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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chopindog, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    Hi everyone. Heres my problem. Before I got sick I had to be very carefull with my wt. I just got the bad genes in that area. I worked out several times a week and ate a very low cal, low sugar, low carb diet.

    When I got sick i could no longer work out, and I am not kidding you, I put on 15 pounds within the first two weeks. It was so discouraging! But still at that point I thought I was just recovering from meningitis. I thought that once I got better I would begin working out again, and be able to lose the weight.

    Well here we are 17 months later and I am not better. In the meanwhile I have put on another 15 to 20 pounds.

    I find the carb and sugar cravings to be irresistable. I used to have so much will power and now I seem to have non. I may do good far a day or two, but most of the time my diet is horrible. So many things make me sick to my stomach like, all meats, eegs, pastas. I do eat fruits pretty well off and on, and will do well with vegies sometimes. But my main diet consists of cereal (usually whole grain low sugar, although I have had some problems with cinnamon toast crunch, and OH's) and milkshakes. I will starve myslf all day so I can have a milk shake.

    I know this is pathetic a rediculouse as well as unhealthy and that it makes the DD worse, but like I said I have lost control. If they had a carb and sugar rehab facility I would be put in it immediatly. I have a major problem!

    So I am wondering if any of you have tried weight watchers and if it was helpfull. It is not that I don't know proper nutrition, its that I just can't control myself. I think that I am so depressed with this illness that I talk myself into thinking that, Well no one would want me anyway, so I might as well be fat and enjoy my milkshake. I have never been like this before. I also moved away from all of my freinds, so I don't have to suffer the embarrassment of seeing them, and their reaction to my drastic weight change.

    I am thinking that if I join a group then it will feel like more of a I have to do this thing, I can't go in there everyweek and tell them I ate 6 milkshakes since the last meeting. I keep thinking it will be like nursing school, people would say, "How do you work all those hours and go to full time school." I would simply say, "I have no choice, it is my goal."

    So what do you all think? Also do you think the weight watchers diet can be modified and is healthy with this DD.
  2. amymb74

    amymb74 New Member

    last year - it definately works and I didnt find it hard to follow but I slowly went off it. I just started counting my points again 2 weeks ago on my own. I did enjoy the meetings and you're right it gives you someone that you have to answer to. Good luck! Amy
    Also, I lost 1 to 2 lbs a week even with no or minimal (walking) exercise.
  3. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    Thankyou so much for your reply!! That really gives me a lot of hope! Good luck to you, and thankyou!
  4. MKlady

    MKlady New Member

    I lost 30 pounds - most of while going to meetings, some just using the internet program. Counting points works - but you have to do for a lifetime to keep it off. I gained 15 back from Xmas 2004 - Oct 2005. Then doc put me on low carb/no sugar diet and tyroid meds, and I've lost 21. That works too!

    Missed your second question - healthy for this DD...it depends on your food sensitivities. I couldn't do it now because of food sensitivies I'm uncovering...High protein/low carb/no sugar/no dairy/no eggs/no wheat works better for me - it's relieved the fatigue, which weight watchers didn't. I just pushed through the fatigue in 2003/2004. My body collapsed in 2005.[This Message was Edited on 02/06/2006]
  5. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Joy,
    I've done lots of diet programs over the years. I tried the old weight watchers and it really helped. That was the one in the 70's. It was restrictive, but good. I wish I had had the strength to live on it.

    My mom always kept a part of the old weight watchers as part of her regime. Her breakfasts were coffee, one toast and a slice of cheese for the rest of her life, with few exceptions.

    I haven't tried the new one because I can't go out to do anyhthing on a regular basis. I hear it is good, though. Just watch the salt content in the prepared meals.

    Good luck to you. I hope it is the one for you.
  6. halfpintwendy

    halfpintwendy New Member


    I've found Weight Watchers to be the best diet program.
    Going to meeting gives the support you need, or do online support. The message boards for weight watchers is very helpfull. The food message board is great for food ideas, even snack ideas to get your craving in.

  7. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    Hi Joy,

    I know exactly what you are going through. I have been off and on again with WW for the last 5 years. It works because it is a lifestyle change, not a diet with restrictions on what you can eat. So - you ask - why are you on and off it - and I blame myself completely. It works if you follow the guidlines and make good food choices and portion size.

    The meetings make you accountable but I have been doing the online version with success. You weigh yourself and track your points online and there is an online community that is amazing...very similar to this online community! Good luck with WW - give it a shot...if you find a good leader near your home I would start with that to find out the basics....Nancy
  8. nonnie1967

    nonnie1967 New Member

    I did the Weight Watchers At Home program last year - you buy a kit, just a one-time fee, no meetings or monthly fees to pay. The downside is that you have no support group, but you do get the Weight Watchers magazine and a 1-800 number you can call with questions.

    I lost 30 lbs. in about 3 months. I kept it off for nearly a year until I started taking amitriptyline late last year. In early January I gained 6 lbs. before I knew what hit me. :-( Fortunately, I know what to do - and I've lost 2 lbs. so far. (It's just a little harder to control the cravings and be disciplined while on these meds!)
  9. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I like Weight Watchers because it effectively teaches you how to perform a lifestyle change. Diets don't work - you have to make lifestyle changes and Weight Watchers really helps with that. It is one of the only systems out there that teaches for the long term.

    I was able to take of about 24 pounds with WW, but then the cost became an issue. Now, I'm tracking all of my food and activity myself through a free website that is very similar to WW Online calls SparkPeople. There aren't points like with WW, but you track calories, etc.

    But if you need the support of meetings - then I would defintely go for Weight Watchers. It is a very good program.
  10. medic2006

    medic2006 New Member

    I did it a few years back and lost 30 pounds. I never went to a meeting, did it all online with a good friend.

    When life got busier, I slid off it because I found the prep time to be too much to fit into my hectic schedule.

    Now I'm doing Nutrisystem, which is okay for the convenience of it. They give you all the food, so I just throw a few things in my bag and go. However, I don't think that NS is a good "forever" plan, and I plan to use the skills I learned on Weight Watchers to maintain a healthy lifestyle once I finish this program.

    Good luck!
  11. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    I just want to thank everyone for there responses, it is really helpfull. Sorry I have taken so long to respond! I have been in a horrible flare, and have a bad sinus infection, and I think chostochondritits. I just couldn't sit up for long enough to write back, or even get on the web for that matter.

    It is good to know that despite not being able to really workout, that there is a possibility of lossing some of this weight. The illness is bad enough! The weight gain just adds to my depression, and feeling of Loss of who I was.
    I am going to call around my area and find out the price. I am trying to save up money to go to the FFC, so I don't really have a lot of extra to spend. I also wrote a post asking the FFCers if they have lost wt. and most who wrote back have. So that is hopefull to.

    Thanks, Joy

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