weightgain and guaifenesin

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    hi...we have covered a ton of info on guaifenesin..but i might have forgotten this..i started on 1200mg 2x a day, 3 days ago...was ready for the pain to return.....but, i was in bed ALL day today, not really sleeping but to tired to get out of bed and do anything..and, i have been so good on my hypoglycemic diet, dropped 10-15 pounds since my gall bladder surgery this summer and now the weight is creeping back on 1-2 lbs a day....help.......i want to stay on course with the guai but pain, fatique and wieght gain>????????? is this the norm if there is one?????
    help...anyone else have this problem......
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    Are you sticking strictly to Dr A's weight loss diet for hypoglycemia? If so, please post your query on the Guai Group message board where Dr A's nurse & other experts can help you.

    The pain, fatigue & other symptoms should increase as you reverse cycle, but only by a tolerable amount. If they are intolerable then you need to reduce your dosage of Guai. Best wishes
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