amount of carbs each day,either in cereal,potatoes,wholewheat bread,pasta,rice,protein and i have a pint of skimmed milk each day.milk is the only dairy product i eat.the rest is made up with fruit,veg,pulses,nuts etc.
    you can make gorgeous home made soups that don't even have a points value.

    variety is literally 'the spice of life' and our bodies need plenty of it,or you will feel negative effects,even if you aren't dieting,

  11. sybil

    sybil New Member

    just because you are allowed to have any food,including orange juice.it doesn't mean you have to eat it!!

    if it causes problems you can easily avoid it,as it isn't necessary to a weight watchers diet,

  12. pepper

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    when I was healthy. I followed their program for years, including the maintenance program. It was wonderful for me and with lots of exercise I kept my weight low for several years.

    However, when I got sick, something happened to my metabolism and it just wouldn't work for me. I gained a lot of weight (from Paxil and little exercise) and re-joined WW because it had always worked for me. I was STARVING all the time and when I went to weigh in each week, I had lost at most one half a pound. Most weeks I actually gained weight.

    When I read Suzanne Somers' books I realized that my body had become insulin resistant. So if I had my one piece of pizza I would be starving because my insulin had spiked. It is easier for me to know I just can't have any pizza so I substitute with something else.

    As someone mentioned, you have to adjust whatever way of eating you are using to what works for you. I am on SS and can have cereal with skim milk for breakfast. However, if I do that, within 15 minutes I am ready to eat anything within reach. Obviously it causes my insulin to spike so I have no fat, no sugar whole grain bread instead.

    Just like everything else in these DD's what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

    I love SS even though I don't eat much meat. I am never hungry and psychologically it's good for me because I know I can eat whenever I am hungry.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You mention potatoes and rice. Both of these will spike insulin levels just as though you have eaten sugar (brown rice is not as high glycemic as the white).

    Please understand, we each have to make our own decisions and we each know, or eventually learn, what is healthiest for us individually. If WW works for you, great; I'm happy for you.

    It does help, though, if we are making informed decisions. That is what this is all about, sharing info so that we can make our own individual choices.

    If eating insulin-spiking foods and keeping your diet low fat works for you than that is what you should do. I'm not trying to tell you what to do.

    All I'm saying is that research is showing more and more that we need fats in our diets and that we need to lower the carbs, especially if we are overweight and/or have insulin resistance. The goal of a diet should be to not only lose weight but to become healthier.

    Love, Mikie
  14. PrincessofYoga

    PrincessofYoga New Member

    Just my thoughts really. I used to sit in meetings, which i went to religiously, and hear people say "God, I am not loosing anything, this diet is not working" only to find out that they are not following the program the way they are supposed to.

    I think the solution is different for each person. I know that now, I do follow some weight watchers ideals but could not do the "program" the way I used to. I know without a doubt that your diet, what you eat and drink and put into your body, makes a great difference when you have FM. Huge. Each person is different and can tolerate different things.

    Everyone has a solution to something that works wonders for them, and then there are some that try exactly what that person is doing and its a disaster. One thing I have learned since I have been ill....I cant do what others can do (with FM or not) any more. I have to figure out what works for me. With or without sugar, white flours, etc. There are so many solutions to so many problems but the truth is, we have to find our own.

    I read alot of stuff that people write on here and wonder if it would work for me. I have learned one thing for sure about this DD...I have to steer my own ship...do my own thing...educate myself...so I am armed to conquer what I have and every struggle that comes with it. This DD not only steals our strength, hope, and who we used to be (or what we used to do/not do) but it also steals our confidence.

    Sue, I am sorry you got so sick but honeslty, arent you glad you found out you had sugar problems? Now you know and you can modify your diet. You could have gone on for years and years and have been damaging your body. Good luck to you sweetheart. I hope you find what works for you. I am pulling for you for sure!!!

  15. tiredTina

    tiredTina New Member

    I too have had bad experiences on WW.(lowbloodsugar) I have tried all of the diets out there, and for me Jenny Craig works the best. It is a bit pricey, but I love it! I have not had one episode of dizziness, shakiness,or anything! We're all so different, yet so similar and it's hard to tell what plan is the best....so just keep trying new ones! Good luck!~Tina~
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, we do all react differently and it is important that we have this forum to discuss these issues because it increases our knowledge.

    There is plenty of evidence that separating carbs from protein is essential to good health. The body cannot store fat without insulin. Eating carbs with protein will turn the protein into stored fat in the body if one is insulin resistant.

    Once one reaches the ideal weight and stays there for a while, it is possible to add a very small aount of carbs with the protein/fats, but it should not be done often. We can get healthy carbs from eating fruit which does not spike the insulin. Fruit should be eaten by itself.

    Love, Mikie